Monster Market is Open for Business!!!

Monster Market is Open for Business!!!

It is with sheer glee that @yabapmatt and I are ready to unveil the alpha of the Monster Market!!! As of today you can buy and sell your cards in a trustless decentralized manner (you don't need to know the counter party just like on a crypto exchange)! Welcome to Collectible Trading Card Games 2.0!

What to do?

Inside your collection you can click on any card. You can only sell one at a time so you can only click one at a time.

Once you have selected a card you can click sell at the bottom left. You then price it in USD! That's right. So you set a price in USD and the price paid in steem/sbd will adjust at the time of purchase.

Buying Cards

If you would like to purchase cards you can click on the Monster Market at the top of the screen. There you'll find all the cards that are for sale. You can sort by color, rarity, and gold foiled.

Just like the booster packs you can purchase cards using Steem Connect or Vessel.

Steemmonsters takes a 2% cut of all card sales. This is subject to change. We are likely to increase the percentage at the lower end and decrease the percentage at the higher end.


When you're in the Monster Market what do the arrows mean?

The arrows indicate the highest and the lowest cost for any card listed. The lowest is likely a first level non gold foil card. The highest could be a leveled card, gold foiled, or... a leveled gold foiled card.

Monster Market DEX Protocol

As mentioned above, the new Monster Market is trustless and decentralized. Everything that happens is published to the blockchain and is fully transparent using what we call the Monster Market DEX Protocol! This means that anyone is able to build their own Steem Monster Market and as long as they follow the protocol all sales will be reflected on

On currently you can only sell one card at a time, and only priced in USD, but we hope that in the near future some of the brilliant developers in the Steem community will build their own market that allows for selling groups of cards together, pricing in STEEM/SBD, and maybe other things we haven't even thought of!

For those of you that are interested, keep your eyes out for a new Steem Monsters Tech Talk post from @yabapmatt very soon with all of the technical details behind how the new Monster Market DEX Protocol works!

Thank You for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters


Sold my Gold Foil Legendary Card on @Steemmonsters market at good price.Thanks @monsterhodler for that deal.

Wow! Congrats @zaku, I'll try to sell my cards, too.

gold card sold my on 16-40 min.

You might look back and regret selling it for that little :P

Whoa, this is cool! We can now sell or buy cards whatever we want. A few weeks back, many sold their cards with overprice, lol

Anyway, this is great update for us. Dev team please provide also some index or preview of our owned cards on the selling or buying section to avoid duplicste or the such. Thanks for this amazing update 😊

for those looking into learning more about this, where can we find out more

woot woot grats fellas time to play monsters

Quite a creative creation!

Hello, @steemmonsters, @aggroed, @yabapmatt.

I'm trying to get into Steem Monsters, but I'm a visually impaired screen reader user and am having issues with the "My Collection" page on the site (I just checked, and the same issues are present in the market too). I've described my struggle in this post, but basically, to make a long story short, the icons and the card images aren't identified by the screen reader software because they have no text, and they also can't be focused on or activated by using only the keyboard. I believe turning them into links and adding alt text to the images would be the easiest way to solve the issue. Something like:

<a href="#" onclick="the_click_event_handler"><img src="icon_or_card_image.png" alt="Icon text or card name" /></a>

And then maybe use some CSS to visually hide the fact that it's a link (text decorations, cursor pointer etc.). If changing the icons to links isn't possible, adding 'role="link"' or 'role="button"' to the images would work too, but then they'd also require 'tabindex="0"' to be focusable by keyboard, and would require additional Javascript to check for "Enter" keypresses.

I hope that this simple suggestion gets considered, and that in the future the Steem Monsters site becomes more accessible and friendly to visually impaired users.

Thank you for your time! :)

Oh man the memories. I had so many of those, not one now unfortunately...

Awesome job! Keep up the great work!

Great job team. Is there the possibility we can get some price information as a seller so when we create a listing we can see what similar cards or the same card has sold for previously?

I have no idea what any of my cards are worth to be honest and it would be a huge help.

I think we will see 3rd party stuff like this shortly.

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I think the is an endless amount of games, collectables, s Lotts good for niche communities

funky, keep up!

Buy my Gold Frost Giant for the new low price of $10,000!!!!

I'm in hahaha

Im out hahahahahah

Well done to everyone who made this happen. Just stoked to be part of history in the making. Keep up the great work.

"Creature resembles a dinosaur that never improved or changed," says Keith Cline, a tech industry enrollment specialist whose firm, Dissero, serves customers in the Boston territory. "Truth be told, if somebody's resume is on Monster and they're in the tech field, I'd be somewhat wary.

