5 Steem Applications To Pay Attention To In The Next 6 Months

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Steem has made a splash two years ago by paying its user millions of dollars. Back then, people were not making the distinction between Steem (the blockchain) and the website Steemit.com (the minimum viable product to showcase it).

But times have changed. After 19 hardforks, a bunch of fixes and improvements turn this blockchain into a powerhouse for people who simply want to build a web interface...and those applications go way beyond the social media space.

Now, the launch date of Smart Media Tokens have been announced and the coming months will be most interesting. It will give the opportunity to some of those projects to spread their wings, launch ICOs, create their own token economy and more.

Here are the top 5 projects, in my humble opinion, that are worth paying attention to in the coming months.

D.Tube & D.live

Even thou those two are competitors, I've decided to bunch them together. They are two great projects that compete directly with Youtube by offering a different way to monetize content....and in the case of D.tube, offers decentralized storage through IPFS. These two projects are well established and they are here to stay. They both have a good base of users and keep on getting better day by day.

But their development is limited until SMTs open up new possibilities for growth.

What if you could own a piece of Youtube or Twitch when they were one year in business?


SteemMonsters is a fully decentralized, digital collectible trading card game. Contrary to popular belief, Steem is not only for social media...it can do decentralized markets, asset management and more...all of that with 3 secs transactions and zero-fees.

They are currently running a Kickstarter that I fully intend to participate in myself. Imagine, being able to earn $ by playing a card game on the internet! Some people made the comparison with CryptoKitties(build on Ethereum) but to be honest, it's not even comparable when you consider the rich user experience SteemMonsters provides.

The future is very bright for this game and I'm looking forward to seeing the fighting engine once it comes online.


SteemPress - WordPress Plugin

What if you could blog and interact with the Steem blockchain directly from your Wordpress website? This is what SteemPress does and it is about to get MUCH better. Within the next few months, a full 2-way integration between the Steem blockchain and Wordpress will be achieved. Allowing people to upvote posts and comments directly from Wordpress will be a major leap forward. This is a necessary step for Steem to become the token layer of the content internet.

This is definitely a project to keep an eye on in the coming weeks and months.

UA - User Authority

User Authority - Steem UA logo

This project is not quite like the other. User Authority was first designed so that it could be implemented at the blockchain level but since it would require a hardfork and that hardforks take a long time to prepare and launch, they've decided to bootstrap it so that people can opt-in voluntarily. Their strategy for adoption was to invite people to delegate in exchange for upvotes on their content based on their UA score. (you can know yours here)

UA is a reputation metric that aims to define, without identity verification, who is a real user and who is not. It also allows people to know who people are paying attention to. I won't go into the nitty-gritty details of it but you can do so here. The use-cases are vast going from creating lists for airdrops, generating alternative trending feeds, generate blacklist of spammers and bots and so on.

The Steem community seems enthusiastic about it's potential and so far they have around 600 users and over 350,000 SteemPower delegated to it. It will be interesting to see what else can be done with this metric as it is quite a new project.



This might be a little self-serving since I am a part of this project and it has yet to be released. BUT, I believe I would be as enthused by it even if I wasn't a part of it 😛. TokenBB is a plugin that will allow people to run their own Steem-Powered Forums on Wordpress. It will have all the normal UI of a forum but with the ability for people to upvote each other's comments and threads.

One thing that Steem has been lacking is the ability to create communities. Now, people will be able to bootstrap their own community by creating incentives with token rewards as well as effectively moderate for spam and abuse...which is impossible for now on the other interfaces. You can sign-in to the TokenBB website to be notified when the first version will be online.


Which Steem projects do you believe we should pay attention to in the next 6 months? Let us know if the comment box below.

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@cryptoctopus, You forgot @steemhunt!

I accept @dlive, @dtube are awesome, But @steemhunt is also doing amazing work, It is rewarding people on the daily basis, according to their hunt level. You can check my wall or visit #steemhunt.com.


you are right! I didn't dig into SteemHunt...I will write about them in my next blogpost :-)


Looking forward to seeing it mate ;) @cryptoctopus.


I literally scrolled into the comments to make this exact same statement. Well done.


Thank you bro.


@abdulmanan, I will also check what @steemhunt is about.

