The Deliberate Attack on the USS Liberty

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The deliberate attack on the USS Liberty was perpetrated by Israel, with a cover-up of what actually happened. There are apologists that continue to claim that Israel made a grave mistake, while claiming anyone saying otherwise is simply engaging in "conspiracy theories". It's a conspiracy reality. The survivors of the USS Liberty have long given accounts of what happened, and there are intelligence documents and top officials who speak about the deliberate attack on the Liberty. But that doesn't matter to many who prefer to toe the line and suckle the teat of blind obedience and patriotism for the U.S. and Israeli governments.


The USS Liberty incident in my choice for the current deep dives research challenge, which is to search the CIA FOIA library "Reading Room" at, find an overlooked, underrated, underreported or obscure document on a topic that interests you, and then build a post around your findings.

This past June 8th, 2018, was the 51st "anniversary" for the attack that occurred on June 8th, 1967. This is a topic that gets little attention, as simply talking about the fault of Israel has many people shout out "anti-Semitism" in order to shut up the exposure of the truth of what happened. For those unfamiliar with what happened that day, let me give you the details from the CIA archives themselves.

USS Liberty Attack by Israel

Here are details of the events from the Intelligence Memorandum June 13th, 1967, classified "Top Secret" at the time.


  • US Navel tecnical research ship Liberty attacked by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats off the Sinai Peninsula
  • two delta-wing fighter jets (Israeli Mirages) orbited the ship at 9:50am local time (2:50am EST)
  • 7 hours later at 3:05pm, unidentified jets made 6 strafing run attacks on the Liberty
  • the Liberty was not able to communicate with the rest of the US SEiccth Fleet during the air attack
  • at 3:25pm topedo boats attacked, one topedo past astern, and another struck the starboard side
  • one of the boats was identified as Israeli, with hull number 206-T
  • at 4:11pm, the Commander of the US Sixth Fleet sent attack aircraft from carriers America and Saratoga to protect the Liberty
  • the ships emergency communication equipment was used to communicate, as the crew destroyed most of the main communication equipment and the intelligence information they collected
  • Israeli helicopters were sent but ordered to return to El Arish



  • intercepted messages from the Israeli control tower have the helicopter identify the ship as Egyptian, despite the Egyptian transport ship El Quesir being 200 feet shorter than the Liberty (apparently the most modern surveillance ship was mistaken for a 40-year-old rusted Egyptian transport ship)


  • the weather was clear, Liberty's hull number GTR-5 was visible, and the American flag was flying
  • helicopter pilot reported the American flag, and the hull number GTR-5, but the control tower said the hull number wasn't significant
  • Israeli aided the USS Liberty 44 minutes after the initial attack that was called off, not because the Liberty was identified as American, but because it seemed to be sinking
  • the torpedo damage was 39 feet wide
  • 10 personnel killed, 90 wounded, 22 missing


Here is what the USS Liberty looked like before and after the attack:





The initial reports of those killed (10) and wounded (90) changed after the investigation was done. The final death toll stood at 34 being killed (naval officers, seamen, two marines, and one civilian), and 171 wounded.

The Israeli government first paid $3.32 million in May 1968 ($23.4 million in 2017) to the families of those killed murdered, and later $3.57 million in in March 1969 ($23.8 million in 2017) to the wounded survivors. An additional $6 million ($17.8 million in 2017) was paid in December 1980 as a final settlement for damage to the Liberty itself. This was all essentially paid by the U.S. taxpayers, as the U.S. had been giving aid to Israel for decades.

No Mistake

Both Israel and the US governments have claimed this was a case of mistaken identity. But in another CIA FOIA released confidential document titled "PROSPECTS FOR POLITICAL AMBITIONS OF MOSHE DAYAN/ATTACK ON USS LIBERTY ORDERED", a source speaks of how then-Israeli Defense Minister Moshe "Dayan personally ordered the attack" on the USS LIberty:

... Dayan personally ordered the attack on the ship and that one of his generals adamantly opposed the action and said, "This is pure murder." One of the admirals who was present also disapproved the action, and it was he who ordered it stopped and not Dayan."


Why would Israel have done this?

False Flag Pretext to Bring the US into Six-Day War

This was during the infamous Six-Day War where American-provided war machines and weaponry were used by Israel to invade the Egyptian Sinai and engage in a war with Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Egypt had closed the straits of Tiran to Israeli vessels, which Israel then attacked them for doing, trying to justify it as "preemptive airstrikes". Egypt was amassing defenses on it's border in fear of an Israeli attack, which is exactly what Israel did.

