The Great Bison Spirit and the Dakota Access Pipeline

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I have gone on vision quest after vision quest, meditated, and fasted for days looking for solutions to help my tribe, and my brothers and sisters protecting the water, earth, and air at Standing Rock by protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The DAPL is a pipeline which was supposed to run north of Bismarck until it was deemed too dangerous for their water supply. As a result, it was moved just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on sacred grounds. These grounds are the tribe's equivalent of the Arlington Cemetery. I have visited both of these sacred sites and will tell you they are one in the same. Not only that, but these are unceded lands taken from the tribe in violation of 1851 treaties which declare them to be Sioux land.

I became involved in this movement after a quick bit of research, revealing the detrimental side effects that pipelines have on the environment. Several studies conducted by John's Hopkins University and Cornell University outline the immediate and long term health hazards to human beings involved with pipelines, and living near their inevitable, unpredictable leaks. The issue around the nation is that pipeline leaks go unnoticed until it is too late, spilling millions of gallons of harmful oil into the environment. People who find themselves unlucky enough to live near a leaking site suffer from a myriad of respiratory disorders (including cancer); and, profound eye, nose, throat, ear and skin irritation, not to mention the life-altering effect such leaks have on pregnant women and unborn infants (I could write an essay on the negative health hazards of pipeline leaks, but luckily they are already out there. I encourage you, my friends, to seek them out and read them).

The catastrophic damages caused by such leaks destroy complete ecosystems, watersheds, fresh water wells, and the rivers that provide drinking water to our nation. The Dakota Access Pipeline will specifically contaminate the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Because the state of North Dakota is not legally liable to disclose pipeline leaks to the public, the estimated 18 million Americans who get their water from these two iconic rivers are directly in harm's way. The Missouri and Mississippi Rivers water the Grain Belt of the United States, which provides food for our entire nation and other nations alike, also putting the rest of America at risk.

I went to the steep, snow-capped, isolated mountain ranges held sacred by my tribe to seek guidance in my quest to help. In my meditative visions and in my dreams as I slept, I kept seeing a bison bull. He told me that when the people hurt, we must look to the bison, as they have kept us alive for thousands of years. The Great Bison Spirit told me how his mission in life is complete and it is time for him to transition to The Other Side. I asked how this involved me and how this information would help anything. He told me that no hunter chooses the animal he takes; rather, the animal chooses the hunter. He then told me that he had chosen me for this task and the depth of this burden would hit me in the weeks following the hunt. He said to hunt him wearing a traditional breach cloth and using traditional techniques.

After months of diligent planning and training, the fateful day finally arrived. I grabbed my gear and set out to find the specific bison bull from my visions, the one distinguished by a large black beard and a very unique split horn.

During the hunt I wore an old fur hat and a large brown poncho, making me look somewhat like a bison calf. I covered all of my gear and clothing in local sage scent. Once the herd was spotted at the base of the mountains, I began my stalk. I bent over and walked slowly into the herd of the titanic "Thunder Gods," trying to mimic their movements. I slowed my heart rate down and matched my breathing with that of the bison as best I could. I made it into the middle of the herd of approximately 200 bison when the lead bull noticed me. He stuck his tail into the air in anger. Bison become very unpredictable when upset. With the ability to run up to 40 mph, faster than most horses I have ever ridden, there is no escaping them. Left with no other option, I knelt down in a submissive position as I backed away, deeper into the herd; ever hopeful that my plan would work. The herd began noticing me as I moved in between them, picking up on my human scent and tendencies, and began getting visibly upset. This is not an ideal location for any human to be.

I thought about all the people who get gored and even killed by bison every year by getting too close. However, there was no way out into a safer position for I had to get close enough to identify the specific bull with the split in his horn. I closed my eyes and prayed that The Great Bison Spirit who summoned me would make himself visible. Out of nowhere I saw a bull charging straight towards the middle of the herd, right where I was standing. He got within about seven yards of me before coming to a stop. He stood tall and strong. The dirt kicked up from his movements began to settle slowly.

