Perverse Sexual and Cannibalistic Rituals of the Elite

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Secret societies have been around for millennia, but they turn into the "conspiratorial" butt of jokes when talking about the influence and power some have or had in society overall. Some claims may be poorly stated, such that "X is a secret society that runs the world", but that doesn't mean there is no power within those secret societies to manipulate the direction of large segments of humanity. They may not outright run the world, but they have hidden hands of influence and power in order to achieve certain aims or agendas.

The secret societies are said to have secret rituals that some claim are for summoning dark powers. Whether this is true or not, the rituals act as an initiation into a group. In order to be one of the members, you must go through a test. Some ancient mystery rights had tests for fear of the unknown. Some had real danger. And some are sexually perverse rites of passage to get into the secret club.

The Illuminati is a famous term used to refer to a group of people doing dark or secretive things. It's sort of a default catch-all term to try to apply a label to some twisted or immoral things being done by a group of people. Dark, secretive or perverse behavior being engaged in by certain individuals as part of a group often gets attributed to the "Illuminati", whether they are actually part of that or not.

Mock Cannibalism - Spirit Cooking

In the WikiLeaks Podesta Emails, there is email 15893 which refers to a "Spirit Cooking dinner", the so-called "artist" Marina Abramovic is talking to Tony Podesta about, and hoping to know if his brother John Podesta is coming to.

The Spirit Cooking dinner being refereed to is the famous one you might have seen where people are scooping up mock-blood liquids from naked people lying in mock-blood baths, apparently molasses (but I'm not sure if there wasn't anything else mixed in). She has used real blood in her "art" before, as you will see. You can see Lady Gaga enjoying her lick of red liquid that was scraped off a naked women that imitates a cannibalistic ritual



In 1997, Abramovic ran an art show called "Spirit Cooking". This included perverse writing on a wall using pig's blood, and what I presume are pig body parts, maybe organs, thrown onto a small human figure in the corner of the room. You can see Abramovic "create" this "art" in the video below:

Spirit Cooking "Art"


Here are some of the messages she wrote in pig's blood:

mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk
drink on earthquake nights


with a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand
eat the pain


There are text slides of this called "Spirit Cooking Essential Aphrodisiac Recipes" which Abramovic put online. One of the "recipes" states:

engage in intercourse with partner who went through the same process
for 3 days and 3 nights drink each other's nectars
postpone climax until the last hour before sunrise on the third day


I the presume "nectars" are sexual fluids...

I don't know how this is "art". Is using animal blood to write what passes as "art"? Is writing perverse sayings with blood what passes as "art"? These are creations from a disturbed mind. And wealthy and influential people seem to "love" her work and eat at her mock-cannibalism rituals. Because, it's so cool to simulate eating other people and drinking breast milk and semen, right? Who knows if they don't do that in more secret rituals that go unannounced.

Even if these events are purely fake, why would this be a positive thing to emulate? To emulate eating other people. To emulate drinking semen. It's pretty perverse in my book. These people have issues as far as I'm concerned. It hints at darker machinations going on in their lives, and at the very least in their psyche.

The recipe for "Spirit Cooking" apparently comes from the Cake of Light ritual created by Aleister Crowley for his Thelema religion. Cake of Light wafers are cooked and consumed during a religious gathering, which are made of honey, oil, menstrual blood and sperm.

Clearly, Abramovic has borrowed from this older ritual and made it her own. Her 1997 "Spirit Cooking" has semen listed as an ingredient. Whether it's actually used or not, is not certain, but the fact of desiring to emulate this perversity is something itself.

The ritual is described as:

The goal of the ceremony is to convert matter into energy so spirits can feed on it. Marina "...derives her inspiration from the popular belief that the spirits still need food even though it is no longer solid, but in the form of light, sound, and emotions."

She constantly denies being a Satanist, which may be true, she may not be an official "Satanist". In her lame apologetics to defend "Spirit Cooking", she says it's not Satanic, but "spiritual":

My work is really more about spirituality and not anything else... It’s absolutely outrageous and ridiculous... I mean, this world is really turning to hell. I am completely amazed, something is taken out of context for the purpose of winning.

