What is your favorite crypto exchange?

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I like Binance and Bitfinex for different reasons, it depends what the purpose is.



  • A lot of coins are listed on Binance which gives you much choice.
  • Low fees.
  • Has a mobile app for smartphone or tablet that works very well.
  • Easy to use interface with added functionalities and because of the big volumes there is a lot of liquidity.
  • Anonymity is possible.  (In some cases they require KYC)


  • You can't go short on cryptocurrency. 
  • Doesn't support deposits in fiat. 
  • Trading platform can be slow responding sometimes.

You can open an account on Binance for free or request more information here: https://www.binance.com/?ref=35004361 



  • You can margin trade and go short, which makes it a good exchange for traders.
  • Professional trading platform with a lot of volume.
  • Anonymity is possible. (In some cases they require KYC)
  • Many payment options, fiat is also accepted.


  • Was hacked in 2016 so the security may be questionable.
  • The company Bitfinex is behind the stablecoin Tether which is very controversial in the cryptocurrency world. 

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Hmmmm... What Exchange I use ... :) I think there are lot what I can use :)
But so war I use this Anycoindirect ( https://anycoindirect.eu/en ) this works for me good and it is also very fast in the Europa ( less than 24 hours and the money is in my hand ) . I'm not a professional to say that I know all things... But I can say I can also exchange coins and take money out, small money where I not need give my ID . Every week max 3000 euros in one month 12000 euros max.
I think this is very good.

I also use anycoindirect and i like it very much. But it's not really an exchange, it's more to buy cryptocurrency with fiat. On Binance you can trade cryptocurrency pairs, which you can't to on anycoindirect. Most of the time i first buy on anycoindirect and then transfer to my cold wallet or when i want to trade with it to an exchange.

Quite possible ...as i said I'm not a professional :) I have just buy and sell there also what money, it is very wast :) ... and they now have a trading page also ... but I have not 100% looked in it jet .

Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @niel96
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