DIY Happy Anniversary greeting card

Hello to all Steemians out there!

I just wanted to share my DIY Greeting card. This my entry for @mermaidvampire DIY Greeting Card Contest. Sorry if it took me awhile to finish this. The man I love is my inspiration while doing this <3. I used to submit my own crafts from recycled materials when I was still in High School as my project because I couldn't afford to buy art materials way back then, so I only used what is available at home.

So here is my finished product...

Here's what's inside

How did I do it?

Here are the materials that I used and the steps process


  • Chip board
  • colored paper and bond paper
  • glue and glue gun
  • crushed eggshells
  • paper yarn
  • 5 cents coins
  • spare foam
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissor
  • marker pen
  • talent in drawing (the most difficult skills I used in this card) hahaha


For the outside phase

  • Cut a chipboard with 10 x 14 inches size then fold it in the middle
  • Get a piece of colored paper and cover the chipboard on both sides using a glue.
  • Using a different colored paper, cut a 3 pieces big heart shape and 9 pieces small heart shapes.
  • Put the 3 pieces big heart shapes together and paste it into the outside part of your card.
  • Cut a short size paper yarn and paste it under the big heart.
  • Using a marker pen draw a small basket under the paper yarns to create a hot air balloon.
  • Paste 3 small hearts on top of the basket and the rest beside the basket.
  • Form clouds using the crushed eggshells and let the glue dry (make sure to wash the eggshell first and dry it well so it won't attract ants. haha)
  • While waiting, cut a colored paper into strips, create a checkered design and paste it on the lower part of the card.

For the inside phase


  • On a piece of bond paper draw a sweet lover (I was actually planning to put a picture here, but I'm afraid that I might violate the rule, so I just draw boxes there. haha)
  • Cut your drawing and paste it on a colored paper to make an outline.
  • Cut 3 small heart shapes
  • Cut a foam and paste it behind your drawings and the hearts to make embossed effects. (I used my spare dishwashing paste foam) hahaha
  • On the corner of the card paste the paper yarns, heart shape cutouts and 5 cents coins using a glue gun to add additional looks
  • On a piece of paper write your message and paste it below and you're done!

FYI! I did not spend even a single cents to create this card. All the materials I used are all from our basement.

I chose to create this card for my fiance because we will be celebrating our 6th year anniversary tomorrow (March 21, 2018) and I will give this card as my gift to him. I used to give him DIY gifts. In fact, giving DIY gifts to someone is my way of showing gratitude and affections. My fiance loves getting DIY gifts from me, he really appreciates all my efforts. I love him for being simple and appreciative in every single thing I do for him.

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Thank you for dropping by

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Wow, this is so amazing! I love it you're so talented dear I hope to see more of your creation, you might wanna check this link to help you more. =)


That was so creative I can see alot of patience and hardwork put in that thing. To many tiny things done.


Thank you @reroelbuton. It, in fact, took me almost 3 days to finish this because it requires time to dry the glue on the eggshells. hehe


Thank you @purepinay :) It was an honor to be noticed by you. hehe. I'm trying to check the link you gave but it says Site can't be reached. I will try it again later, maybe it was just my connection.


thank you Sir @iyanpol12

I love the creativity and the use of recyclable materials. Thanks for joining, I appreciate the support. Keep making craft and keep surprising loved ones with it. You might want to check out a crafting contest by @korinkrafting, amazing prizes awaits you here:


Wow! This is another exciting contest. I will surely join, Thank you @mermaidvampire :)

nice.. I created such DIY greetings card also ..


Hi @chaniel23, Thank you :) hope to see yours too!

Hi @wondersofnature. Very lovely greeting card. I too love to do such artsy and craftsy stuff..


Thank you @paulasepistle :) Hope to see yours too!

I really enjoyed this tutorial and your end result. I especially love how you used the eggshell! A very special card for a very special day. Happy anniversary to you and your fiance!


Thank you @phedizzle :) I will let him know with your greetings.

You did a nice job. I also used to make DIY cards for my friend's birthday.


Thank you @zafrin. Yes, and seeing their happy faces worth all our efforts.


You are most welcome. Totally agreed with you.

Good art..thanks for this information..


thank you @anggie

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awesome card ....


Thank you :)

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excellent instructions!


Thank you :)

Ahhh such a cute and sweet craft you got there. keep up the good work. done upvoting. keep steeming my friend. have a wonderful day


Thank you @uwanderer :) I'll go ahead and check yours too!