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Yep, Go ahead, I'm sure you would love it.


Then there is musing.io as well and also utopian too brro...dlike have also started to reward its user. And more to add esteem mobile too...so today every dapps has started to make their own rewarding program to pull the user.
If one want and have time to write many posts then using all the dapps one can easily maky 10-15$ in a day only by using them

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Let's tokenize and monetize the entire internet and world. The world will never be the same again!


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You're missing a very important app in this list: @steepshot. They're aiming to take on Instagram with a mobile app that lets users upload photos right from their phone in a simple, clean user interface. Definitely worth checking out.

Oh, and I've been using dLive for the last 3 months. This is the streaming alternative I've been looking for.

I like dlive and steemmonsters, but steemhunt is something which has really gained so much popularity in recent times and really a great one for all levels of people in steemit. I can even say that for minnows it is a life line and the user interface is much much simple and user friendly.

Watch out for @actifit.

It is an application that pays people to move (exercise). People are already earning tokens even though it is not a released token yet (going to be a SMT) similar to @steemhunt.

The developer is planning on integrating the app into Fitbit and Samsung fitness devices, the former which has 25M already on the market.

This has huge potential not only within the STEEM community but also outside of it. They just released their IOS version to go with the android.

To me, this separates it from the rest in that it is not an interface to post on steem which appeals to content creators. This is an app that can appeal to anyone who moves. The posting on STEEM is only a verification for people to receive their AFIT tokens (and earn STEEM along with it).


Thank you for the @actifit information.

Nice post, but what I really love to see is all the comments pointing out other amazing Steem applications that you forgot!
This is not a criticism, its a testimony to how many great things are happening on Steem.

I haven't heard about TokenBB so thanks for mentioning it.

Since it works with wordpress, is there a chance of joining those features with Steempress?

With Steempress you mentioned:

Allowing people to upvote posts and comments directly from Wordpress

and with TokenBB you said this:

with the ability for people to upvote each other's comments and threads.

That particular feature is the same right?


Interested in knowing the answer to this as well, as I was wondering the same thing.

TokenBB sound very interesting

Hi @cryptoctopus
I will like to recommend @actifit . When you get a chance please check them out.

Hi crytoctopus. I have delegated to steem-ua as I do believe in this project. Early days but very positive reaction all round. I downloaded @actifit the other day and think this one could start doing well and become very popular.

I believe Dtube has a big chance to become very popular on the list of those projects! Also, I started to use Steempress myself and is a great plugin on Wordpress.

You should add Actifit on the list of the potential project!

Another up and coming DApp is @steemgg, a platform built for independent game devs and casual gamers utilising the STEEM blockchain for rewards.

@steemgg has just finished a game jam working with @steemmonsters, spreading the word of STEEM to the wider gaming community. More functionalities will implemented and more events will be rolled out in the near future to bring more game dev and gamers onto STEEM to build a strong community here on this amazing blockchain framework.

All great projects, I believe this is just the beginning and lots of awesome projects will come along next year :)

I would add @oracle-d to this list!

Haha the self promotion though xD.


I think the next 6 months will be very interesting to watch @oracle-d - must be one of the only projects actually working outside of the immediate audience and trying to bring new money into the Steem blockchain.

The steem ecosystem is growing largely and I think that all of this will come to a massive explosion once the content on steemit becomes more easily accessible and viral, who's gonna do it first.

The steem ecosystem is growing largely and I think that all of this will come to a massive explosion once the content on steemit becomes more easily accessible and viral, who's gonna do it first?

I'm excited about both Steempress and TokenBB. I could see a lot of benefit from both of those. Thanks for sharing!

I'm 100 Percent agree with you sir, these are really helping many to change their life for good, They upvote user content to encourage them make more contest, I don't know much about steemmonster, but people are saying it's very interesting. thank you for sharing this apps.

How about the other dApp such as the Air-clinic, steemhunt, DLike and other dApp r
On steem blockchain.

Better keep an eye out for @steempeak as well. Lots of new features coming out. ;)

Wonderful man. I was away from steem for a bit and since I got back I have been trying to educate myself on what has happened in that time. And wow things have developed insanely fast. That is why I love this blockchain. There is so much development and improvement happening so fast that is why I want to stick with it. Thanks for the informing post. This has helped me get back up to date.