And in defense of her "Spirit Cooking" mock cannibalism, nothing to see hear folks, just:

a normal dinner. It was actually just a normal menu, which I call spirit cooking. There was no blood, no anything else. We just call things funny names, that’s all.

That's it just "funny names". Creating mock cannibalism dinners and talking about drinking semen, is just "funny" naming is all. I guess everything is settled, nothing bizarre going on here...

Museum of Contemporary Art Mock Cannibalism

Abramovic has done this mock cannibalism before. On November 12, 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, they had two cakes made that looked like a person. Then they cut up the mock human into pieces and ate it. This is more emulation of honoring of cannibalism.




You can see Gwen Stefani taking part in this Hollywood elite eating ritual:


Other Abramovic Mock Cannibalism Events

Another Abramovic event/dinner had a live nude woman layer under a skeleton at the center of a huge round table, while people ate around her, imitating cannibalism:


Another dinner had tables with heads sticking out to emulate cannibalism again:




Podesta's 'Art'

All of this came to light more in the past years due to the infamous Hillary Clinton email leaks that came from John Podesta's account being hacked. John Podesta was the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Tony Podesta is an American lobbyist, with wikipedia stating he was "one of Washington's most powerful lobbyists and fundraisers." He did lobbying for Saudi Arabia and China, which are two great bastions of human rights, right? These two brothers are well connected in the power elite structure of America, and it looks like the world.

In another WikiLeaks Podesta Emails, email 16498, Marina Abramovic replies to an email from John Podesta where he is asking her to go to a "Hillary for America Official Campaign Launch" dinner, and she replies asking him to come to her dinner on July 9th, as she can't make it to the campaign dinner.

Tony is a fan of some other sick art on top of Abramovic's. He has a stature called "The Arche of Hysteria", that looks like the positions that Jeffrey Dahmer put some of his murdered victims in and took pictures of:


Tony Podesta also admitted that one of his favorite "artists" is Biljana Djurdjevic who depicts children in semi-clothed positions that would seem be imagery of child abuse and pedophilia.



Angelina Jolie 'Illuminati' Ritual Video

A vido of 23-year-old Angelina Jolie was leaked which reveals the factual inside mechanism of Hollywood rituals in 1999. Jolie describes her experiences involved in a ritual to her close friends. You can ignore the cut scenes where someone adds their perspective. I just took this video as it had the least amount of cuts from her talking to corroborate the subtitles, as other videos were longer or had the text appear without the audio to confirm what was said.

It's like, I would, I would've filmed it in order to encourage like everybody, all different types of celebrities...

Apparently that means to film it in order to get more people to join int he ritual and become inducted.

A lot of people misunderstand it, maybe with S&M. And hey think it's superficial. And I have to like explain to people how it's more like you're tied down because you need to like be able to like, have something hold you down to keep you still. Or like, you'll fight or go absolutely mad...

You'll be able to heal once you're beaten. So it comes from that real real place. You know, as opposed to being accessories or something.

It's not superficial sex pain, no, it's a "real real" healing from being sexually tortured in order to pass the initiation rites. You're not just a sexual accessory, but you need to be held down or you're natural inclination to fight against being harmed might make you go mad... what?

It's like tattoos with me after the ritual there was that time where I was like "Oh, I have tattoos." And after a while you, you're like, you can explain them. It comes from that real place.

So her weird dark occult looking tattoos seem to be as a result of these perverse Hollywood sexual abuse rituals that she joined when she was young.

Angelina showed the videos she made of people being sexually tortured to her friends, as one of them admits to having seen it. Angelina rejoices about being sexually exposed and tortured:

It's great thing to be able to, like, see everybody's sexuality, but it's so weird when you just... I have like the most amazing compromising pictures of people.

Isn't that great to have sexually compromising pictures of people? What a great thing to have in your picture collection. What a mind fuck to be in that state of being.

One of her friends describes seeing one of the videos, where someon'es nipple was twisted 3 full rotations, and candle wax dripped onto their private parts.

At the end, Angelina Jolie admits to having performed an animal sacrifice at these perverse rituals, where she killed her snake.

From mock cannibalism to submitting to sexual torture, the elite are into some twisted shit. Is this to appear "avant garde" in the art or entertainment scene, to be in the "know" on what's "hip" and "cool" that the elite do (like the next new fashion)? If you want to be elite and cool, you gotta get in with these twisted rituals, groups and secret societies?