He had a large black beard, and massive of which had a large split in it. It was him, the bison bull from my visions! I followed him, weaving in and out of the 1,000-2,000 pound animals, as he said his goodbyes to his family members in the herd. I felt the sage brush up against my legs, and the soft dirt absorb any noise created by my bare feet as I tried to maneuver through the titans undetected.

When he was ready to go, he looked at me and then looked away, giving me a perfect shot at seven yards. It rang true... I prayed with him as his spirit immediately left, to The Other Side, with my head over his heart. It is at this moment that you can hear the spirit of an animal speak to you most clearly. He told me to walk to the top of the hill adjacent to us. As I did, my friends recorded footage of a golden eagle (my spirit animal) "swooping down out of nowhere, and landing on a fence post behind [me]!" I stood there, at the crest of the hill just looking at the giant Rocky Mountains directly in front of me for several moments in solitude. The cold, crisp October air was full of sage, grass, and distant pine.

I began walking back to the herd. I remembered what the elder who smudged me and blessed my transition tools had said to me just hours prior: "when you send a bison off, back home, you become one of the herd. You become one of them. You will always walk with them for the rest of your life, and they will always walk with you."

Upon arriving back to the scene, a two year old bull approached me. He looked me in the eyes. That moment felt like an eternity. I had no idea of his intentions. So, I knelt down and stuck my hand out. What happened next utterly astonished me. The elder was correct in every essence of that word. All of the agitated bison were now entirely at ease with me, even after I had taken my fur and poncho off, blatantly looking like a human! I was now able to walk among them and with them in complete harmony, just inches away from some!

EVERY SINGLE part of the bison was used from the hooves to the horns. Some of the bison went to my tribe, and the rest went to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. I wrote this very abbreviated description because yesterday at the Water Protector camp, thousands of wild bison appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The Mother Earth Spirit is speaking to us. It is up to us to listen. You too must listen to the animals. You too must listen to the wind. You too must learn to be guided by the birds. You too can seek and have visions. You must simply open up your heart and your soul. We, as a species, must reconnect with the Earth. The Earth must stop being treated as a commodity, and needs to be treated like the living, breathing organism that gives us life. Together, we can and WILL end the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Call the White House (202) 456-1111. Call the North Dakota Governor's office (701) 328-2200. Call the Army Corps of Engineers [(202) 761-0001] and let them hear you! Tell them you want the Dakota Access Pipeline to be stopped NOW!

WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Bison are amongst the most DANGEROUS animals in all of North America. Keep your distance!


I am so inspired by your story, as I trod onwards in this world, which I have not felt a part of for such a long time. The mass awakening, including visionaries, and ones who are unbound by any borders, race, tribe, sect, religion, or colour, are the ones really holding it down for ALL of life! The fact that the ones who remain in total surrender, such as yourself, in total trust, ties us all together in Peace. It is those such as you, who listen, in total trust and deep within your Heart, to allow The Law of Nature speak to us and give each and every one of us our true sense of Purpose, together in Unity with our Dear Mother Earth (who obviously is ill and has a "fever"). Thank you for bearing the torch of hope and good will for ALL of Life!

On behalf of all my relations, as well as my dear friends from the westcoast, star points and to the eastcoast of the Turtle Island / 'country' of Kanata [as their prospective greetings below], Namaste, and In Lak'ech Ala'Kin ~ Thank you Dear Soul Brother, from Time Immemorial!

Hyishka (Squamish) - Until We Meet Again, with highest form of
Namaste for ALL
Ashne Ate (Apache Navajo) - We Are Love
Wela'lin (Mi'kmaq) - Thank you
Boozhoo (Anishnabek) - (highest greetings in respect)

I am very humbled by your kind words my friend! We are all one. We are all in this together. There are no borders for we are all beings of the Earth. There is only one race and that is the Human Race. We see this most clearly, and we become the most connected with all things when we shed that which we have become, so that we may become that which we were meant to be! Continue your journey as you listen to your heart. Meditation is what allowed me to listen to my soul. Perhaps it could aid you as well!

Namaste my relative!

