Dr. Lane Sebring: 5 Paleo Diet Tips

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If you are currently exploring diet options, why not give the "caveman diet" a try? The "Paleo Diet," or more officially the Paleolithic Diet, copies the diet consumed by humans 2.5 million years ago, prior to the advent of agriculture. Below are five Paleo diet tips from Dr. Lane Sebring, Paleo diet expert, on how to successfully adapt to this way of eating.


Remove Grains from Your Diet

When correctly executed, the Paleo diet can result in weight loss, belly fat reduction, and major advances in overall health. In this diet, grains are avoided on principle as this food group has significant problems. For example, grains have considerable quantities of anti-nutrients and high contents of simple carbohydrates.

Prep Your Meals Ahead of Time

There are a number of reasons meal planning is remarkable and one of the primary reasons it that it can be a saving grace at meal times. Instead of scrambling around for suitable food and being tempted to eat non-Paleo foods, you will have the convenience of reaching for a "ready to eat meal". It also saves time, which is always a blessing in the fast-paced world in which we live. No one actually sets out on a quest to be unhealthy; it is typically one of the side effects of being overly busy and health often gets pushed down the list of priority. Meal planning can assist you in making health a priority without a lot of extra effort.

Get Rid of Non Paleo Foods in Your Pantry

Take all your non-Paleo foods and throw them in the garbage. This includes vegetable oils, packaged foods, grains, beans, cereal, milk, yogurt, and cheese. You should rid your home, office, and vehicle of these foods and others that does not come from the Paleolithic era. Ridding your life of these things all at once takes away the temptation in one fell swoop.

Follow the 85/15 Approach

Following the first month of the Paleo diet, experts endorse the 85/15 approach. This means that 85 percent of the time you will strictly adhere to the Paleo diet, which leaves 15 percent for eating non-Paleo foods. This could be a granola bar, cocktails with friends, or a hamburger with the bun at a barbecue. After reintroducing certain foods into your diet, it is important to pay close attention to how your body feels. For instance, if a scoop of ice cream leaves you feeling bloated, you have to decide if the future discomfort is worth it.

Don't Do it Alone

In case you are considering Paleo, doing it with a friend or family member would be ideal. After all, we are descendants of cavemen who lived in close-knit communities and would go hunting and gathering together. At a minimum, your family and friends should support you.

Connect with Dr. Lane Sebring

Director and founder of the Sebring Clinic located in Wimberley Texas, Dr. Lane Sebring has been able to use natural means and his vast knowledge and experience to treat or reverse the majority of common diseases. The Sebring Clinic is grounded in natural and regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

In 1998, while attending a lecture presented by Loren Cordain, Dr. Sebring came to recognize the power and rationale of the Paleo diet. Soon after, his medical practice became based on the Paleo Diet. Early on in his practice, he endeavored to teach his patients this new health standard and get them off their conventional medications.

To stay connected with Dr. Lane Sebring, you can follow his Paleo blog on drlanesebring.com. You can also follow him on Twitter at to get more Paleo tips and tricks.


As long you eat avocado you all set :))

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Great article! That video explains a lot - I've been on and off paleo for a while now, probably should step it up and go all in.

Yeah, I'm definitely going to hit it hard post-Holidays. Got to get that good holiday food in first!

I've been on a bit of a paleo kick myself. There's a local restaurant here in Greenville, SC which offers paleo food on their menu and for weekly meal prep. Check out Saskatoon if you're ever in the area.

Paelo diet is good, but even better is the ketogenic life-style to turn your body into a fatburning machine, running almost only on ketosis.

I've heard a lot about keto. I've wanted to try it out.

Yes, really do! In case of diabetes and loosing weight it is very effective, I can tell you from own experience.

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