The psychology behind what motivates people to do this and to seemingly enjoy it is interesting to think about. How they justify their behavior as being completely benign and without any negative seems to be easy. We all can do that. Anything we get involved in, is an action we do, and it's a part of who we are as a reflection of what we did. Perverse things can be justified by anyone who wants to believe that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

In a purely voluntaryist immoral context, I suppose there is nothing wrong since they consented to do what they did. Even the models or participants who are naked and are mere accessories to the ritual agree to do it for money. But just because something isn't morally wrong, doesn't mean it's right to do either. The imitation and emulation of cannibalism and engagement in sexual torture rites of passage into a secret society or cult group is not something that's right. This all symbolizes dark, depraved and immoral actions of sexual torture or cannibalism. It's not right.

Sacrificing animals, sexual torture and imitating cannibalism are dark things to engage in, even if they aren't aware of the dark psychological place they are in to participate in such acts. There is dark occult manipulation going on to get people to think this is ok, cool or good.

It has been said that many of these sexual rituals are done in order to obtain "compromising pictures of people" as Angelina Jolie admits in the leaked video. Then people can be blackmailed in the future to go along with more rituals or plans. Then they become a puppet to the masters of manipulation, forever locked into a dark contract to get them to go along with who knows what. There are accounts of this happening in the military as well. It's all over the place in the upper echelons of society's elites.

Two more Wikileaks will show how much these elite are easily using references to occulted knowledge. Podesta email 39459 has John Podesta asking Mary Podesta (Tony's wife) about doing a "thelema" favor to get an internists old mother to meet Barack Obama. Another Wikileaks Clinton email 14333 from Cheryl Mills (a member of Hillary Clinton's group of core advisers) to Hillary Clinton which mentions "sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch". It could be a joke, but nonetheless, do you or people you know about talk about sacrificing animals to Moloch in a joking manner to receive good luck or have your wishes granted?

Animal sacrifices rituals, Moloch, sexual torture rituals, mock-cannibalism rituals, and Thelema rituals of real or mock-semen recipes, it all seems to connect in a dark corner of our society. These are not things I would consider part of a healthy lifestyle or psychological makeup. But this is demonstrably what some of the elite of society are engaged in or talking about. Maybe some of them are clueless and think it's all innocent, but they just don't see the darkness that surrounds this behavior. They justify it as "good", if not at least "normal". Us simpletons wouldn't understand what they are doing, that's why we can't be told about it. We are unworthy of knowing about the sacred rituals of the dark masters.

What more goes on in these elite circles and secret societies could be worse as some have uncovered. We don't have direct proof, but accounts of trauma abused mind control victims tell of sex parties, sometimes with child abuse, rape, torture and murdering. Events that bring people into a base self-seeking pleasure gratification mindset bring them to depraved levels of being and doing.

The Franklin Cover-Up is one case that might interest you if you want to learn about the evil dark machinations of some people in politics. Look into Hollywood pedophilia. It's in the UK as well. The politicians everywhere are corrupted and won't investigate these crimes, since the powers from above already have them on strings for their own indiscretions. There are evils being perpetuated in dark corners of our society, and the innocent are being victimized. Knowledge of these evils can empower us to do something and stop it as a society.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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Great article, im glad accounts with your reach on steemit touch on these very important matters and keep it relevant and in peoples faces.

High level pedophiles Jimmy Saville and ex British Prime Minister Edward Heath show how high up this went in the UK, both working on the highest levels with the monarchy and other influential people.

Marina Abromovich looks pretty good for 71, what could she really be doing to look so young hmm. The cannibal sex parties utilizing cakes as real people I read is like the appetizer course that the public is allowed to see. After the doors close and all phones/cameras are taken away, they actually do the real thing. Kind of like pretending/practicing and than actually eating people.

John Podesta also has creepy art in addition to the other Molesta brother.

Nothing wrong here with this guy right haha
And lastly what about this John Podesta email=
"Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you're busy, so feel free not to respond if it's not yours or you don't want it.

So much here to look into, I really hope he and these others are part of the sealed indictments and will actually pay for the litany of crimes committed!