Indeed meditation has kept me connected, as infinitely within, so infinitely throughout - through good and bad. All sorts of meditation; my favorite being Vipassana. Also in the prayers I share with Our Original Peoples, when we share meals together, as well as in greeting. For atrocities in our current state, it too serves purpose, for it also brings forth Great Love, by the grace of Great Spirit, for all sentient beings, as you and I, to meet again in Eternal Friendship. The mass awakening certainly has re-kindled the flame within myself to carry onwards with excitement. You sharing your profound experience truly ignited something in me. With fervour, to continue being the "bridge" between Peoples of different clans, into One Loving Family. <3

Your friend from this moment into Eternity ~
Ubuntu (ancient African) - I Am, Because of Who we All Are

~Red Bear~

I had to create an account to say this is one of the most beautiful things I have seen on the internet in a while. I am so touched by what I read. I have been searching for as much information as I could get about this and the words I am writing cannot convey the depth of these feelings I am experiencing... Thank you so, so, much for sharing this...

My sentiments exactly. This is so beautiful. When I read it, tears rolled down my face. Blessings to you Thirdeye, to your tribe, to the bison and to all animals.

@trisham2014 I thank you kindly for your words my friend. Such stories of the Earth Spirit and the People who stand unwavering for all of us and our future generations touch us all in a special kind of way.

I just did the same thing.

@venusgemstone thank you so much for your support my friend

@missarissa I am so incredibly humbled by your kind words my dear friend. I am beyond ecstatic that the story was able to ring those cords for you, and touch those sacred depths of our souls that bring those feelings forth. I am humbled by your efforts to make this known to me...that means far beyond the capacity of words to me

Very powerful post. I am glad that you could walk that path.

Go someplace, Do something. That is usually the message from spirit. Now, if they would you GPS coords or something, that might be helpful, ya think? :-p But, anyway, when you listen to the breeze and the land, they get you there, and once there you feel what to do.

I'm sorry I cannot help you with this fight. My battle is elsewhere. But, I send my blessing. And maybe a flock more. Be well

Thank you for your support my friend! Just by praying for us you send your heart and soul to help us! @builderofcastles

Thank you, thank you dear brother for sharing this with us. I´m writing from Iceland, wishing with all my heart I could be there standing with all of you. But the most inportant part of me is there with you, my heart. I will have a ceremony to send you all the support I can, calling my people together to do this together. I will send my nordic Gods to give you straingth and protection, I have deep love for you all. May spirit keep giuding you on and may the blessings shower on you.
Mitakuye Oyasin
Nína Wolf Feather Björg

Your people have sent my brothers and sisters at Standing Rock much support and prayer and we welcome it all with open arms! We will take all of the help we can get, so please send your Gods as soon as you can as things are heating up!

Thank you and PLEASE continue to write of your journey. The young ones will need a way to know of their elders past and stories. Do not let it be forgotten.

I will continue to do the best that I can my friend!

This is the best first post I've seen. This reminds me of a story from "Black Elk Speaks". It's a powerful reminder that we need to reconnect with nature. Thank you @thirdeye

@richardcrill thank you so much for your kind words of support my friend! We must reconnect with nature because we are an extension of it. We must reconnect with each other because we are all one. Thank you

You have spoken the truth and made me smile my friend. All is one.

I also made an account just so I could tell you how much I love your story. Blessings.

@kimboann I cannot thank you enough for doing that. That means so much to me that it is beyond words. Thank you for taking the time to do that

I was deeply moved by your experience with the bison and their spirits. I pray it will make a difference with this pipeline issue. You have a brilliant future ahead of you, may you continue on your path of discovery.

@triciamm all we can do in this life is follow our hearts, listen to our souls, and stand for what is right using love and unity. After all of that, the cards will always fall where they are meant to. I too pray it will have the outcome the world seeks. I can't help but have a most positive and optimistic feeling about that outcome. I can't thank you enough for your kind words and your support!

“Already the once sweet-watered streams, most of which bore Indian names, were clouded with silt and the wastes of man; the very earth was being ravaged and squandered. To the [Native Americans] it seemed that these Europeans hated everything in nature-the living forests and their birds and beasts, the grassy glades, the water, the soil, and the air itself.” Sadly this disease has not ceased - though, thankfully with generations of love between heart-centered people we are more racially mixed than ever before - exemplifying the reality that we are all one. The hour is near, the status critical. Our earth mother cries for freedom, for life - and our very own lives depend on this liberation. Thank you for your strength in these days and weeks! My prayers, my tears are with you brothers and sisters! One love!!!