That is really amazing.

I couldn't wait, but now it is finnaly here :D

Well done !!

yea, I wasn't able to get but 3 paks cuz the price was so high due to the fact that i just started here. LOL

@steemmonster what do you think is it safe ? if any scam happen then who will be the responser?

failure is first step to success. buying cards is not a mater but if we loss. there is no experience we can loss 100%. and its good information

Yes I will agree that. We want more experience for it

Business is one which lead to success if the steemit business brilliant.. :)

@steemmonsters. I'm new in steemit please guide me how to grow in steemit.

Very interesting information. I really liked it. Please visit my blog and do not forget to vote. Thank you.

Love the concept. Any news on plans to allow user created cards?

Any chance we could use your monster market DEX protocol for other games ?
Or at least get enough info to build it for other games.
Our game community on steemit is looking for something like this.

We do playbypost boardgames.

Thank you for all you do for the blockchain

Nice! Congrats @steemmonsters! Haven't tried it out yet but it looks clean, I like it.

this is really cool,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Great work team, now to sit back and watch the market unfold.

Now if only Steem price would rise.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Wao this is amazing we can buy or sell cards too

Is this an implementation of the proposed SMT's or something different?

different. These are NFTs Non Fungible Tokens. They run just through custom jsons.

i understand that it is something for business, but i cannot understand this completely, but appreciate your efforts for this great information

liking your post .i was waiting for this information form a long time. however in will be much better if you can give a detailed information.

Wow! really informative post for crypto miner

Now only if I had some cards worth selling 😅

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Exciting times for Steem Monsters! :)

It really is pretty exciting to have the beginnings of a mostly decentralized and cheap exchange. Makes you wonder if steem will be used to trade other items in the future.

A great job for developers, I'm seeing that every time there are letters that are selling for incredibly high prices and that really thrills me a lot O.O!

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Nice post
Good luck

Surely a good feature would be make it so there were buyers offers as well, so you could sell instantly if you liked the offer.

This is a very interesting card game. A good project and I think he has a good future.


I think this is a good idea with cryptocurrency. Instead of USD they can use Cryptocurrency.

This is too real

Will this become a stock market?

I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes

Whoa, this is cool! We would now be able to offer or purchase cards whatever we need. Fourteen days back, numerous sold their cards with overrate, lol

Anyway, this is incredible refresh for us. Dev group please give likewise some list or review of our possessed cards on the offering or purchasing segment to maintain a strategic distance from duplicste or the such. A debt of gratitude is in order for this stunning refresh :)

@steemmonsters market is good with good price is it possible to take over others for a bignner??

Is that optin monster?? LOL

Yo this looks really cool! I'm gonna have to check it out, great concept!

Yo this looks really
Cool! I'm gonna have to check
It out, great concept!

                 - herbertholmes

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This means that anyone is able to build their own Steem Monster Market and as long as they follow the protocol

I'm in hehehe

I want to learn more about Monster Market , How to work on it plz explain briefly

Missed the launch yesterday but this is amazing and will be the only way I sell any cards and that's even if I want to give any up......... Amazing, thanks for everyone's hard work.... SteemMonsters4Life


i don't like that game

@defficial - you can put your cards to use!

great game and nice idea hope to see more work and projects

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Very very nice! Anything to increase awareness is amazing in my opinion. Good work.

cool cards! cool market @steemmonsters

Let’s do business!

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Excellent to see the market brought in and now this will be a lot easier for everyone.

@steemmonster is this a real money ??????

This is AWESOME!!!!!

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Time to play monsters, yes

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I wish packs weren't so expensive.
I absolutely love the concept of what you've created here and I'm a huge fan of online gaming and TCG in particular!

Maybe if I steem enough... I'll achieve my goal of being able to actually afford a lot of these cards/packs.
Definitely looks like a lot of fun and there's a lot of potential for something like this to be wildly successful even moreso than it already seems to be! :)

It's great to see something like this being implemented into a crypto community! I'm definitely itching to get my hands on some of these cards and collect them/play the game! Here's to hoping I get some crazy good cards once I can afford some packs! >:)

This is so awesome , I am just learning about this Monster craze now, and I can't wait to save up the 5.00 steem and get my Starter pack ! It really looks like a lot of fun! upped and resteemed😀✌👍

Monster Market Rock @steemmonsters

I will check the market this week. :)

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We are waiting for further Steem Monsters Tech Talk information

To be honest my steem power is end...
plz upvote me

Well done for this work to the steem blockchain.
It is finally here!


thanks for sharing this valuable information!

This is amazing !

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