Steem Creators Treasure Hunt Contest Entry

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I found out about this contest and as I write this, I’m going to be really close to the line on getting it in. I guess better close than not at all.

The Steem Creators Conference is coming up next week in Toronto and I’d love to be there if not for my finances. Let me tell you a bit about me. I’m @shadowspub. I’ve been on the platform just over two years. The first niche I established myself in is doing a curation compilation called the Steemit Ramble. I’ve been doing that since late August 2016.

A Bit About @shadowspub

Last September I opened the Steemit Ramble discord server which has grown to a community of over 600 people. @ramblingradio broadcoasts through Dlive from the Ramble currently include: Creatives Coffee Hour with @artemisnorth, Curation Corner with @artemisnorth and @shadowspub, Pimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub and Words With Witty with @enginewitty.

The Pimp Your Post Thursdays tend to be the flagship shows running twice on Thursdays they provide opportunity for Steemians from various communities to come together, network and get to know each other. The connections made during those shows have been awesome.

From PYPT emerged what is now a monthly Witness Chat hosted by me for all witnesses regardless of their rank to attend and interact with each other and the community. Some lively discussions take place during those shows.

From the Witness Chat came @welcomewagon

I recently learned during the first Witness Chat in April, one of the attendees took to heart the discussion about the need to mentor and retain members. @dreemsteem founded the @welcomewagon which has been engaged in mentoring and building engagement one Steemian at a time. A fantastic program. Currently 65% of their grads are actively engaged on the platform.

My Connection to The Writers’ Block

I’m part of the leadership in several other discord communities including The Writers’ Block. I’m excited about the forthcoming front end they are going to showcase at the Steem Creators Conference and would really love to be there. The frustrating part is, I live in Ontario. So close, yet so far when the funds aren’t available.

So, I’m making this entry and let’s see what happens. Onward to the Treasure Hunt.

The Treasure Hunt:

Which speaker were you most surprised to see on the list? Why?

I’m was really surprised to see @frystikken on the list until I saw he is going to speak by live stream. Very nice. @frystikken was one of the early characters I met on the platform when his voice chat group were on TeamSpeak and was with them when they made the move to SteemSpeak. It was how I came to discord.

Which speaker are you most excited to hear speak?

Dang.. Just one? There are more than one, but if I have to pick just one, it will have to be @rhondak as she presents the new front-end to the world. Along with her will be @gmuxx, @jasonbu and @instructor2121. Yeah I know, was supposed to be just one but heck man, they are a package on this presentation and it’s going to be awesome.

Name one of the artists that will be performing at the Steem Creators Concert.

Marissa Joy

What is the name of the building where the event is being held?

YWCA on Elm St. In Toronto

Who is a speaker that you don't currently know or follow - but sounds super intrigued by and are excited to learn from.

@coruscate — I have only recently heard about her, haven’t started following her but from looking at the speakers list I love that she has a variety of interests and and I want to hear more about who she is.

What famous musical comedy pop duo will be performing LIVE at the event?

The Steem Birds (@Jaybird & @Dan-Atstarlite)

So, one problem I have run into. I’m so close to the deadline that the posts that are supposed to be resteemed are paid out and there is no resteem button. Wasn’t from lack of wanting to.

steemit ramble

Until Next Time — Just Steem on

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I guarantee that if I end up with an extra ticket, it goes straight to Shadows. Nobody anywhere on this platform more deserving. One way or another, Shadows, Imma figure this out. YOU WILL BE THERE with us. I can't wait to not hug you. LOLOL!


Does appear I'm going to be there .. thank you and well... don't tell anyone but there are on occasion... exceptions to the rule.



Shall we start the "GET SHADOWS THERE" campaign??? I'm all for it. hahahahahaha

If there was a person on this platform to ever deserve anything, it's this lady. Give her the ticket.

She organizes and hosts the only accessible to all post/project sharing show on the platform, supports military veterans on Steem and in her local community, and is generally a person of excellent character. I'd recommend her over anyone else on the planet pretty much.

If tickets were being given out on merit and funded by love, @shadowspub would already have one. For goodness sake, GIVE THE WOMAN A TICKET!! Don't make all of us sad!!

You have my full support, @shadowspub!! Let's hear it straight from the horse's ass mouth and go to our judges....
Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 9.59.21 PM.png

And...... You heard it here, folks! This is the least we can do for a true pioneer of the Steemit seas!!!

It ain't always smooth sailing here, so this is one truly dedicated Steemian! It takes time, energy, patience, and some real dedication to traverse the Steemit waters for a few months, much less a few years! One simply does not accomplish what @shadowspub has accomplished in such a time.