Thirdeye Thank you so deeply! My heart is crying a river of tears and this water in me connects me to the water in you, all of you there. I cannot express how much gratitude and respect I have for all of you Water Protectors, you're work is so huge and strikes such a powerful resonance with the World Now, thank you for the Awakening that is!! Prayers, prayers of strength and love and peace to all of you. Thank you for embodying the divine in your activism, so much devotion and humility, and the simple truth that it is available to all of us... It is time to remember ourselves back into the heart of Creation...

You have great courage and thank you so much for telling your story here. So many of us are sharing about the protest of the pipeline on facebook encouraging others to take action against it but we don't really hear stories from the inside. I see this as another unjust and greedy grab of native lands and it needs to be stopped for so many reasons. In fact there is not one good reason for the pipeline to go in, not one. Thank you for your quests and courageous actions you are taking on behalf of your people. And yes we all need to call local and national representatives to protest this from wherever we are (if in the US).Please keep posting with your stories, they are important!

I am so happy to see you on steemit !!Beautiful first post.You are one of the most inspiring people i have had the honor of meeting. This is such a beautiful story! Much love, and keep speaking out loud against the atrocities in our world. You are a shining beacon of light <3 Namaste, soul brother <3

It is all possible because of the loving and kind-hearted people that surround me! I am a mere reflection of all of you amazing people! I will continue to follow my path, because I wouldn't know what else to do haha. Thank you for your super kind words soul sister!

I don't know where to start, but one big Thank You from my hearth is a great start. I created this account just to up vote this great article and to write this comment. By far this is one of the best articles I ever found on internet. You touched me deep inside and helped me to connect on deeper levels - pushed me forward. Thank You for everything you do, I support you on every aspect.... Keep doing what you do and I am sure you will made it !

Right now I have a huge smile on my face because I am happy to see there are some great people.

Once again, Thank You !

I can't thank you enough for your kind words, time, and effort! They sincerely mean the world to me. A'ho my friend! I am very humbled by your kind words. If this article speaks to you then the Earth Spirit speaks to you my friend. Thank you!

I so appreciate you sharing this journey.

I very sincerely appreciate your support my friend! @sheryl

The heroes of my childhood are back. Good luck; you will win the battle. All the best for you from old Europe.

Thank you my friend!! Keep praying with and for us, everyday please!! Share everything you see on the internet about stopping the DAPL! @johano

Powerful, thx for sharing

Thank you for reading my friend! @emmacrowther

I am so moved by this young man's story; I have no words with which to express my deep emotion and support for this great cause! It has been my contention that man, particularly American men, have lost the spiritual side of our beings and can no longer communicate with nature and the REAL world!

Many times words do no justice and are not needed my friend. I thank you sincerely for your kind words and support! Pray with us and spread the word! @dapl

This is beautiful. My heart was so full as I read this! Blessings!

If it filled your heart then the Mother Earth Spirit speaks to you as well my friend! @weatheredwiseman

Such a powerful message we all need to hear. I hope there are enough people listening who also share it so that DAPL can be stopped. I shared on Facebook where I discovered it.

@pwalker281 it is now all over social media! Actors, police officers, politicians, and the world are all speaking out against the Dakota Access Pipeline! We are all making a difference with every like, share, and repost about DAPL! Keep up the good work!

Dearest Brother, this is the most beautiful and powerfully profound story and message, a pure source of inspiration! I am in deep gratitude and humbled honour and awe at your bravery, courage, vision and spirit! Thank you for the work that you're doing , and for sharing your experience, igniting the hearts and strengthening spirits! I too listen to the whispering winds and the winged messengers, for insight and guidance. We truly are surrounded and supported by the greatness of spirit, in all directions! Sending rippling waves of love to you and all your relations, on the sacred and holy waters. Warm hugs, prayers and protection.

