These are our HIGHLIGHTS from 20 March 2019 - 27 March 2019

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Welcome to our weekly report of curated DIY related videos on!

Our main goal is to appreciate the work of creators for their unique educational and inspirational content. We already have sent a little thank you via upvote to all of the here mentioned creators and we hope to see much more content of you all in the future!

We are deeply thankful in the name of all curated creators for the big help of our supporters, curation team members and delegators!

But now let's have a look on our highlights from last week:

@serhatyldz(Speed) Pencil Drawing #1 - ADALE@emsonic
@serhatyldz(Speed) Pencil Drawing #3- AVRİL LAVIGNE@emsonic
@mrpositivTop 6 intro\ /Топ 6 интро@emsonic
@elias15gDrawing Dante Dmc and Dante genderbend fanart (Timelapse)@tibfox
@serhatyldz(Speed) Pencil Drawing #4- ANGELINA JOLIE@tibfox
@kimstarHow to crochet a butterfly in 5 minutes @makinstuff
@bowentroyer2 Minutes with the Farmer: DIY Entry Table from Old Barn Wood!!!@makinstuff
@sheskates926SheSkates: $1 Deck Build@tibfox
@marya77🔥exclusively for Dtube🔥- 🎥how to draw with ☕coffee and Poster color 🎥(Sunny ☀🌊Beach)@tibfox
@tr4vlrsTr4vlr5 - Ji8 (making of, reason 5 tutorial)@tibfox
@matkodurkoBEHIND THE CODE show #2 - Database tables explained on SUUUPER EASY example@tibfox
@rosethiyadaHow to make Samosa Prawn. วิธีทำซาโมซ่า@tibfox
@angel76Servietten falten Fuchskopf - easy napkin folding for kids@tibfox
@adelepazani🎬Tutorial - Drawing Portrait - Charcoal technique using brushes and charcoal powder 🎬🎨 by Adelepazani@tibfox
@stefano.startMaionese in5minuti.. Mayonnaise in 5 minutes .@tibfox
@tombalistreriImagination - (sung by tom balistreri)@tibfox
@anttnRecipe in Motion : A Spring Quiche with Fresh Flowers in 3'30 Minutes by @anttn - Health & Food = Body & Spirit !@tibfox
@gardeningchannel10 Tips for Starting Seeds@tibfox
@discouragedonesMegadeth - A Tout Le Monde ( Ending Solo Cover )@tibfox
@serhatyldz (Speed) Pencil Drawing #2 - DAENERYS TARGARYEN (Emilia Clarke)@tibfox
@danycervantesMetal Gear Solid Theme (Violin Synthesizer)@tibfox
@projectsupercarPulling the doors off my Donor car: Audi 2.7 Bi-Turbo. Ep7.@sodom
@yanezdegomera"Small and magical synth" 2nd episode - "Piccolo e magico synth" 2a puntata - (eng&ita)@tibfox
@gojen.gepsolFirst Post in DTube - Introduce My self@tibfox

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What? I must have overseen this..or maybe the service didn't leave the comment? Lemme check :D

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