Corruption - lies and deceipt, courtesy of wikileaks files.

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I had a good sniff around Wikileaks, and came away with a lot more information than I expected.

The whole aim was to join in with the #deepdives effort, and I wanted to provide help, though I am not 100% sure this qualifies, all the same it would seem to me, that this deserves to be locked in on the blockchain for future researchers to find, should they wish.
I started off reading emails with regards to the usual suspects like Podesta & Hillary Clinton, though thought others would do the same, and I wanted to add something original, so here it is below.


The world sports alliance.

It sounds very sporty yes? now try to use your preferred search engine and look at the results, it looks squeaky clean to me, nothing bad, no scandals and nothing to report, just a nice clean sports body, funded by governments, that does great things to promote "sport" yes? wrong!.

Here is the quote from their website below.

World Sports Alliance IGO, was created as a result of a global public-private initiative in partnership with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), and whose global mission is to promote sports as a means of diplomacy, socio-economic mobility, human development, education and training for the roughly 530 Million people that make up the citizens of its 33 member states. World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization executes its global mission in furtherance and in full support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG's) AKA the "Global Goals".
Source to their website here


Now allow me to show you the Wikileaks quote with regards to them. I want you also to note that Wikileaks has a 100% success rate with regards to being correct and factual.

The World Sports Alliance (WSA): how the UN was indirectly implicated in a mining corruption scheme

These documents show the schemes used by a fake international organisation supported by the UN and numerous states in order to corrupt local elites and steal the natural resources of impoverished states and their populations.

Make sure you are comfortable with going on the site before clicking to go on Wikileaks, we are all traceable plus dispensable.
Source to this information on Wikileaks here


Toxic waste and profits.

I have spent 6 days on and off, going through all the files Wikileaks presents, a lot of them I had to use translate with also, they are damming evidence against this so called "sports alliance". The evidence is 100% in Wikileaks favour, and due to plagiarism rules I can not put the documents on here, you can though click the link above and have a look for yourself.
Corporations with the help of this organisation are raping poorer nations, not only that they are also poisoning the local water, and leaving behind toxic waste - cleaning up your own mess costs money, that these corporations do not want to spend.

If you do not want to go on wiki that is fine, so now allow me to do a breakdown of the files on there, bear in mind though this, the name of the organisation is the world sports alliance, so we would expect them to be promoting sport yes? So here goes.
WSA stands for world sports alliance.

1 WSA-CAR agreement on biofertilisers (fertilizers)
2 Electricity agreement between CAR State and WSA (energy rights)
3 Framework convention between WSA and the Central African Republic Ministry for Foreign Affairs (mining rights)
4 Framework convention between the World Sports Alliance and the Central African Republic (mining)
5 WSA-CAR agreement on infrastructure constructions (framework for corporations to mine)
6 CAR President permit for mining exploration (mining)
7 Ministerial note on the WSA-CAR agreements
8 WSA intermediation agreement (mining rights)
9 2013 CAR Presidential Permit given to WSA 1 (mining rights)
10 2013 CAR Presidential Permit given to WSA 2 (and again mining rights)



From gold to diamonds and everything in between, this organisation has its sticky little fingers in all the pies, also they have nothing to do with sports, sure maybe they put the odd bit of grass down on the floor, and maybe some goal posts and call it a football pitch, they say they do anyway, I found zero evidence of that though, but I found plenty of evidence/factual in paper form showing they are corrupt, deceitful and damaging Africa and other places, by leaving behind their poisons, their toxins, their radiation and polluted water, with not a care in the world via bribing other government officials.

I can not show you any links via MSM presstitues, as there are none, I can though leave you with a quote on Wikileaks.

Corruption and legal violations in the Central African Republic mining sector: international list of companies responsible

This list shows in a very efficient way which companies intervene in the mining sector in CAR and how most of them violate their obligations toward the state, having corrupted its officials through "bonuses", paid most of the time in cash.

Allow me to add the few links I found on the clearweb

They are even in the crypto coin game now, where is the sport in that?

Deliberators verdict = Guilty as sin. (intergovernmental corruption inc would be a more fitting name)

Have a fantastic week, till the next time.

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Images courtesy of pixabay.


WSA = World Scam Alliance.

totally agreed 100%.

Lock them all up!!

This was the socialists and Globalists plan for the United States. The plan was to breakdown society and steal the resources. The Uranium One deal was just the tip of the iceberg.

I think they are succeeding also, and the 200 trillion $ debt is only going to increase also, maybe time to end that fed?.

Nice work deliberator. This is the framework and model used globally, just like John Perkins describes in The Economic Hitman documentary.

Indeed and thanks for the kind words, have a great week my friend.

Excellent stuff. Sadly, this is yet another example of United Nations body with very dirty fingers in corrupt pies. During the Kosovo conflict the United Nations High commission For Refugees (UNHCR) worked with the Islamic Relief Organisation of Saudi Arabia (IIROSA.) One of IIROSA's leading representatives was Muhammed al Zawahiri (the brother of al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri.) UNHCR supposedly worked to tackle human trafficking and modern slavery (often working with young women and children trafficked for sexual exploitation.) They set up a slush fund called the United Nations Mission In Kosovo (UNMIK). Funds from UNMIK were diverted to Albanian Mafia organisations who were child and women trafficking.