@shadowspub would be an awesome choice for a ticket She does so much for so many people on the platform. Pimp Your Post Thursdays has done a lot to help people here get noticed and to break them out of their shells.


I can't agree more. It's a great way for newbs to get noticed and get more comfortable footing in this big scary world. :D

No one more deserving, than you, @shadowspub, no one.
I hope there's a way...

If anyone deserves to go, it is you. You do a lot for people, and if I had a vote you would get it. ;-) Good luck!

Hope you are close enough to the deadline you can get in, you totally deserve to go hun. Anything I can do? I like @coruscate too, I became familiar with her through @littlescribe via @steemmonsters. Get to know her, I'm sure you all would have plenty to chat about :)

Really hope you get this, Shadows =) Seems like more than one person, including @rhondak, has yer back on this ;)

I don't know what the contest is, but you would have my vote too. I would drive you myself and start a commotion at the door while you snuck(sneaked?) in.

I do hope you make it there and if there's anything I can help with, don't hesitate to ask.

Hey Shadows, you know what would be amazing? You being there to do a live @ShadowsPub PYPT (or whatever day it is) from Toronto! I hope you get a very-well deserved ticket to The Creators Conference in Toronto.

I think I saw someone on the list that you haven't mentioned I believe... ah well, yeah... I'm not fond of him and am surprised that he is a speaker.


I hope shadowpub wins a free ticket :)

I hope you win, you deserve it.

YOU get my vote if I had one!!!!!!!!!!

Does @shadowspub even need to go through this process? She deserves to receive the ticket straight away!

Shadows is everywhere on this platform and those of us that have been around for a while know of her and what she does. I would include that she has probably influenced and impacted many of the communities on Steem more than any single person currently on Steem.

9 out of 10 Steemians recommend @shadowspub for a ticket to the conference. The odd one out just hasn't met her yet.

Aww I LOVED reading your entry!! You totally made it in time - so no worries there! @anomadsoul will be discuss and will announce the winner tomorrow.

Good luck!! ♥️

Yeah, I'd go with shadows or @coruscate. Those two both do tons for this platform. Coruscate delivers a killer presentation, genuinely loves the people she comes in contact with, is always motivating and instructing others on how to succeed on the platform, and on a personal level (working with her) is constantly thinking of ways to better the community. She puts her money where her mouth is.

Shadows has one of the best and most highly attended shows on the platform, the PYPT. It is one of the most thoughtful and productive shows aired right now. She's got her Rambling Radio channel where she hosts and supports other excellent steemians' content and shows as well (@enginewitty, @crazybgadventure, @welcomewagon, @rhondak, etc.).

She'd be a good one.

You got my vote!


& to the person/s making the call, well, after this entry there is nothing to think about, is there!

It really is as simple as that!

Good luck sis! Your milestone birthday is coming up and this would make a perfect gift!! You really do deserve know, Karma and all that.

For sure the ticket should go to shadowspub!


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shadowspub should win the ticket! Very helpful community leader for sure.

How much do you need to get there?

I'm really hoping someone out there has an extra ticket for you. You do so much for the community!

i agree with everyone here who supports shadows getting this ticket; i have known her to be fair, honest, tactful, kind and generous, exactly the deserving sort of person who should represent this platform! #TEAMSHADOW

Joining in the shout out that she deserves the ticket, she's helped so many, not only in the shows also organizing the witness pannels...

You must be excited about your upcoming conference, @shadowpub! I admire you all for been great writers and bloggers! As for myself, I am here just to share my passion in precious metals stacking, cooking, eating and travel. I have never been a writer and have not been gifted with talent for words. I lerned about this particular article through a post of @thealliance. I am so glad I came here... because I want to wish you the best in all your endeavors, and THANK YOU for all that you do! Take care.

Shadowspub is definitely deserving of a ticket. Ask anybody because she pretty much knows everybody!

What would a STEEM Conference in Canada be without the Canadian Queen of STEEM I ask you?

Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Definitely! 😊

How many more witnesses do we need to round up to get this woman to this thing? Cause I'll find em, dare me. She needs to go to Toronto.

I was impressed by your work, support and effort from the first minute I was "surprised and brought :)" with much much much love :) to PYPT by @dreemsteem. I am missing words for the gratitude I feel for everything you have done to support not only us newbies here.

A big thank you <3 from deep in my heart <3 to you @shadowspub!

Nice read. I leave an upvote for this article thumbsup