Yeah, who knows what they do when there are no outsiders watching to document what they do. The pizza napkin thing is telling, because there is no relation to pizza and maps other than pizzagate pedophilia. But most people just dismiss it.


Most people couldn't deal with this and choose to ignore blatantly obvious facts because it would change there worldview. Truth is much stranger than fiction!

What about when Biden made a kids style bracelet with a pizza on it and gave it to Obama! They put the info right in our faces b/c they use to think no one will be able to stop them.

Those pictures mocking cannibalism are very disturbing, I have forgotten about them but I do remember seeing those pictures a few years ago, why would they do something like that right?

It is not normal wanting to eat something that looks like a human. And that video of Angelina Jolie is also very weird.

About the "art" depicting abused kids, that's also disturbing and quite alarming, when the pizzagate was in full force those "art" pieces were also used to help the case. I don't think a normal person would like to draw abused kids, that artist must have something wrong in his head.


This so-called ''artist'' is just a psycho with high level acquaintances and connections. Mind-blowing how nobody has been prosecuted even though there's plenty of evidence regarding Pizzagate's activities.


The average sheeple thinks all that pizza business was just crazy conspiracy.


The artists likely was abused... or they are doing the abusing and openly depicting it in subtle ways to mock the rest of society.

I hate the heads on the table. I can see there is kinda fierceness in human nature, I don't think we are getting on the edge, but it seems I don't like to recall that feeling in our ANCESTORS.

I just didn't like it! it doesn't mean I'm sure it's obscene. I understand it can be somehow metaphoric....


Metaphoric and symbolic of... cannibalism... lol


:)))) i just wanted not to offend any idea :D
ANY ideology, even cannibalism lol

Fantastic article @krnel The topic is important to me, being an abuse survivor myself. I also hold an MFA so the perversion of our art and cultural institutions is also of concern. As it should be to us all.
This article illustrates some of the reasons why I decided not to enter academia professionally. Like every institution the corruption flows from the top. While not all instructors may not be actively taking part in social engineering schemes, in my mind I can't contribute to something I know is ultimately detrimental to our society. I feel I am more effective on the outside. I probably wouldn't last long in that environment, so I am now seeking ways to spread my knowledge..... and so here I am.
Thanks for the work. You got a witness.


Thanks, and thanks for the support ;) The corruption and perversion in the art world is a shame to culture.

This shit definitely needs exposure so thank you for this post. I’ve been looking in to this shit for a while and there is to many coincidences for it to be bullshit in my opinion. It really sucks how this topic is mocked and ridiculed by a lot of the general public , mainstream media but you know what ? More and more people are slowly but surely becoming aware , I just hope in my life time an end will come to all this disturbing behaviour and these oxygen theiving scum bags will be brought to justice.


Sadly, it's been going on for centuries and probably millennia, so the likelihood of it ending in our lifetimes isn't too great considering most people don't want to look at the negative in reality and just want to be happy, have fun, follow their bliss, and laugh at easy going posts, jokes or memes.

Damn they are proud of this crap. There was a time (when I was a child) they would have hidden all of this crap and trembled at being caught, now they are proud of others knowing. People need to start questioning the energy they are giving to these "celebrities" who are in as deep as the evil politicians and corporate leaders.


Yes, proud it does seem. Yeah, taboos are being cast down now in post-modern post-truth subjectivist relativist society where anything goes. There are even people in the world who advocate for cannibalism.

I am aware of this activity but I just find it so sick. It may be possible that these things were going on before the great flood of Noah and we are returning to how it was then. It just is so wrong. Thanks for sharing the truth @krnel


Yeah, whether things were actually like that, the symbolism of the stories is something to head and understand. Hedonism and sexual perversions is a downfall of a society from a fallen state of consciousness/being.

I find these things really really disturbing.. It disgusts me everytime I read a post like that this that exposes these twisted minds.. That art of those children may be the worst, I mean how can a normal person like this.. It's good that you raise awareness for these matters though.. you did a great job on this post!


Yes, it's disturbing. Most ppl don't even know about it, or won't look into it if they are told about it. I'm glad more ppl get to see it when I post about ;) Thanks!

These disgusting psychos make me sick!!! So you need to be a psychopathic weirdo in order to ''succeed'' in Hollywood? Screw that, I'd rather be a normal person and make fun of them! But seriously, these pictures and videos are raising some questions, not to mention those Podesta emails.

