DGameShop - New Steem Shop with Games!

in dgameshop •  9 months ago

Steem is a great platform for many reasons. We can easily transfer money from one place to another within seconds. Unfortunately, it is very rare to hear about shops that accept our token.

I decided to answer you and create a new service for Steem users, where you can buy games for hard earned money!


To buy the game you can use Steemconnect or send the transfer with the title in memo. The bot will then return the key with the encrypted activation code (it is recommended to use the master key). Everything in less than a minute, without registration, questions about the data and size of your shoe! If you send an incorrect amount, the system will automatically refund the money.


Games available on DGameShop are available on Steam (unless the title says otherwise; e.g. in the case of Assassin’s Creed), keys are acquired by us, so we are sure that they are original and work (not used by others or do not come from stolen credit cards). At this point the database may seem small but we are working to get more titles. Soon we will present you 3 titles in a much larger number and a dozen or so others games.


We will also start work on a specific marketplace where users will be able to show their unused keys for purchase via STEEM and SBD. We hope that we will be able to make our offer attractive.

We are also counting on cooperation with developers of games who want to sell their titles using our platform.

If you’re creating games, call us back and we’ll put them up for the price you’ve set, charging you only a small commission of a few percent!

It's time to go to a nice part, and with every daily update of the store will be posted a comment with the keys to the games. First come first served!


In case of problems we have technical support on Steem Chat in #dgameshop channel, where you can ask for various information about the project, offers or propose your own functions :)

The current post with the store offer - 15/05/2018

We recommend that you follow our profile to keep an eye on the offers!

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Amazing project resteemed.


Thanks! we focus on it :)

Any chance to get xbox/nintendo switch games listed on here? Also xbox live gold membership codes would be awesome too.


Well, maybe in future now we more focus on marketplace where any (i mean with some reputation and posts) user will be able to place his unused codes, so maybe you will find xbox games there :)


Nice, I look forward to that.

awesome idea and hats off to you for implementing the steem blockchain onto game sales. truly amazing work.. 👍


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Can one make suggestions? :)


Europa universalis, crusader King 2,

  • dlcs

Actually, all paradox games:)

Very nice idea, but why this?

it is recommended to use the master key

WHY the master key?!


Using Steemit (and posting key) you can not read the keys that the bot sends. Of course, bot can send them without encryption, but then someone else can steal them ;)


Oh okay... Thanks a lot for the fast answer! :)