In order to try to gain support and win the war (which Israel failed to do and was forced to retreat), Dayan tried to get the U.S. into war on the side of Israel by trying to pin the attack on then-Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. But it failed.

False flags like these have been exposed before, like the Gulf of Tonkin incident where the U.S. went to war with Vietnam based on a lie of an attack on a U.S. ship (USS Maddox) that never happened. Although this attack never happened, it showed how an attack can be used to gain favor and support for war mongering ambitions. The same behavioral effect was demonstrated after 9/11, as the attack was used to justify invading Afghanistan and later Iraq.

Silencing the Liberty's Spying on Israel

The desire for a false flag provocation to bring the US to go to war with Egypt was possible, but no existing evidence supports it to prove it. That doesn't mean there weren't other reasons to attack the USS Liberty.

According to then-United States Secretary of State Dean Rusk (1967), the so called attack on the LIberty was no accident, but deliberate. Moshe Dayan was a renegade who took risks and made poor judgments in an effort to secure Israeli dominance in the region. He took the law into his own hands and ordered the attack on Syria. He knew the Liberty was collecting sensitive information from everyone in the region, including Israel.

Dayan acted alone, according to Rusk, with no other superiors in the Israeli government knowing about his plans. Dayan wanted to be unmonitored, and was apparently gambling on surprise and confusion to silence the intelligence asset (the Liberty) that could monitor his every move. He didn't want information of his plan or actions to take the Golan Heights being relayed to the Israeli PM who would order him to stop, or provoke US intervention to stop either.

Apparently Dayan was so convinced Israel could win the war without U.S. support, that the idea of bringing the U.S. to war is dismissed by Rusk. The then-Director of the CIA Richard Helms also made comments about the attack being deliberate.

President Johnson Orders Support Planes to Turn Away from Liberty

Another odd thing that happened that day is the failure of Johnson to support the Command of the US Sixth Fleet to send aircraft support to defend the liberty from attack. The Liberty was smoldering, sinking, with dead crewmen and others dying or wounded, yet the U.S. President recalled fighters to their aid.

Rear Admiral Lawrence R. Geis who commanded the carrier force in the Meditarranean at the time said:

"President Lyndon Johnson came on with a comment that he didn't care if the ship sunk, he would not embarrass his allies."

That means Johnson already knew Israel had attacked the USS Liberty. Subsequently, the USS Liberty investigations cleared Israel of wrong-doing as the White House and Congress covered-up the brazen attack by Israel. Johnson also needed pro-Israel support from voters for his next election run the following year. It makes sense that he didn't want to embarrass Israel more, and recalled the fighters, and later pulled strings to keep the investigation on the narrative he wanted: that it was all a mistake. The investigation was a whitewash, as Admiral Thomas Moorer called for an in-depth congressional investigation:

"Congress to this day has failed to hold formal hearings for the record on the Liberty affair. This is unprecedented and a national disgrace."

A deeper investigation was never done, despite being called for by some officials in the government and military. Whether the plan was just to remove the intelligence gathering on Israel, or to try to bring the U.S. to war against Egypt, top U.S. officials say the attack was deliberate, despite pro-Israel apologists claiming the oppose, simply because there isn't 100% solid proof that it was deliberate.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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This was all essentially paid by the U.S. taxpayers, as the U.S. had been giving aid to Israel for decades.

The same money could have been used for other purposes, so despite the aid, Israel paid for it.
The payment did not solve it, but it did come on the expense of Israel.


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I don't like to hate anyone or any nation but Israel has a lot of bad karma coming its way.

Steemit - thankyou U5dtq1a8QL4tDnQqpXQ7CXBYXRz46tm.gifkrnel!

The United States continuously assists and supports Israel. What's going on? Are US officials composed of Jews? Or is Jewish a very important role in American domestic and foreign politics.

34 killed and 171 wounded but no official condemnation, which precludes investigation.

We are reminded of the United States' attack on Syria in April on the grounds of the Assad government killing civilians in Douma but not with accurate evidence.
While letting Israel kill 115 Palestinians since last March.

The United States is financing its troops with our country's natural source of liquefied natural gas, the mines here owned by the United States government, and we live in our poverty and sacrifice for the sake of the United States to continue to help and support Israel, face of the earth.


Yup, billions per year sent to Israel, with no repayment, funded by tax payers...

I love the deep dives people have been doing. I’ve learned a lot about the hypocrisy in this country.