Isn't it funny how all of those people are still roaming free after those emails were leaked? And nobody seems to care about it. We are doomed.


Well it's not conclusive evidence, and they have the power to squirm away and escape further scrutiny.

Oh boy what a great post @krnel ! These people are Sick and Evil and they disgust me really !How anybody could attend such an event where people socialise and make small talk while sharing and enjoying a slice of human cake is just so beyonf me !! Sick is the only World !


It is indeed sick. And many don't get it. Like one commenter here who thinks "who are you" to judge what people do sexually or for entertainment... lol. Lower consciousness behavior being excused as acceptable...


Yeah these bottom feeders that are coming up into our waters from the darker depths are looking to push their agenda and sexual deviancey, to normalise it to the point that if you are and rightly so offended by this weird behaviour and do not want to accept it ever as being normal then you are immediately open to their wrath and abuse for not being somehow not " cool " or hip " to this slippery slope to which they they seem intent on pushing us all ! I am glad that you like me see this and are doing your best to confront this evil in its lair @krnel ! )

This is some creepy disturbing shit. These people have a lot of sickness in them.
I don’t know if you’re interested but there’s someone on here that talks a lot about ritualistic histories and their significance. He just wrote a great post this week about it, @perceptualflaws


Yup, I already follow them;)


Oh that’s great! I love his posts they are complete mind breakers!

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Shit is wild dude. I feel confident that those energies are fading away but it's pretty psychotic what you have described

Posted using Partiko Android


Where does the confidence come from?


I know my personal conviction is fierce about choosing love over fear. I see the same conviction in others AND I've read that the shift of 2012 was the culmination (critical positive mass) of the end of the war ... Good over bed

Posted using Partiko Android


I hope so... but my big picture analysis opinion is we are still just scratching the surface of the twisted ness as we get more & more info of how the most influential people spend their time.

But yes love & self sacrifice over fear can make a difference I think


I think while the publicness of this information is still "lacking", they power they have is steadily declining

Posted using Partiko Android

This is so gross and disturbing. I knew they existed. But I didn't think they would actually indulge in such chaotic and archaic practices, and still literally lick the spoon! This is like paganism jeez!

Well done! Some new info for me as well. Resteeming. Also, side note......what's up with wearing lab coats at these dinners?


Thanks ;) Yeah, I dunno what the lab coats symbolizes. Maybe that they are the elite scientists and the bodies are of the lower caste they get to do with as they wish like scientists do with innocent non human animals in labs...

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Some humans are just mentally unbalanced.

What an absolute crock of shite.

  1. Why mention the Illuminati at the beginning? Was the purpose simply to plant the seed of an idea in the readers kind to influence them before you started writing? None of this article has anything to do with the Illuminati so why start with a complete fabrication and lie?

The Illuminati is a famous term used to refer to a group of people doing dark or secretive things. It's sort of a default catch-all term to try to apply a label to some twisted or immoral things being done by a group of people. Dark, secretive or perverse behavior being engaged in by certain individuals as part of a group often gets attributed to the "Illuminati", whether they are actually part of that or not.
Completely and utterly wrong!

Secondly and even bigger error. Why do you make a false assumption that this sort of behaviour is engaged in by 'the elite'? You make no attempt to define your version of 'the elite' and just make massive assumptions and correlate bad behaviour to a group you haven't defined! Are the majority non-elite above such behaviour? You have no more idea than I.
As for sexual behaviour between consenting adults. Who are you to decide whats right and wrong? I simply respect your right to not tell us your sexual preferences, and even if you did, not for me to judge.....but yet you judge others. Hypocritical no?

Whilst I personally find the content distasteful, and the artist who draws pics of kids disgusting, I cannot see how you have come to such conclusions. Each to their own, Im sure you have habits or interests that others find disgusting.
Seriously, fake news and unobjective conjecture.


Secret societies is the relevance, and that's the big one a lot of people know about as typical "conspiracy" bs, and it's the reference used for the Angeline Jolie clip. Anyone can judge anything, just like you are now. Don't be hypocritical yourself by telling me I can't judge when you judge what I judge lmao. You seem quite angry. Have a good one.