I think there are a few more to look out for.

@steempeak @chibera @steemhunt

I was like.... i havent heard about tokenbb yet lololpl and then i kept reading. ;) but i have to agree it sounds like a very interesting tool :)

Well to me I'll stick to steem-ua.. You saw how enthused I was with this initiative in my last comment on your thread were you explained why you delegated 10k dsp and verily I say after you increased it to 50k dsp I was certain.. This is the steem application to look up to.

Have a good evening sir-octopus🦑

I like @steem-ua because it seems it is trying to take care of the forgotten people in the platform and give them life, thereby making the whole steemit community active.

TokenBB & SteemPress are game changers!

@partiko ,all the way to promote Steemit is by using a apps over smartphones plus they did so many things right. Wallet will be added soon to have a better experiences!!

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Thank you for mentioning us!

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Yea. I just started using partiko a while back. The app is smooth as silk. Still got a few kinks with loading some profile pictures, wallet, multiple pictures, but like you said, they're working on all that. I ditched Steepshot for partiko, and hardly get on Steemit.com since I got the app.

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LOL, steemit is still my favorite though. On mobile is quite hard to spot the posts I am looking for. Smooth is the key otherwise, we're going back the age of 56K...

@cryptoctopus, I am a Dtuber, so, definitely #DTube. Also, I do like the idea behind Steem Press and UA.

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These are definitely some of my favorite steem dapps. I am determined to start using dlive sometime soon. I'll take this as extra encouragement.

Today, every dapps is rewarding its user...each of them try to pull as many user they want through rewarding program. Musing.,dlike,esteem,steemhunt, utopian-io.....anyone can accumulate enough just having post made from these

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I’m pretty sure Dlive will do very good, much better than Dtube.

i dont know but i think i would switch to new blockchain site becuase now steemit just a bot site.

Nice! This is a solid list of applications. It's gonna be so interesting to see how SMTs change everything. I'm excited for what the blockchain will look like in 6 months!

Still have to see the dlive and dtube..
very soon will use them..

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My favourite is Dlive, they are really trying..

@steem-ua looks very promising where as uve said a lot are excited about. Suffice to say am one of the delegators.
First time to hear about tokenbb...will watch this one. Cheers!

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can’t wait to see that tokenbb project develop more!!!

but great picks sir. completely agree. these projects are really going to help adoption and spread the word about steem.

huge fan of each of them and starting to really pay attention to steem monsters. :)

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Great info man thanks for sharing !!

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Please help me about how to generate money on steemit... can u please bring some votes on my posts i will be thankful to you

Good post. Re: Steempress. For those using an easy wordpress.com site, it's still about $20 a month to be able to install plug-ins. If you're sure you can make this on your blog, then it's no problem!

@merlin7 can you please stop spamming me !

It's such exciting times on Steem right now. But a lot is riding on SMTs launching, and I hope & pray we don't just slip past the latest projected release date with nothing concrete to show for it.

At the moment I'm really excited by UA, actifit and appics, but DTube and steemhunt get honourable mentions. It's hard to keep up with all the developments going on, and this will likely increase over time.

All of these are/will become fantastic projects! Thanks or spreading the word!

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I'm new to Steemit. I started fallowing you after seeing you on YouTube and wanted to say thanks for the great post.

I love and prefer dtube. Though other apps are great to.

I see a lot of people talking about UA, sounds interesting...

There are so many projects now. I've been playing with @letseat for restaurant reviews. I know there are other apps doing a similar thing. One issue with these is the 7 day payout as they can be useful for much longer. I wonder if there will be ways to encourage such long-term data.

thanks again @cryptoctopus for highlights like this. I've linked to this post on my site adespress.blog

It's a nice post but once again I see a Steemian who forgot to make a distinction between free and not free (an app that takes some of your reward via beneficiaries is not and never will be a free app) and that makes me sad.

In my opinion, the difference is just huge and enough important to mention it. One side we have people who give a lot to the community and in other hand we have people doing business, I have no problem with that when it's clear when talking about this. I'm more for transparency like the post I did a month ago to compare Steem's frontends because for most of projects, they not clear about this and I think it's our responsability when we talking about their project to give this information ;)