Interesting cryptocurrency/blockchain applications.

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I selected the most interesting applications/services to use as a cryptocurrency enthousiast.

Steem applications:

(Use Steem on your mobile phone with this app and earn extra partiko points:)

(An alternate platform for steemit users:)

(Automatically share your social media posts to Steemit:)

(Get rewarded to stay fit!:)

(Get steem blockchain accounts in seconds with your creditcard:)

Steem blockchain games:

(Drugwars the online game build on Steem:)

(Play steemmonsters cardgame:)

(Steem social gambling game:)

Steem vote markets:

(Invest with Minnowbooster and earn steem:)

(Sell your voting power with smartsteem (Minnowbooster competitor):)

Cryptocurrency trading:

(Receive profitable trading idea's for free on our twitter page:)

(Want to become a (cryptocurrency) trader? This is my favorite book about trading:)

(This is my personal favorite crypto trading bot:)

Cryptocurrency exchanges:

(Our favorite cryptocurrency exchange:)

(Best exchange to trade btc options and futures with:)

(Buy crypto with your bankaccount:)

Hardware wallets:

(Protect yourself against hackers:)

Accounting software:

(Keep track of your cryptocurrency trades with this accounting software:)

Bounty hunting/airdrops:

(Become a Bounty Hunter:)

Cryptocurrency internet browser:

(Brave, download for free:)

Steem competitor:

(Use Publish0x and earn cryptocurrency:)


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Looking for some fun games to play on Steemit? Try your luck with Magicdice or Drugwars

DCLICK is a project aimed to connect Creators and Advertisers. The Creators can include an advertisement in their contents and receive the rewards based on content click. The Advertisers can promote their own content in DCLICK as well with almost no charge.

The Creators receive rewards from the clicks of links and views of clips from any blogs or movies via DCLICK. The producers receive more rewards compared to other platform and advertisers can promote with almost free of charge because of Token Economy.

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