Steem Creators Treasure Hunt - Winner Decided by a Live Coin Toss!

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Hi Friends!

@anomadsoul and I have been running a contest this last week to help promote the Steem Creators Conference coming up in Toronto next week.

In this contest - we are giving away $450 in value - two tickets to the conference and 150 Steem to help cover accommodations. The tickets were graciously donated by IJ @steemcafe and the steem was donated by @anomadsoul and myself.

We decided to send people on a little bit of a Treasure Hunt to learn more about the conference and some of the speakers. We ended up with two totally amazing entrants (@rhondak and @shadowspub) and we literally couldn't decide... so we decided to leave it up to fate!

Be sure to check out their entries to learn a bit more about each of them!

@rhondak - Click Here.
@shadowspub - Click Here.

To keep the vibe of the treasure hunt going - we decided to have @anomadsoul do the first two coin tosses on his page ... and then I'd do the final coin toss right here on @dlive!

Ooooooh the suspense!!!

Here is a YouTube link for anyone who needs it.

I can't wait to meet so many amazing, beautiful souls next week at the conference and a HUGE congrats to the winner! <3 You are both amazing!

XO, Lea


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Yay!! I'm so excited! I'm going to resteem!


Awww thank you!! I’m so excited to meet you in Toronto next week! 😃


Yes, me too!!

Hi @coruscate, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @rondak doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @rhondak ?

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Many investment opportunity

Amazing. -resteemed-

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Just to show you guys how perfectly this worked out:

The person I was going to give the tickets to has them (I found out I already have a pass because of speaking on stage.) Additionally, hotel accommodations are reserved because this prize pool made it possible to do so without foregoing house payments and whatnot, travel arrangements from the airport are sorted, and TWB's key leadership will all be present in Toronto except for Cork and Andrei, who are keeping the dream alive while the rest of us are gone. Their turn will come! We just have to figure out how to get Andrei out of that server cage. . . .


Thank you guys so much for doing this. I would have be quite the unhappy TWB admin had Shadows not been able to attend this conference. Y'all rock!