Dead Followers is operational again! And... Now it's ded :(

in deadfollowers •  10 months ago

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.47.05 PM.png

EDIT: It looks like these changes have introduced some bugs depending on your browser. It is likely that this version will be retired as it really doesn't hold that much value in its current form.

I may create a follow-up application with a more robust feature set in the future.

Original Post

A few helpful Steemians informed me this week that my Dead Followers tool was in fact, dead itself 💀. A quick investigation revealed that Team Steemit has made some changes...

- Last chance to update - will be retired on January 6

And SteemJS, which is a Dead Followers dependency, has not updated their codebase to the new endpoint. I attempted to use the new endpoint with no luck, so I switched to @privex's server at Thanks @privex.

Everything should be operational at this point in time; however, it may take awhile to load your stats if you have a large number of followers. Please let me know if you encounter any errors.


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Thank you for letting us know!
I was just (trying) to make a comment on your reply (under the previous post), but it seems the "fixed" vanish with unfixed. - LOL - 😁
However, I'm eagerly looking forward to that new version with more features!

I forgot to say that I almost fell down in laughter when I read:

...Steemians informed me this week that my Dead Followers tool was in fact, dead itself .

I like when people are able to approach the problem from ironical funny aspect!


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Hey Brian :)
I'm glad you're back. I've tried that tool of yours last week and it didn't work. Now it works but it shows me 101 followers, according to steemit and busy I have over 425.
Will you fix that or you're scraping the project? It could be useful in checking if you follow some unused accounts.

Take care! Cheers!


I may do a new version with more features. This one has outlived its usefulness


I'm looking forward to see and use it :)
Will be checking out your posts for updates.

The steemjs issue actually brought down a lot of sites. Thank God you noticed early. Steemsql by @arcange is beginning to look like a more stable alternative.

Glad you're working on it @mynameisbrian . Just tested. Shows me 95 followers total and 95 True followers
@camb on Steemit shows 473 followers.

The buttons to narrow down the results by month doesn't seem to do anything on firefox desktop.


Yea it's f'ed pretty good now, but still working on Chrome63. Will probably be taking the site down within the next couple weeks.


Glad it is back - think some tech issues on the entire blockchain here- steemvoter f'ed, Steemworld and others lol - but will check again tomorrow


I can't find away to undelegate steem. Everything from Steemconnect to Steemworld is giving me errors. wondering if others are having the same trouble or is it just me?


Not without a replacement please :)

I have 90 followers but on the site shows 50 followers.



Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.18.35 PM.png

What is your Internet speed? Perhaps the data fetch timed out.
EDIT: Scratch that question. Seems to be a mobile issue as I am reproducing on my phone.

EDIT 2: Looks like these changes have introduced some bugs on various browsers. It is likely that this project will be retired as it really doesn't hold that much value.

Hello @mynameisbrian, this tool is so awesome really ! Its not working my side at the moment but hope it will come back online soon ! Please keep this great tool up and running ))

thats good news to work it again hope it will be work better now always

wow thanx for againg operational i was check it some days ago but not worked so i thinked maybe it was dead itself for always but thanx to for make it operational again and now we check easily @mynameisbrian


ohhh but it is not working i entred my name but click button not press still

Yes, I also had to do the same with my tool: updates on steem activity.
Good to see you again :)

Thank you very much dear friend @mynameisbrian for your work and dedication, congratulations for the implementation, now I'm going to try
I wish you a wonderful weekend

great job with that tool, man (though it doesn't work now, but it doesn't matter now)

It would be way more useful if there will be possibility to unfollow all the dead ones

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I have close to a 1000 followers and i have let it load for over an hour now with no luck.. im assuming it truly is dead now :/ to bad, i loved this tool!

Tanks alot

I have many falowar but all of them are dead no coment no reply no vote