DO featuring @theycallmedan's Steem Tank - Thursday 2 May 2019 [recording]

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DO was broadcast on MSP Waves on Thursday 2 May 2019.

This was a special edition of DO featuring @theycallmedan's Steem Tank.

Steem Tank is a Shark Tank style show where steemians pitch their projects to a panel of business experts with a view to getting support and potential investment.

Steem investor @theycallmedan was joined on the panel by crypto business expert @nicholaslive and top witness developer @themarkymark.

The steemians presenting their projects were...

  • @jongolson & @richardtaylor with @steemsavvy - learn the Steem blockchain from A to Z without needing a PhD in computer science - it's Steem for the rest of us!

  • with the project to get STEEM integrated on

  • @clixmoney with @DCooperation - a project to make steemians collaborate more with each other and with other steem communities and even crypto communities

  • @thecryptodrive with DLease - passively growing your investment on the Steem blockchain has just become increasingly more attractive with the P2P Digital Asset Leasing app.

  • @bembelmaniac with the Helpie-Caster project which supports streamers on VIMM and has now created the VIEWER token to help streamers and viewers

Unfortunately @krnel was not able to make it to the show to present his community curation app KURE.

The show was hosted by @pennsif.

This recording is also available on YouTube


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