From my heart to yours,

Thank you so much my dear sister! Words cannot do my response any justice. I am in complete gratitude and humbled by all of your kind words! Keep following your path. Keep listening to the subtle messages. Keep looking within for your answers and to nature for further guidance. Much love to you

Yes my sacred brother, I WILL continue to follow my path, the path of heart, soul and spirit. Trusting in the divine forces above, below and within me, listening and remembering. Infinite blessings to you Warrior.

Beautiful words and photos. Thank you so much for this, how can we continue to follow your journey?
blessings from California

Thank you @thearose! You can follow me on here, but also check out my instagram (herman_singh_brar) for my stories from camp!

Awesome, beautiful, powerful...words can't describe how much I love this...I'm crying. The Force is strong with you 😊 Thank you! So much love to you ALL...
-Justine Britton
Cheney, Washington

I honestly cannot thank you enough for all of your kind words. Your tears perhaps stem from your soul feeling connected to this story and the struggle to help our Mother, the Earth. I sincerely appreciate all of your kind words! Please continue to pray with us @blackowl369

I totally agree and we do pray and have ritual everyday!...But on the subject of partner Sean is a healer/Shaman, he has also had a vision, and as a result, has 2 items to be given as a gift expressly for the elders...Is there any way you could Facebook friend me, so you could help us try to get these gifts to them?...You seem like you'd understand it's importance.
Ps- I know how this could sound to certain people, I don't use the words healer or Shaman lightly, we are for real and completely serious about this...I just don't know who to ask for help in our little mission.

THANK YOU for sharing this with us. I am humbled and honoured to be in support of all that you and your people are doing. I pray with you to Great Spirit to protect you all and continue to guide you to the out come you all desire most. Australian's are watching and supporting you from afar. The world is watching and supporting you from afar.

I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and your support my friend! It really means a lot to us all. Keep praying with and for us. Keep posting everything you can about it on social media as well! That is how this movement got so big in the first place! @spirits-dreaming

beautifully written .. continue on ... thank you for sharing

Thank you for your support my friend!

Thank you.

We share a spirit animal...

Much love to you and all who stand with you.

A large Golden Eagle just appeared in camp and sat on a fence post and let people pet it before flying away!!! @purplesky

Thirdeye...I was greatly touched by your experience. Thank you for the gift you be to our home and to all beings who live here. I pray that the Light continue to guide you and all of us, that we may come together in unity and live in communion with each other in harmony. A great hug is being sent your way from So. California. Blessings

@mlalexandria I too pray that the Light awakens more souls so we may all, together, begin the healing of our Mother Earth. Thank you for your support!!!

A divine intervention.. thank you @thirdeye for bring us this story.

It was the divine who brought us the story my friend. I simply was the vessel @kyusho

Rare and hugely inspiring for all humanity . You were always my heroes. We stand with you. Never give up!

Thank you! Keep praying with and for us! @mojca

Thank you so much for standing strong and for living out your prayers and visions. All around the world, we are standing with you. This fight is HUGE for the future of air and water all over the world. Sending blessings and prayers from Canada.

Thank you my friend! You are absolutely correct, this fight is huge for all! @bradleytmorris

Thank you. This is beautiful and reminds us all of the vulnerability in being human and the power of own animal nature

I agree 100% my friend! Thank you for all of your support! @venusgemstone

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This is a beautiful account of ones personal journey. I love the way it gives subliminal messages about protocols as well... it is the Beauty Way of walking in this dimension. Thank you for this sharing.

Thank you for your kind words and for listening my friend! Please continue to pray and stand with us! @xielolixii

Thank you for sharing your work and your story. What a leader you are guiding others by your example, looking to support your people and the earth with your open heart and soul. This post is powerful & beautiful as are the images that accompany them. What a light you are sending out to the world. In gratitude & respect.

I thank you most sincerely for your kind words my friend!! @raeleta

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. It has touched my heart and spirit and I feel such a strong connection with the people of Standing Rock and the movement they are building. It is the moment to choose now, and your story brings to life the purity of the connection between Mother Earth and us. Love and blessings from beautiful Scotland. Your message of love is reaching far and wide.