According to the testimony of Ralf Mutschke (the Assistant Director of the Criminal Intelligence Directorate International Criminal Police Organization) UNHCR money, via UNMIK, was being used to fund human trafficking and drug smuggling. IIROSA were also involved with money almost certainly being diverted to fund terrorism.

The U.N certainly appears to have some very dark secrets.

Thanks for the post. Upvoted and Resteemed.

Superb information thank you, this gives me something to research. Have a superb week.

Great work my friend and congratulations on your 3rd place .. so glad that you're starting to see all your hard work pay off and that you're getting recognised for your efforts and uplifting attitude. You're a top man @deliberator and a credit to the platform!

Oh man, you have no idea how good that feels hearing that from you, thank you my friend thank you, one day buddy we will have a few beers together in the sunshine, and the beers are on me.

No problem dude .. I only give credit where it's due, but I'll take you up on those beers ;)

Damn, that's me in the hole for 20 quid. :-)

Looks a bit like reward pool mining

Indeed though on a much larger scale my friend.

Dear “Deliberator”,

The only corruption, lies and deceit on this post is you spreading fake news. I am the Treasurer of the World Sports Alliance. Notice I go by my real name on here and I dare you to do the same. I might get attacked as a result of this post, but I am not afraid because I have the truth and real facts on my side.

It’s unreal that people are actually congratulating you for spreading fake news courtesy of Wikileaks, whose leader is currently under indictment and has been hiding in an Ecuadorian embassy in London for how many years? Great sources you have there…

The sad thing is that you probably feel like you stumbled upon Al Capone’s vault and just like Geraldo Rivera, you opened a cryptic vault of emptiness. I was not with the organization when any of these contracts were signed, but I can tell you that NO MONEY EVER EXCHANGED HANDS. NOT ONE DOLLAR OF VALUE WAS EVER EXTRACTED. The President of World Sports Alliance went looking for money to finance the organization and this is what he came away with; contracts to finance minerals in war torn countries, that traditional western banks are very reluctant to touch. Why would he do that? NEWSFLASH: BECAUSE SPORTS PROGRAMS COST MONEY! Did it ever occur that there are other people who wanted those mining concessions and spread lies to stop WSA from doing those deals?

People who spread rumors and inuendo based upon Wikileaks false interpretation of these contracts, that you probably did not read and/or probably did not understand, make financing these things even harder. Did you read the part where we hire local? Or that the Govt. receives 45%-80% of any projects we participate into, in addition to tax revenues and job creation? Or that our organization is committed to sustainable practices and the environment? Your contribution helped people alright: to starve who WSA might have helped without this negative dribble on the internet. In the meantime, Chinese national companies continue to take over Africa, while leaving nothing behind except dirtying of the environment. They bring prison labor as opposed to hiring local and have no problem bribing people to get their way. Write about that!

Our organization was formed as a socio-economic mobility tool in partnership with UN-DESA, meaning our mission is to bring jobs and opportunity to people who have little to none. We use sports programs as a means to do this and have no official mandate as to how we do this. We also receive no funding from our member states. In order to finance the organization, we have to do Private-Public Partnerships and oftentimes we get the deals that NO ONE REALLY WANTS. One of the main challenges in legitimately financing assets in Africa are “fake news” articles like the ones you are promoting here. What bank or investor wants to be associated with anything negative? Answer: NONE.

In the last 2 years, despite all of the BS floating on the internet, I finally started to gain some traction and we are starting to finance the organization using solar energy farms. This is in line with our commitment to sustainability as per our charter, where we are officially committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I personally worked for over a year, 12-16 hour days, with NO SALARY and even now the organization cannot afford to pay me what I am owed. This comes at a time when my wife and I have a newborn and my personal finances have suffered, but I believe in the mission, so I continue. The founding President of this organization is out his life savings of USD $10 Million and ruined himself financially because he believes in our mission. As we start to receive funds, you will see us do more for young people and the environment than anyone has ever done in the history of the world. And what have you done lately besides copy and paste false facts?

Before you go on the internet, and recycle garbage, you should really do your homework. Feel free to call me, as I am 100% visible on the internet, unlike some of the “crusaders” who think they are speaking truth to power, but really have no idea what the hell they are talking about. Myself and my member states, the majority of whom are locked out of traditional western sources of financing, thank you in advance.

Also, to any other would be “sleuths”, as I am now part of the organization, prepare to be properly sued if you decide to damage my organization with fake news because at a point, real people are being hurt. The only reason it has not happened to date is that we have not had the money; however, that is about to change.

On that note I ask any/all of you again, what sacrifices have you made for Africa lately? Poor people? Youth in general? Feel free to let me know because if you are sincere, we would love to hear from you and collaborate. As for the rest, I leave you to your important works, while hiding behind your keyboards. I would gladly debate any of you in real time and we can stream the broadcast on social media, so long as we can know your real identity. Deliberate that....

Best regards,

Asa Saint Clair
World Sports Alliance IGO

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