The @brandonfrye Upvote Bot Now Pays Out 100% of Bids!!!

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Earn 100% of All Incoming Bids

Starting today, delegators will be earning 100% of ALL bids coming into my upvote service! This is HUGE!! This is equivalent to having your very own upvote bot on your own account (minus the curation rewards). Current delegators will see a nice increase (10%) added to their payouts starting tomorrow! And if you haven't delegated to my service yet, now is the time!!

How Can I Delegate And Earn Passively?

If you would like to support the @minnowfund, and earn 100% of the profits in daily SBD and Steem payouts, please consider delegating to my service. Your support goes a long way here! Simply go to and insert your username, click Load, add @brandonfrye as the Delegatee, and insert the amount of Steem Power you would like to delegate.

Note: I recommend delegating a minimum of 50 SP.

Why Would I Do This?

The answer to this question is two-fold:

  1. My main goal with the @brandonfrye promotion service is to add Steem Power to the @minnowfund initiative which delegates out Steem Power every week to minnows on the platform. By increasing the payout to delegators, I will bring on many new delegators, and in the process, increase the overall vote worth of my account. This means more curation rewards will be earned on my account which are all paid out to @minnowfund.

  2. Like you, I REALLY enjoy using my bot. It's one of the few upvote bots that actually returns a positive ROI. So, by bringing on new delegators, we can all use my bot more often as it will have an increased vote worth. 😁

Blacklist & Terms of Service

I do my best to ensure that my service is not used to promote spam, scams, plagiarism, cons, or the like. Not only do I monitor the bids coming into my bot, and their corresponding links, but my bot is also utilizing the @buildawhale blacklist so that known "problem accounts" cannot use my service.

You Will Be Blacklisted And Lose Your Upvote if:

  • No effort was put into creating your post (i.e. two sentences long, a single image, etc.)
  • You take advantage of our service with multiple upvotes on the same post using threaded comments
  • You plagiarize content (including images, audio, video and text)
  • You send spam via wallets, comments, posts, etc.
  • You are caught scamming or committing fraud
  • You create (or upvote) posts that are complaining about upvote bots
  • You are already on the @buildawhale blacklist

If you're caught doing any of these things, you will lose your upvote and NOT be refunded! These bids will be paid out to the @minnowfund initiative as a donation.

We also DO NOT allow the following tags:


Due to the lack of effort involved, low quality, and high amount of plagiarism with these posts, we cannot promote them. But you will receive a refund if you place a bid on a post that includes any of these tags.

Please note that I'm not perfect and am capable of making a mistake. If there was a mistake on my part and your account was blacklisted, I will personally refund your account and make things right. Just reach out to me via and we'll work it out there.

Please reach out to me and report abuse if you see it!

How to Promote Your Post & Current Bot Parameters

If you would like to promote your (or another person's) post then simple send a minimum bid of .05 SBD or Steem to @brandonfrye with the link to the post in the memo field. The percentage of upvote you get will be determined by the amount of your bid. For example, if two people bid during a round and one sends 1 SBD while the other sends 2 SBD, the first person will receive a 33% upvote while the second person will receive a 66% upvote.

Current Bot Parameters

Minimum Bid: .05 SBD or Steem
Minimum ROI: 1%
Max ROI: 10%
Min Post Age: 15 Minutes
Max Post Age: 3.5 Days
Allows Comments: Yes
Bot Leaves Comment: No
Automatically Refunds Invalid Bids: Yes

These parameters could be changed at anytime. I recommend viewing the @brandonfrye upvote bot on to always have accurate bot details. You can also see the current bidding round and the recommended bid value.

If you'd like to support my efforts to make Steem a better place for both content creators and investors, please consider voting @brandonfrye for witness

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Super interesting project mate. I watched your youtube video. Going to delegate now.

Geez....this is awesome!!!! Just delegated more ... Brandon!!! thank you!!!! As my steem power grows...I just keep delegating.... more! LOVING IT! It's an honor to grow by your side...on this blockchain! Please keep it coming!