Thank you my friend! @peacepixie there was just another very large oil spill in North Dakota from a pipeline that has leaked 67,000 gallons of crude oil into local water supplies and it is still not contained! All over the country people are able to turn on their faucets and light their water on fire! This is poisoning the American people!

A beautiful one who joined because of reading your post, I thank you thirdeye most of all for sharing your life. Always in spirit ~

I cannot thank you enough for doing that...that is heartwarming and my thanks go beyond words my friend @irishkate

With much love, admiration, and support from South Africa.

I sincerely appreciate it my friend! I love South Africa and one day hope to return! @drakensberg

This was beautiful thank you for sharing the culture. I'm in Colombia holding space and meditating WITH you. Victory Is certain.

@nikkicrawford thank YOU for holding that space and meditating with us!! Please continue to do so, we need all of the spiritual energy there that we can get!

I have to express how deeply moved I was reading this. I am Cherokee and I have been involved with Standing Rock for months now. This speaks to my spirituality, my relationship with Creator. Thank you. You expressed yourself eloquently. Wado, grandson!

I would first like to sincerely thank you and your tribe for everything you have done to help protect the water! I remember one day when we were almost out of wood. Just then, your tribe rolled in with two 18 wheelers of firewood! A'ho my dear relative!

Thank you for writing this... and please write more. The world needs it. Native Americans, people, the earth, fresh water, cannot be downplayed and discredited and destroyed when they have a voice.

@chlytie I thank you so much for your support and words of encouragement! I will continue my journey to help in any and every capacity that I can!

Thank you for sharing your personal story. The Dakota Access Pipeline must be stopped. And it will. We will stop it. I have called The White House (202) 456-1111. I have called The North Dakota Governor's office (701) 328-2200.
I have called the Army Corps of Engineers (202) 761-0001.

I cannot thank you enough my friend! YOU are making a difference right now! Keep up the good work my friend! @gatodeamour

This is a hugely powerful post. Your courage is boundless. Thanks so much for sharing.

My strength comes from seeing what is happening to my brothers and sisters in North Dakota, and from seeing what is happening to our Earth; our mother. Thank you @jenncapestany

This story us amazing! I love learning about Native culture and love hearing the stories, the traditions and the love for all living things. To be able to understand animals and the love and respect for each other and Mother Earth and the people I've met that have made me feel welcome to learn more about the Native culture. I ask A LOT of questions and have this constant need to learn the history of the Natives from the Natives- not my fellow white men and women. I am scared this land will be taken as it has before- I feel so helpless! I am embarrassed by my fellow white men and women who continue to tear this land apart, use it until there is nothing left then move on to the next place. When will this ever stop? PLEASE tell us how we can help andactually have it count! Beautifully written story! I hope to read more!

Wonderful story. It's an eyeopener for all the world's nations. Thank you.

Wow.. what a yaw dropping... post @thirdeye!

Greetings from the Mountains in Sweden we are with you <3

P.s. Thirdeye is a great name and I've got and eye as a tatto on my forearm D.s.

Thank you brother for sharing this! Tears are running
Mother I can feel You under my feet
Mother I can hear Your heart beat
I am tuched - so long way from You (WestSweden) and so near in my heart!

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It touched me deeply, as I have been working to renew my own connect with the land and its inhabitants. Right before I read this I was visited for the first time by my spirit animal the raven. Coincidence? I think not! I am praying for Standing Rock, as they stand up for all of us.

You have written so deeply from the heart. You brought me to tears. My dear friend from Rosebud, who no can longer sit with me and tell me his stories, because he has passed over, is missed by me. He gave me my spiritual name.
May Divine Mother bless and keep you safe!
She who walks in two worlds

So many of us live in a distracted haze, disconnected from nature and our true selves. Thanks @thirdeye for your inspired story to help us remember what is truly important.

I stand with you and your brothers and sisters, in spirit, from Belgium. I too will seek guidance on how in my own way to bring much needed balance and healing to this world.

Thank you beautiful elder bison with the
large black beard and split horn. You deeply touched my heart and soul by choosing Third Eye to help sustain the Water Protectors . Your story stopped me in my tracks and put me into a profound meditation. With tears and an aching heart, I will never forget you.

