Why Bounty0x is my favorite bounty hunting platform.

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What is crypto bounty hunting?

Bounty programs allow the participants to earn tokens in an ico by doing certain tasks. For many people it's a way to earn cryptocurrency without spending any money. 

These bounty programs can range from searching for bugs (whitehat hacking) to offering your assistance in getting an ico listed on exchanges. However, most bounties (on Bounty0x) are marketing related tasks where you have to write blog posts or make explainer videos. Popular social media platforms is another way to spread the word. 

The reward are based on how much engagement you get from the audience. So the more popular your marketing channels are, the more you get paid. 

Why do ico's organise bounty programs? 

There are a few reasons. 

The first reason is that most ico's don't have any money yet, since they still need to do the ico where they get funding. So by using the crowd and giving them a part of the funds when the ico is finished, they can get things done without having to finance it themselves out of their own pockets. 

Another reason is that you can leverage the crowd. A lot of people know about the ico just because of the bounty program.

Since they don't hire people they don't have to pay for insurance for their workers, etc.

Why i like the Bounty0x platform.

It's where all the action is taking place, a lot of new bounties are being added regularly. And most are pretty high quality in contrast to most other bounty hunting platforms. I also like their platform, it has a professional layout and works just great.

You can try out Bounty0x for free here:  https://beta.bounty0x.io/register?referral=effb68 

Some other alternative bounty hunting platforms are:

Blockchain software oriented bounties: http://gitcoin.co/
Bitcointalk forum bounties: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=238.0

Is it profitable to participate in crypto bounty programs? 

Yes, they are much more profitable than airdrops. But you have to be selective in what bounty programs you choose, not all are that interesting. Since you get paid out in their own token it's better to only accept bounties from ico's you believe have any future.

What is the BNTY token and is it a good investment? 

Bounty0x has it's own utility token called BNTY tokens. When you stake a certain amount of BNTY then you get a discount on their fees. 

If you are planning to participate in a lot of bounty programs, it might make sense to stake some BNTY.

Since interest in ico's has dwindled because of the bear market this cryptocurrency token has taken a serious beating. But i expect it to bounce back hard when bull market takes off again. Interest in ico's are correlated to the prices, because people tend to chase the price. 


Bounty0x simply rocks! Since I am bored with Signature campaigns, and retweeting posts on Twitter and Facebook. I enjoy joining their graphics design bounty.

Yes i also like the graphic design bounties. I use the software canva to design them, doesn't take much time.

Because it is FREE money.

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You can visit other Bounty platforms like: bountysuite, bounty.global ... They are also great

Bounty.global website is offline.

Checked out bountysuite and it looks good on first sight.

Yeah, I participated in bountysuite, great !!!

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