DIY RESIN ART for my table & What I should DO DIFFERENT next time :)

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Hey people of the internet and artists/makers on @dtube !

The last days I was working on a project:
I wanted to make my table a bit more decorative with a plate out of resin.

The art in "resin art" comes from different colours and materials, you can put artistically into the resin.
and PRACTICE as ever.

Today I learned what I should do differently the next time, because I failed :P But watch the video on your own ;)


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Better than a broken heart, dude! :) <3

Oh nooo! It came out soo good too...sorry 😟super glue?!?! lol

Hey thanks ! Nonnotbrly because it is the table plate and should resist some weight.. but next time I will finish it :)
Of the scrap I will make a mobile or something like this.. so it is not wasted :)

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Ahh Man I felt your pain when that broke. Very cool idea though and no doubt you will get it next time. Silicone sounds like a good plan. Could you break up the original and re cast it in resin? That may look cool. Awesome project

Hey thanks for your sympathy and your comment!

That's a good idea dude. I thought about making a mobile but recast the broken original would be much better. Thanks :) I will think about some extra and make a video of this then. Peace

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Awesome , glad I could help. Looking forward to seeing the result Man

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Thanks a lot :P I rly appreciate this and the whole community :) Peace!

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that is SO cool! What a work of art. I didn't know it could break that easily...oh the pain...well if you can do it once you can do it again

Thanks a lot my friend ! Good to see ya back here around :) I will do it a second time with more preparations :P peace

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This is a remarkably cool project!!!
The white paint was a lovely touch in the colour myriad. You'll do much better next time now, right? You live and learn. :D
I've always dreamt about artsy-ing up furniture, and, despite the outcome, this is wonderful!

Thanks a lot for your feedback :) I will do much better haha :D

Thanks to @jist I have the idea to break the firsr in little pieces and recast it. So I can save the resin/colours and then it is kind of continuing the process of the first one :)

So you know what to do: start if you want to do something! :)