The Daphne Project – The Work of Murdered Maltese Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia Rises Again

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The Daphne Project

45 Journalists

18 Publications

Working for 5 months in Secret

Continuing the Investigative work of Daphne Caruana Galizia

A group of 45 journalists representing 18 news organizations from 15 countries picked up Daphne’s work after it was abruptly halted by her gruesome death on the doorstep of Europe. For five months they kept digging — poring over her findings, gathering documents, talking to sources — to try to get to the bottom of the many leads the formidable woman left behind.

The Daphne Project was coordinated and led by Forbidden Stories, a Paris-based organization established specifically to continue the work of killed, imprisoned, or otherwise incapacitated journalists.

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) facilitated the sharing of documents and information across the participating organizations and assigned researchers and reporters to investigate the many allegations about wrongdoing among Malta’s elite.

Forbidden Stories

The Daphne Project

News of the secret investigation by a consortium of journalists from around the world was revealed in the days leading up to announcement. The new project officially dropped on April 17th, six months after Galizia died in a powerful car bomb explosion just minutes from her home in October 2017.

Galizia was murdered for her no holds barred brand of journalism, attacking corruption at every level of Malta's political system. Galizia confronted, challenged, mocked and called out the countries most powerful and connected individuals.

Her investigations had uncovered connections between Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his inner circle to shell companies named in the Panama Papers and Offshore leaks. Muscats' chief of staff Keith Schembri and Tourism (former Energy) Minister Konrad Mizzi have been identified to be the owners of Tillgate Inc and Hearnville Inc shell companies established by Panamanian firms connected to Mossack Fonseca.

In addition, Galizia obtained information from a whistleblower inside of Pilatus Bank a shady financial institution established by Ali Sadr who's currently in facing 125 years in the US on charges of money laundering. Pilatus bank has been tied to another shell company named Erant that is allegedly connected to the Prime Minister's wife.

The roots of corruption in Malta run dead and Daphne had been diligently documenting the shadowy underbelly of the Maltese political class for over 30 years. She had also been involved with investigations into the steady Italian Mafia influence seeping into the gaming industry of the Mediterranean island nation.

Since learning about the targeted mafia style killing of this brave journalist I have been following this story very closely and delving into Daphne's extensive work. I had even been preparing a series of posts to follow up on her assassination and more importantly the investigations that may have got her killed.

Here are the previous posts I made about Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Here's an infographic we started working on a week ago to help explain the shell company connections to the Maltese government.

Malta 123 – Graph Commons(5).png

Malta 123 -

So suffice to say, I was very encouraged to see such a large consortium of journalists tirelessly working to preserve and continue Daphne's work.

The journalists have for the past five months pored over 750,000 files and official documents to complete Ms Caruana Galizia's work on corruption and international money laundering networks.

Times of Malta

This revamped investigation into the corruption that has been plaguing Malta may reveal the true extent of the corruption Daphne was working so hard to expose. Those responsible for ordering the contracted killing of the island's most popular blogger may finally come to light.

And just maybe, we will finally have justice for the Galizia family.

Matthew Caruana Galizia on Twitter   Ministry door of  ChrisCardonaMP this morning.  DaphneCaruanaGalizia…  .png



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Journalist usually ended up into the grave once they challenge the elite who have lots of resources to get rid of blocks in front of them, the same thing happened in South American Journalist covering Drug cartels wrong doing and ended up having a bullet in their brain, though I admired journalist especially to those challenging the elites, and I wish you @v4vapid to remain anonymous for the sake of your safety and to continue spreading truth to enlightened the people. :)

This is great news. Lets hope no one else dies. This is why internet privacy is so important.

Wow brother you are sharing some awesome stuff lately. Thanks for sharing the links to your other articles about her I will read them as well.
I mentioned her in the chat we had before on another post. I didnt realize there were so many very informed humans on steemit!
Thanks Again I approve of this message!LOL

What they did to that innocent lady totally worked in opposition of what they wanted. Instead 45 journalist, and 18 publications are bringing even more attention to Malta than ever! Thanks again for another sick article! 100% Upvote from me as always!

