DLease marching on Twitter... Follow and ReTweet for Upvote, anyone?!

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After the past Easter promotion, offering 1K SP lease, we want to include even more members of the community to stand a chance of earning something by interacting with us and helping to promote DLease.io to further push the external Steem marketing effort for maximum awareness and adoption.

As you already know, the plans for @buildteam are extremely ambitious. Those plans will benefit Steem as a blockchain and as a community first and foremost, giving exposure and offering services with our token and diverse array of apps.

BuildTeam has thus decided to start a new promotion to spread the word about DLease.io) on Twitter, to achieve this we will soon be engaging in some paid Twitter ads and in addition to that, we want your engagement!

Each of you that will do the following step will receive an upvote.

  1. Follow the official Twitter profile at https://twitter.com/dleaseio
  2. ReTweet https://twitter.com/dleaseio/status/1124612255180566528
    and https://twitter.com/dleaseio/status/1120109595005943809
  3. Post a screenshot in the comment below of the following

This is not a raffle. Each of you will help STEEM by spreading DLease.io as a service in the crypto-space and you'll get STEEM back in form of an upvote of your comment.

Upvotes may come from one or more of these accounts, @dlease, @buildteam, @thecryptodrive, @kamikaze, @megadrive, @cryptomancer or @reggaemuffin and perhaps from a few other members of BuildTeam.

This is a limited time only promotion. We want to get the Steem comunity onboard, helping us to market DLease.io to other communities.

It's another important step to get a solid, organic userbase on Twitter to get traction. We would like to follow saying that the team is organizing ADS Twitter marketing and would like to furthermore thank @theycallmedan for his support on future YouTube advertisement campaign.

We want to conclude by pointing out that an article shared in the last @thecryptodrive talk during the Steem Tank, which you can hear in case you missed. CCN explained how staking XTZ leads to a 7% interest meanwhile, DLease is offering an average of 17%+.

Please, take action today. Sharing is caring.

Go to DLease.io today and take it for a spin!

Find DLease in the BuildTeam App Store!

Visit our website for more!
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Set it up today and contribute to building a better tomorrow!

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Get support and connect with us and other BuildTeam fans!

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Promotion done




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Here we go

I follow you & retweet.

As I do to be your helper or promoter of this project, I would like to get support on this platform,

Nice Initiative. Follow and retweet done.

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Done, happy to help without needing a vote :-)

Will give you a vote anyway :)

well now thank you very much, ever so kind as always

Awesome! I was already following!

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Done ! :) ♥ ♬

#steem ♨ On ! #seven77 with ♥ LOVE ♬

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Done :)

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