Torrent of Loathsome Libel Suits Brought Against Assassinated Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

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Malta Today

March 2nd, 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of slain investigative journalist and blogger Daphne C Galizia’s blog Running Commentary Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Notebook.
Her very first post was titled Zero Tolerance for Corruption.

She wrote for a decade about the deep seeded corruption of the Maltese government that won admiration and acclaim from the public and also made her a target for reprisal. On October 16th, 2017 Galizia’s life ended when a car bomb ripped through her vehicle in a mafia style execution.

Real Journalism Gets You Killed – The Murder of Panama Papers Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

Frequent targets of Galizia’s fearless journalism included the Prime Minister of Malta himself, Joseph Muscat and his political cronies. Over the years, Galizia’s reporting became a persistent thorn in the side of the government as she revealed rife corruption and collusion in the Maltese politics class.

After her appalling assassination, Prime Minister Muscat vowed to bring those responsible for her death to justice. In January, the government announced a pre-dawn raid had taken place and arrests were made in connection to the Daphne’s untimely death. Though the government made a big show of the arrests friends and family remained highly skeptical of the operation noting that none of the individuals arrested were ever the focus of Daphne’s blogging but were most likely low-level conspirators made to take the fall.

Arrests Made in Contracted Killing of Panama Papers Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

In an outrageous and disgusting development, 34 lawsuits for libel filed against the slain journalist, including one by the PM himself (also for libel), continue to be pushed forward. The cases have been brought by Slivio Debono a staunch supporter and financial donor of the country’s Labour party. The lawyer bringing the suit on behalf of Debono also happens to be the lawyer representing one of the accused in connection with the murder of Galizia.

Rebecca Vincent on Twitter   The full list of hearings scheduled against  DaphneCaruanaGalizia this morning. Due to a lawyer’s illness  only the cases brought by Konrad Mizzi  x2    Silvio Debono  x19  will be heard t-1.png


Bill Browder on Twitter   Murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia is currently being sued for libel in dozens of cases 5 months after she was killed. Even the Maltese PM is suing her. Last time I saw this was.png

Matthew Caruana Galizia on Twitter   RSF s  rebecca_vincent went to Malta to witness the unbelievable 24 vexatious libel cases being heard in one day against my mother. 19 of them filed by a single Labour Party donor  S.png


Representative Rebecca Vincent from RSF (Reporters Without Borders) attended the court to document the proceedings.

Reporters Without Borders, or Reporters Sans Frontières, is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes and defends freedom of information and freedom of the press. The organisation has called for a full independent investigation into Caruana Galizia’s assassination.


34 Posthumous cases of libel against Daphne Caruana Galizia remain open.

Cases Brought by Konrad Mizzi (2 cases) and Silvio Debono (19 cases) heard on March 1st, 2018.

Lawyer for Debono’s 19 libel cases, William Cuschieri is the same lawyer for a suspect in Daphne’s murder.

Silvio Debono (Labour Donor)


William Cuschieri (Lawyer)

Konrad Mizzi (Tourism Minister)

Times of Malta

Matthew Caruana Galizia on Twitter   Konrad Mizzi broke public procurement law to funnel millions of euros worth of lucrative government contracts to his private accountant  who was at the time busy setting up companies.png


The fact that these defamation suits continue to be brought against an executed journalist, including one by Joseph Muscat demonstrates that Daphne’s enemies are not satisfied with taking her life, they’re intent on pursuing the matter until her work is discredited, disgraced and disappeared down the memory hole.

The Removal of Daphne's Memorial

Just a few days after the 10-year anniversary of Daphne’s Blog, a memorial created to honor Daphne’s life had flowers and pictures completely removed from the location. This shameless act, of course, happened in the dark of night.

Notes From Daphne on Twitter   Today we woke to the news that  DaphneCaruanaGalizia s memorial had been removed overnight. It has since been rebuilt. A note to  MaltaGov  her killers and to those who would like her assa.png

Activists and supporters quickly rebuilt the memorial the following day erecting billboard banners that demanded justice for the targeted killing of the late journalist.

The latest actions have taken on a more pro-active tone from the citizens of Malta who have participated in (impromptu) demonstrations in from of the office of Joseph Muscat.

