Competition for a New Daily Qurator Cover - Calling all Designers!

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Tomorrow we will be surpassing 1000 members! Feels like just yesterday that we hit that first 100 members. Time flew by and Qurator has grown so much. Proud to be able to support over 1000 members! With that being said, it's time for a new cover! This will be the competition post for the new Daily Qurator Cover.

Everyone is welcome to join and we would love to see loads of entries! Here are the rules and prizes for the competition.


  • All submissions must be a 100% original.
  • To submit your cover design reply to this post's comment section with your design.
  • 1600 - 960 Pixel Ratio (higher will be fine)
  • Must have space for a large sized picture.
  • Must have text space for:

The Daily Qurator
The number issue
5 tags

Have a look at our current cover for an idea of what we are looking for. =)


Feel free to come up with your own unique idea. We want a cleaner more professional look. All submissions will be considered!


The winner will be chosen after this post reaches payout.

Prize: Tier 5 membership for 60 days and 30 SBD.

Your name will also be mentioned in every Daily Qurator Edition. =)

Images that can be used to help with your design.





The Qurator project is brought to you by:

@scrooger | @boontjie | @goldendawne | @ewkaw | @ackhoo | @em3 | @brumest | @stresskiller

Special thanks to @kryzsec for the SBD contributions.

For more information about the Qurator Project and how to join click HERE

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Greeting @qurator, this is my entry for Qurator's Daily Cover Design Competition

Theme: Qurator (Magazine Style)
Color: Qurator Color

Proof of Work, click here to check it out!

Click To View In Full Size


Very neat hehe


this is really nice! I like it! Like a magazine issue!




Cool... Very classy! I like... :D


Nice and clean design. Upvoted

Hi , this is my entry for Qurator's Cover Design Competition

qurator [Recovered]-01.png

Hello guys. There are some of my entries. For sure this comment will be updated with some new ones.

Full Size

Full Size

The left @username is like a feature showing us all who was the owner of the image that was chosen for being the cover of the daily post. Is a way to promote too. ( It's optional )

And well this next 2 are some other entries i made yesterday, but i don't really like them, i think it makes hard to really read and understand what's going on :)

Have a good day guys :)



Mm...more food


Lol... was just going to say the same... Good selling point! ;)
Nice and clean... Another like from me!


Hello there, i like it! Simple and fresh.

Hello @qurator! Here's my entry using 2 sample images:
View Full Image -Sample 1
View Full Image -Sample 2


Wow!!! That's superb! It's way more enticing than your first entry. Good job! :)

Hi @qurator,

This is my design for the contest. If you would like to see Proof of Work, please visit the original post by clicking the link below:

Competition for a New Daily Qurator Cover; My First Design For Qurator

Project Qurator.jpg

Thank you.

Qurator 1.png

The below .png is at 104 kb.
Qurator 2.png

Congrats @qurator for reaching the 1000 members milestone ;)
Here are my designs

I post in last hours of contest, hope it's not late yet. This is my entry.


Not too late at all. I I am currently on holiday so will get back to all of thise 1st thing Monday =) Nice design!


Thanks! xD

this post is my resteem and upvote

Here's my entry. I also took the liberty to redesign your logo, hope you don't mind, if you want your old logo, or elements of it, I'm sure there's some way it can be designed to fit. :)




Radical... some attitude! Clean, I like too!! :)

Thanks for the post, you've been re-steemed! B-)

Going to be fun seeing creations coming through @qurator


I agree, @joanstewart... Am enjoying them already... :)

Thank you friends for the information may be useful for all of u

Im learning great information from old posts, hope that you are not mad ,couse I visitting you?

good contest

Upvoted and resteemed to get the word out about the new design contest! @qurator

Thanks @qurator for this simple contest!

This is my simple entry!

qurator cover.jpg

Trying to make it as minimal as possible. Straightforward design for a small cover.


Are we allowed to submit more entries? I have a couple of ideas, but if not, this one will be my entry


Yes, you can submit more than one :)

Who how when, I just saw this thank you @kareniramm for the call out.

I tried to help you get over 1000 members but alas my content was deemed too weak and pathetic.


Not at all, we normally don't discuss why we do not approve accounts in the comments sections. Feel free to come visit us on Discord. =)

Here's my entry.



contest qurator.jpg

Here's my entry almost forget to submit =\ arghh the bandwidth issue

apart from cover photo of the post, added profile photo of the content creator to give an additional speed for reader reading tones of info daily - ie i know if content from this particular content creator, usually it's quality content that i like. just like @quartor going through those massive content out there and bringing the top 5 quality content to readers ! =p

hi @qurator, please find my entry for qurator cover design contest, i have kept the data structure intact and changed the colours a little bit .



Hello @qurator,
this is my entry for the Competition for a New Daily Qurator Cover.

Daily Qurator v2.jpg


Here is my cover suggestion for new daily qurator cover. I also made post for this and include the step by step on how I made the design. You can check it Here
qurator cover banner.jpg

good infor! thanks for your suport!

Sent my payment 3 days ago and still no message in my wallet. Is there a hold up with processing membership?


Processing normally takes a while. We have loads of members to review and some of them take longer than others. Will probably let you know today. =)

Hiya, what's the deadline?


Deadline will be when this post reaches payout. So about 6 days from now. =)


Are we allowed to submit more entries?


As many as you like =)