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Deep Dives Research Challenge - Wikileaks Archive

At the time of posting, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been hospitalized inside Belmarsh prison and his health is steadily deteriorating. He faces extradition to the United States to face espionage charges and faces a 175 years prison sentence.

This brings us to to Deep Dives #15 and it's now more important than ever to dig deep into the material Wikileaks has made public. Deep Dives has previously hosted seven research challenges into the organization's archive and has uncovered a wide range of underreported articles thanks to Wikileaks.

It's time to get back to digging in the vaults and back to building an immutable collection of research on chain.

As is customary at #deepdives we're returning to the mountainous collection that makes up the Wikileaks archive. Arguably the most trusted publicly available archive and one of the largest collections of raw government documents, files, emails, and cables anywhere across the internet.

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“WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote them and we obtain more.”

- Julian Assange

Der Spiegel

  • The Wikileaks archive contains well over 10 million documents
  • Wikileaks Docs have been cited in over 28,000 academic papers and US court filings

The Wikileaks Index

Back in late 2016, Wikileaks revealed the existence of a little-known index that combines onsite and offsite resources relating to Wikileaks material. This invaluable tool helps make the mammoth amount of documents available on the Wikileaks website more accessible and systematic.

Index of  file .png

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Always Exercise Caution

When engaging in research of government websites, intelligence agencies and whistleblower sites, such as Wikileaks, we strongly urge you to take all necessary precautions.

We recommend that you take the time to properly explore available privacy tools and VPNs.

Check out the inaugural Deep Dives Challenge for tips on protecting yourself, here.


The Wikileaks Archive Challenge

  • Search the Wikileaks archive at or
  • Find an overlooked, underrated, underreported or obscure leak/ email/ cable/document/ court filing on a topic that interests you.
  • Build a post around your findings
  • Provide additional sources to make your case and strengthen your position
  • Explain the significance of the leak and why it’s an important piece of news that should be communicated to the public.

    If you’re having trouble finding a focus, begin with a person, country or topic of interest such as; Clinton / Netanyahu / Gaddafi / Saudi Arabia / China / Chemical Weapons / Free Trade / Trafficking / etc.

You never know what will turn up!


  • Help spread the word, resteem this post
  • Limited to 2 contest entries per account
  • Submissions must be made in a separate post (not in the comments)
  • Submissions must be posted before the deadline (Monday, July 1st 2019, UTC 12.00.00PM)
  • This research challenge is open for three weeks
  • Use the lead tag “deepdives”
  • Your entry must include references to a document/documents found in the Wikileaks archive
  • Provide a link to the specific document or page
  • Make an attempt to keep your post concise and to the point
  • You may leave a link to your entry in the comments below

  • Please, do not plagiarize the work of others

Note: This round of Deep Dives is open for over three weeks. Also, contributors are allowed to make 2 entries during this extended challenge period!


The Winning Post Should

  • Meet the rules criteria
  • Winners will be announced 72hrs after the submission deadline
  • Well researched
  • Fully sourced
  • Clearly presented
  • Original Content (not widely reported on in the media)
  • Significance should be clearly articulated
  • 3 Outstanding contributions will be acknowledged


  • Liquid STEEM (or SBD) earned by the original contest post will make up the total rewards
  • Example: 100 STEEM – 1st place = 50% // 2nd = 30% // 3rd = 20%
  • Bonus @v4vapid & @ausbitbank upvotes and resteems for exceptional and/or original contributions
  • SP earned from challenge announcements and the winner’s announcements will go to the community account @deepdives


Those that do not ‘win’ should not view their work and efforts as being wasted. All submissions are valuable and will be contributing to building a body of research on the blockchain. We hope that contributors support each other’s efforts wherever possible whether by sharing tips, links or through constructive feedback to their fellow researchers.

Good luck and happy digging!

Deep Dives Community

DeeP DiveS 3C.jpg


Be sure to check out some of the great work done by Deep Dives contributors over the last several months. Past winners and contributors include:

@palikari123, @krnel, @geke, @bifiracoil, @thoughts-in-time, @direrat, @an0nkn0wledge, @gregorypatrick, @deliberator, @angryman, @elchacal6, @richq11, @tarazkp, @valued-customer, @v4vapid.

Deep Dives Aims

  • Promote original content
  • Promote investigative journalism
  • Promote focused and quality research
  • Encourage community engagement
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork
  • Recognize and reward high quality original content

    Over time, Deep Dives aims to build a repository of high quality research and original content preserved on the blockchain.

    We hope you join us in building this unique resource.
    It truly is a community effort and your exceptional contributions are what fuels this project.

    DD Index 6.jpg

    Deep Dives Index - The Best of Deep Dives #1- #10

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Another exciting opportunity for those interested in research projects, with a desire to enlighten fellow citizens to realities that all to often remain intentionally hidden by malevolent individuals holding such power, in an attempt to keep the masses dumbed-down.

Best of luck with this new research challenge @DeepDives ; re-steemed with pleasure.

Curated for #informationwar (by @thoughts-in-time)

Ways you can help the @informationwar!

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Our project is intended to bring true Proof of Brain rewards to Steem journalists that provide quality content. So, we believe that your initiative qualifies for our support.

We have sent 10,000 Hobo tokens to the @deepdives account for your team to distribute to the winners. Distribution can be offered according to your 100 STEEM reward rates, 50% to the 1st place, 30% to the second place and 20% to the 3rd place.

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