This level of bravery and indeed unity amongst journalists is both inspirational and equally testament to the approach that must be taken. One brave women has been brutally murdered for daring to tell the truth but instead of cowering in fear another 45 rise to take her place. Big respect to all involved in the Daphne project .. their work is both a blueprint and a inspiration for all those that seek to follow in their footsteps. Thank you for all the work you've done in bringing this to our attention @v4vapid

'You can kill a human, but you can't kill an idea.'

On an unrelated thought, people seem to worship a place called Malta because of their friendliness to cryptocurrencies and their latest binance *collaboration...Hmpht.


Oh, here's something to read. Thank you.

We can only hope some justice prevails, what ever were the last things she was working on, will no doubt be the one's that got her blown up, so someone is running scared in government. P.S. thank you kindly for stopping by in my fund raiser, much appreciated.

Binance exchange moved to Malta recently... I wonder if there's any connection between them and the entities being investigated.


Good catch @richq11, I also noticed that straight away because I was looking into Malta. Actually, I wrote a post about Malta corruption and Binance's decision to move their operations there. I don't think there's a connection to Galizia's work but since there's a real issue of Mafia infiltration into Malta's gaming industry it's worrying for sure. As we know, the msm has been trying to link crypto and money laundering for years.


I'm sitting on about 50 BNB watching the price go down wondering if I should dump. I know all the exchanges are probably pretty shaky, but I was hoping Binance was better... they keep talking about opening a decentralized exchange.

The MSM is stupid just like Q says... how much sense would it make to launder money in an open source forum??? The biggest instrument for money laundering is the USD!

Its worrisome the amount of risk there is for journalist when they are researching the deep corruption that runs on politics.

But the more awareness there is about this, the more difficult it will be for those corrupt people to hide their crimes.

You can smash the mother spider, but you can't smash all the baby spiders that scatter.

Tough life some Journalists have :(
Need a good security!!


You right

The project will grow as continue in future

Wow! Great content, wonderful post. Thank you for bringing forbidden stories into my awareness :)

Wow just amazing, had no idea and fantastic that her work will live on!

great post,very interesting and unfortunate,very good news .. i love with this news .. you are very different,my dear friend @v4vapid,thank you for sharing with us,

Very interesting and unfortunate, I've never heard of this woman but I look forward to finding out more

very good news .. i love with this news .. you are very different .. thank you for posting it ..

Very large project to support the journalists
Did you know that Israel killed a Palestinian journalist?
Did you know that the Palestinian journalists are always killed in the confrontations?
Please write an article about this

Hi @v4vapid ! I discover your blog with this article of super quality. Cold in the back.

Is it just me, or does anyone else get frustrated that these investigations from establishment journalists, seem to only get to a certain level and then they back off. It seems to me that it is strictly confined to a particular jurisdiction or country while carefully controlling the narrative of the deeper and global structure of these cases?

Excelent post showing the true about corruption scheme in Malta and what mafia do with journalist had revealed.
Here in Brazil we are living with same problem.

what an idea!!!

This is so sad that still the person behind Daphne murder is uncaptured and moving freely which is a great threat to the human justice and freedom of journalists to do their work..This has made fact true that world is run by Mafia and thugs who ruled over the human rights and people by their power...This is why no has still got any one capture behind the murdered yet...World is surrounded by such many incident and still no one is getting justice....Lets see when will justice come @v4vapid

Hello @v4vapid I wrote you a message on discord with a proposal about increasing the audience for your content, its very simple and it has been done before in Steem. So I would be glad if you checked it when you have the time and let me know what do you think.

Cheers mate!

Excellent report, v4vapid! Panama Papers cost her her life. Thanks for putting all these pieces together for reference. Resteemed!

It's good to see them continue her work. Let's hope these 45 journalists don't all decide to take the same flight...


Highly rEsteemed!



I didn't know anything about this...until now of course!

Sad, but it is the risk that a journalist runs. But if that passion impairs him until the impossible to fulfill his work.

Thanks to them, more than one corrupt person has been discovered in the whole world