Awesome! Thanks for the continued support and I'm also glad to be growing side-by-side with you. Here's to an incredible future on the blockchain!! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

You are really good man! You're halping the community by all what you can to do thanks

Thanks @azzelarab, I'm glad to do what I can :)

Wow! Just wheb you think it can’t get better it does! As a delegator I appreciate your initiative to support the minnow community. Look forward to the future!

I like to throw these little surprises at you guys from time to time LOL. Gonna be hard to top 100% though :)

Btw, really appreciate what you're doing with #minnowuprising. I think that's a really great initiative to get minnows better acclimated with, and more active on, the Steem blockchain. So great work there!!

Thanks! Trying to do my little part in the bigger picture! I am anxious to see if we could get some more activity done with that type of activity. I have also learned a couple of new things by posting every day and actively curating content that is not normally seen. It has been fun!

No brainer!

Proud to be a delegator. And can't wait to raise the level I delegate in the upcoming weeks and months.

Keep crushing it man!

Nice, I really appreciate it! And I'm happy to continue sending out those SBD and Steem payments. :)

Interesting Brandon I think I am waiting on a seven day undelegation then we’ll see what to do next, looking forward to learning more about you

That sounds great, @marcuswahl. Please let me know if you have any questions but we would be happy to have you delegate and support @minnowfund. Oh, and send you out daily payments. :)

I delegated to the brandonfrye bot :)

Great initiative continues... This could be a great way to get more witness votes as well!

I really hope so. The more support I can get, the more I can do for the community. 👌🏻😊

I really appreciate this post, I have always wondered what steemers mean by delegation but I'm really still trying to understand how it works, i watched your video on the subject and i still find myself in need of some clarity. Maybe because I am more of a hands on person, I learn by doing. I just delegated to your service in a bid to learn more.

Hey @siratl, thanks for the delegation and I'd be glad to clarify what it means. When you delegate your Steem Power to another user you still hold the actual currency (Steem) but you're letting the delegatee (me, in this instance) use the power of said currency. And you can take back your Steem Power delegation at any time by going back to and undelegating it. When you undelegate SP it goes through a 7-day cool down period to ensure users aren't sharing SP and voting on the same content.

Hope that clarifies it a little better. If you still have questions just let me know! :)

So by delegating to you, your curation rewards earned would be split among the delegates?

Actually, all of the bids coming in for the bot in SBD and Steem are paid out to the delegators based on how much they delegated. Those who have delegated to my bot (including you) receive 100% of the bids coming in. The curation rewards earned from my bot are paid out to @minnowfund where it is delegated to new content creators who need the help. So not only do you make a great ROI for your delegation, but it also helps us to support great content creators on the blockchain. :)

Ooooh!!! I get it now. Thanks alot for taking the time to explain! I appreciate it.

Thanks for the important information great job upvote for you

This is awesome news @brandonfrye! I am adding more towards the minnow fund now... I love your initiative and giving back to the community attitude. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your continued support @paulcaraway. I really appreciate it! Without all of you guys who have delegated, this wouldn't be possible. So thanks a lot for helping me help the community! :)

My pleasure!

cool idea man. I hope you gain some good traction

Thanks @happymoneyman, we've already helped a lot of minnows via @minnowfund and the upvote service. I hope this will only increase our efforts. 😀

You really doing a great job here Brandon. Keep it up!

I sent a bid but didn't get upvote till now.. its already 30 mins passed...I thought upvote comes in couple of minutes.....


please assist you kept bid for this post and gave no vote is flagged by a private investor to protect their "endeavours"

Where is the blacklist listed to the public?
Who is the indeperdent body that manages it?
Is there information related to how each person was on it?
What is the the processes to get off it?
Who is the independent body (not the group that has vested interest on placing people on it) to arbitrate issues?

Please respond to me on this..
than k you