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RE: Flashback Friday - Go Go Ackman 2

in #dlive2 years ago

Ah!! Ackman I read the manga of it before it's so hilarious!! Glad someone like you is playing it on dLive, I never heard about it before the looking up Akira Toriyama's manga list after dragon ball but you can clearly see the DBZ themes in this one!

Is the enemy in the game an angel too?

By the way @vectorabbot, you bought games from my store before, and I did a total revamping so as a previous buyer, if it won't take much of your time please check it out. I started a contest for suggestions to make my store better and I wish to receive as many suggestions as possible, to reach my conclusion. You may win prizes!!

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Yeah, the enemy in all 3 games is the cherub.
Glad to see your still working with your store!

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