What's your opinion on the Brave browser? Do you use it regularly and why? ?

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I have both google chrome and brave browser on my desktop pc. Brave is by far the fastest and you don't have to look at "annoying" ads. The advantages are:

  • Faster than other browsers like chrome and firefox
  • Blocks ads by default and also cookies so it's more anonymous and secure. (Website's can't track your history)
  • Brave uses it's own cryptocurrency which users can use to tip content creators or you can get paid in brave tokens by watching ads.


  • Some website's don't work well with the build in adblocker because they have an anti adblocker installed or important bits of the code are blocked. But you can turn it off when necessary for a certain site.

You can download brave browser here for free and try it out:



I don't know brave browser.

You can always try it out for free, the link is in the post.

I'm using brave right now. It's fast and respects my privacy, and it comes with tor <3

Its quite fast and YouTube works well on this browser. No ads. The only thing I haven figured out is how to earn the brave tokens. Bat. Great browser. This is the next gen in browser tech.

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I use it and find it great for ad free browsing. Particularly youtube... Though it can be a bit buggy from time to time. Otherwise it's a good program. Not to sure about the concept behind it. I mean there is a need for a type of product like brave. But dunno about it's long term prospects. I do still own BAT though... just in case. ;)

There are more interesting investments than Bat imo. Monero for example because there is really a need/demands for an anonymous cryptocurrency and they have a competitive advantage. Or as something speculative i like BNTY (Bounty0x utility token). It got hit hard since interest in ico's fell but that interest will spark up again in next bullmarket, it's a very leveraged type of business.

Bat will probably just pump with all other coins in next bullmarket since it's all so correlated.
Long term crypto is just bound to pump because macro economically speaking we will start to see stagflation in the next few years.

But really the best thing is not speculate, just trade the price action. Ta is more accurate than Fa by far, especially in something like crypto. Fundamentals doesn't matter that much, it's all about speculation.

Fundamentals make you smarter, technicals make you richer.

I don't use it because a lot of thing don't work and I hate the user interface!

I use it daily on my work, home laptop and android phone. I have no reason to change. As noted some websites dont work and I use chrome.

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Brave is the best browser.

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Brave is awesome, clean, fast and private.

looking forward to try this browser!