Matthew Caruana Galizia on Twitter   Three billboards taken to Joseph Muscat s office  Malta  after they were forcibly removed from public hoardings on his instruction. Photo and billboards by  occupyjusticema.… https-1.png

Erika Bajada on Twitter   Flowers and candles replaced by activists at  DaphneCaruanaGalizia memorial…  .png

Who Killed Daphne?

Occupy Justice

A Journalist Killed – No Justice

No Resignations – No Justice

A Country Robbed – No Justice

Matthew Caruana Galizia on Twitter   Three billboards taken to Joseph Muscat s office  Malta  after they were forcibly removed from public hoardings on his instruction. Photo and billboards by  occupyjusticema.… https.png

The Shift News on Twitter   Keeping  DaphneCaruanaGalizia memorial alive has become an act of resistance in  Malta.  pressfreedom https Rw9amXaeGW .png

Inspiration from Film

One of the inspirations for the large sized red and black placards has been the 2017 Oscar-nominated crime drama Three Billboards – Beyond Ebbing, Missouri. The movie starring Frances McDormand, features a woman named Mildred who puts up giant red signs near her home chastising the town’s police chief for not apprehending the man responsible for raping and killing her daughter. Not everyone in the fictional town of Ebbing support Mildred’s actions but as the movie progresses and Mildred refuses to take them down, the billboards become emblematic of her unwavering pursuit of justice.

The signs, which serve as the film’s visual focal point, are striking as a tool of protest—concise, silently confrontational, memorable.

The Atlantic

In recent weeks, these types of billboards have appeared in demonstrations and protests in connection to major events such as: the war in Syria, the Grenfell fire, the Parkland shooting and the Assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Keeping Daphne's Memory Alive

In order to celebrate the courageous life of Daphne Caruana Galizia and to counteract efforts to erase her work from memory, Daphne's family, friends and supporters have been Tweeting and posting quotes from her blog in commemoration. Daphne's assassination has sent a chill through the journalism community in Europe as investigative reporters are being targeted for their work. Journalists in Europe increasingly face harassment, intimidation, death threats, and various forms of violence.

Only a week ago, another European investigative reporter, 27-year old Slovak Jan Kuciak, was shot and killed along with his fiancé. Jan was investigating corruption and governmental ties to the Italian Mafia. A number of people have drawn some comparisons with the assassination of Galizia. These cases represent a worrying trend across the continent. There must be justice for the murders of those who speak truth to power and challenge the corrupted system.

Remember Daphne, Jan and those who give us a voice.

Remember they were harassed, intimidated, murdered and silenced.

Remember the work they did in the name of truth.

Remember them in their own words, and not how their enemies portray them.

For the Latest you can follow the sons of Daphne Caruana Galizia on Twitter

Matthew Caruana Galizia

Paul Caruana Galizia



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It's simple: the point of these lawsuits is to discredit Galizia and her work, so that no investigations are carried out in the future.

There are two kind of journalist. The true blue journalist and the dirty-handed journalist. Some corrupt joirnalist deserves to be persecuted (not killed) and there wrong doings must be expose to the public. But If you are a true blue Journalist who is doing the real journalism and was persecuted and killed for telling the truth to people then you deserves justice!

Yeah there is nothing about this in the mainstream media either, I had never even heard of this case before. Thanks for a new rabbit hole to dive down!


I actually was actively searching for some updates on the arrests made in January, but I couldn't find anything really. Then I checked her son Matthew's Twitter feed... it really does seem like the msm has moved on, this should be a major story at least imho.


I am going to do some research and possibly do something on this on one of my sites to spread the word. If so I will link your research.


Wonderful! I thank you for showing interest in this. Matthew Caruana Galizia's (an award winning investigative journalist with the ICIJ) Twitter is definitely a great place to start.

I may do a follow up on the investigative journo who was recently murdered in Slovakia in the coming days too.


Whether it is facebook, google, and twitter trying to silence us, or governments trying to kill us, alternative journalism is under attack, now more than ever. That is why it is so important to shed light on situations like this. The powers that shouldnt be need to know that transgressions like this will make headlines.