Thankfully I already knew for a few years about false flags and the pretext they are used for war. This started for me way back in high school; I researched and wrote a paper on the suspicions and the proof I showed from videos. Little did I know that it unraveled a lot but I’m glad I was open minded to do it without being prodded to it!


Cool, lucky you to have been into it so early :)


It was on 9/11, forgot to add that in lol this was back in 2005/6 before YouTube when the internet didn’t have censorship.

Israel's penchant for false flag operations of this nature are well known. We can infer that the attack on The Liberty was very likely intentional for other reasons, shown since. Since we know (from the Israeli art students with all those blasting caps, from the call from Tel Aviv to Odigo employees in the Twin Towers to stay home that day, and from the "dancing Israelis" across the Hudson celebrating the attacks) that Israel succeeded in their False Flag on 9-11-01 in actually getting the USA to attack many of their Middle East rivals, we can assume they were trying to get Americans to die for Israel back in '67, as well..


Well put linking previous incidents to the present Middle East conflicts :)


Thanks. Yea...a leopard doesn't change it's spots. Especially when the same party remains in power.

I was not aware of this stuff and in my opinion i don't know what happened but after going through this post i want to say one thing that, it's really unfortunate that human beings are showcasing cruelty towards fellow human beings no matter who they are, and for what they are attacking, in my opinion it's related to domination. I literally want to see those days where we will exchange more cultural ideas and experiences instead of sharing the comparison of the Military Strength, and common people always stay miles away about these kind of stuff and they want simple and beautiful life, and sometimes it's really surprising me, why human beings avoid the emotions of fellow human beings, or sometimes i think or i question to myself if truly we all are human beings or there are other species on earth who just look like human beings for example, as per some Conspiracy Theorists there are Reptilians human species.

Whatever it is, we have to spread the message of love, peace, kindness and brotherhood as much as possible because beautiful world can create beautiful lives.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed.

Black-flag operations don't exist.

MSM and school system don't teach you these things. And your friends and enemies are often the opposite of who you think they are. Thanks for the lesson.

A year ago, I have posted up an excellent CrossTalk show of Peter Lavelle with Ken O'Keefe, Daniel McAdams and Phillip Nelson, about the Zionists plan with “Liberty”. Thanks for this thorough review, @krnel.

There is a conspiracy between government (US) and Israel. That is why they have never investigated the incident and its investigation is covered up, because Israel is a US ally

Great entry into the deep dives. Another whitewashed investigation? Surely not lol.

It's good to talk about history sometimes. I don't really 100% believe everything that the government says about incidents such as that. I'm sure there's more behind it that they won't let people know.

excellent krnel i have resteemed your post this really good info !

Fantastic post @krnel and expertly presented!
I think this long forgotten incident is a perfect example of a government coverup to mask the ugly truth of war and the United States's relationship with Israel. They would let their own citizen's be murdered to maintain their foothold in the Middle East. The quote you included by LBJ pretty much speaks for itself.

This event also shows how most wars are started, either a false flag attack like the Bay of Tonkin or letting an attack occur in order to justify military retaliation (Pearl Harbor / 911).

I hope more people read this post. Resteemed ;)



Yes, Zionism was powerful in the US even before Israel self-declared itself a state, and continues to this day. This oral interview with Edwin M. Wright talks about Zionist/Jewish influence in the White House. It's from the Truman Library:

Edwin M. Wright

General staff G-2 Middle East specialist, Washington, 1945-46; Bureau Near East-South Asian-African Affairs Department of State, since 1946, country specialist 1946-47, advisor U.N. affairs, 1947-50, advisor on intelligence 1950-55.

Thanks for the support :)

War is big Freemason business. Smedley Butler. Albert Pike. Illuminati. New World Order.

The USS Liberty incident was probably a friendly-fire mistake, IMO. These are not uncommon in the stress and confusion of war, sometimes called 'the fog of war,' even when the ship or aircraft is clearly marked with identifying flags or insignia. Also, the Israelis apparently made no effort to disguise their Mirages and torpedo boats as Egyptian.

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Who were they collecting information on and who were they sharing it with?

Their buddy Yasser Arafat?
Who they rescued from Lebanon when he was about to lose his war and airlifted him to Tunisia?

Great work here @krnel and congratulations on the top spot. This was a false flag that I was unaware of and so I thank you for bringing it to my/our attention, it's also very valuable to have such a concise expose held on the blockchain. The hypocrisy of this world control system is a very difficult pill to swallow, but each day the cracks grow wider and the mask begins to slip.