I feel so moved by your story! I will pay more attention to listen for what I can do to help heal this world, and do my part, inspire others and keep positive! Nature can teach us and we all need to come back to this. Thank you for sharing your experience of the Great Bison! I saw some of the videos and your story made it even more AWESOME!!

Excellent first post, that story about the bison was really interesting. It would've been terrifying!

Thank you my friend! When you live in and for the moment and only the present moment fear cannot enter. That being is most certainly an awe-inspiring site!!!

Thank you for this beautifully written insight into your culture. I have been following the challenges of the water protectors at Standing Rock for a couple months now. I stand with them in spirit as I'm not able to make the trip right now. I pray every day that they will prevail over DAPL. mni wiconi

Gratitude for your courage and for sharing this with the rest of the world. Infinite gratitude to you and your people for keeping the Knowledge of how to be One with our Mother Earth - how to honor, respect and love the Mother that has always supported and nurtured every single one of us, every single day. Gratitude to the Spirit of the Bison for his wisdom and sacrifice and to the Spirit of the Eagle for bringing clarity to our vision.

And gratitude for your fight to protect our Mother right now.

Sending love and strength from Portugal


I created a login JUST to leave a comment. When I read this story, it had tears in my eyes and I began spreading the word with anyone who would listen to me. As an individual who is on the spiritual path and knows ones animal, this touched me on SOO many levels!

My blackfoot ancestors are very vocal with everything that's going on and when I read things like this and about the large quantity of bison showing up, it lets me know they're listening and helping too. Thank you again for being such an amazing soul and you're such an inspiration for my path and my journey.

Water Horse (Hippocampus)

Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey. We all need to listen to Mother Earth and the Great Spirit so we can live the life intended for us.

I'm passing along a message left on my blog: Trying to get in touch with Thirdeye to possibly interview on the radio, you can contact me at [email protected]

My grandfather loved this land. I was born in North Dakota but was raised in Oregon from age of 3. I visited what my grandfather called Meadow Hills Farm only a handful of times but found it so beautiful, peaceful and restoring. Gramp died many years ago yet I believe he would be feeling the pain of the people at Standing Rock. Your story of vision quest and hunt of the bison is so glorious. For the youth now and for their children your quest is keeping alive a vital part of the life of Indigenous people of the prairie. I am in awe of your bravery and the sharing of the hunt with those at Standing Rock. Please continue to share your journey, I will be following you from my home in England.

So he went on a vision quest, killed a bison, and the 'solution' he got was to call the White House? Sounds pretty dumb.

Many people are asking what they can do. My sense is that thrideye was sharing his story and as a response, you would find the inspiration to take action in any way you see fit. Getting politically involved is one, easy way, you and other readers could take action.

I was so moved by your beautiful story and the accompanying photographs. Powerful. I went for a meditation walk yesterday. My bare feet upon Mother Earth's skin made for such a deep connection. Her Voice seems stronger than it ever has. That gives me hope. I hold a vision that one day all will be able to feel her powerful, loving Spirit. When strong connections are made; abuse for profit, now so rampant, must yield. I pray daily for more and more to wake up to the truth that She is a living, breathing consciousness who deserves our love and respect. My prayers are with all at Standing Rock. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Again, powerful!

Thank you for sharing this sacred story. It is medicine all people of the human nation must receive. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the other courageous humans and other spirits protecting life.

there is so much that we ego-based humans don't realize that we don't know ... the natural world can show it to us if we only but listen ... thank you for the profound piece.

Thank you for this beautiful story. I am working on an original play with a Cherokee Shaman addressing these issues. I am thankful for persons/souls such as your self.

very nice passionate and compelling post.. thanks for sharing it.

Thanks you @thirdeye for your beautiful actions and for sharing this with us. Our (my Family) hearts and prayers of love and oneness are sent to all of those who are physically and non physically supporting all of our Brothers and Sisters who are changing the world with their actions of love and their connections to Source. WE ARE all one, and when we know this, we will truly know ourselves.
In Lak'ech Ala'Kin also so beautifully said @weareallone!
( I am another YOU!!)

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