The Uber wealthy prefer to be outside of the news on things like the Panama Papers. No offense, you know. It's just bad business...

RIP Daphne.

Very interesting post and sad to hear that still people don't know the killer of Danphe...This is injustice to her. It is surely was a great conspiracy to made by tge the group of people to assassinate her..Who ever are behind it are powerful people this is why still the murdered are not captured...Good to hear that case file is reopened and hopeful that She will get justice! @v4vapid

Thanks for posting this @v4vapid. I was not aware of this situation and I am glad you brought it to my attention.

Just this morning I wrote that we need to stop talking about cryptocurrency and blockchain and focus upon the aspect of decentralization.

As I was reading this, I was thinking about someone like her posting her content on the here, even under a non identifying name, to get the word out. The problem with centralization is that power corrupts. Often they have control of the media and are willing to go to any length to preserve it.

The system of control around the world is based upon centralization of power. We need to do all we can to break this. Every person in the world needs to know they can come on a site like this and let their voice be heard. Plus, it is a great way to bring awareness while drumming up support.

Another point is that mafia style executions or ties to organized crime doesnt matter. Almost all governmental entities are tied to criminal behavior. Some are in bed with the mafia, others with corporations...ironic the actions of one can be legal for the other.

Sorry to go a bit off track but this speaks to the center of what I have thought about lately...the great need for global as many areas of life as we can achieve it.


I really do agree with you @taskmaster4450. Centralization is like a plaque that needs to be removed from this world. It's a good thing that most areas of life are undergoing decentralization by the revolutionary blockchain.
With writing and blogging decentralized as it is on steemit, things like this could be avoided. Power will be decentralized and there will worldwide to a certain extent.
I say to a certain extent because I don't believe the world can undergo complete decentralization. I believe you agree with me @taskmaster4450

I still remember when Daphne died, I had read only one of her articles before her death (No, not even read, watched a documentary about her on TV). After her death, I couldn't help but read almost all of her articles. She was a woman with great passion for justice and equality. So sad the world we live in today fights and negates that.
Imagine destroying a person's memorial. A memorial that cannot hurt no one.
This in its entirety is a pure act of violence against humanity and is not a call for us to remember only Daphne but all other journalists that have been murdered in pursuit of the truth
Daphne lives on and destroying her memorial won't change that.
Joining in the twitter movement right away. Her memorial whether standing or not will be built in our hearts.

OMG, the sheer ruthlessness, heartlessness and wickedness in this world is irredeemable. Taking her life is not enough?

This is justice. Kill them and then sue them while they can't defend themselves!

Any real journalist,who tells the truth,is in danger.Plutocrats like to keep their cattle blindfolded..


How sad, the "Truth of life"

It is not only in Malta and Journalists, it is our current world. The Politicians have two faces and they know how to use them.
Not justice and equality, almost time only appearance and nothing of facts.
I hope to listening about you soon

'19 libel suits, 1 for each sentence of a 19 sentence article.'

Surely this guy must have thought 'nah, this looks a bit stupid' when filing this ridiculous suits?

here someone killed my friend who was journalist !
there is no justice for him.

It's quite sad that some cases are being ignored or maybe the process of justice is just too slow. We should spread awareness that justice is for eveyone and those who deserved to be punished should be punish.

Karşilikli takip et

may she rest in peace
I have studied mass communication, though i javent practiced it , i have experienced how hard a journalist life is , during our on the job training before

Journalists are very hard working , going anywhere they have to be just to expose the truth and share info to people yet there are people who wants journalist to be silent , the freedom of expression is being manipulated

Its a Shame that great journalist like Daphne and Jan are not bought to justice and its just cheap politics played by the Prime Minister.
its evident that his government is behind the bomb blast.
The least we can do about this is to retweet Daphne's family tweets and keep her work alive.


Is it evident? On the basis of what evidence?

I certainly would like to think that the government isn't that desperate. A shame that DCG didn't have a dead man's switch in place.

I also must admit that I wasn't aware that so many outstanding libel cases are still being heard against this individual.


I Think can be the more appropriate word.
There's no evidence for sure( Atleast not found until now), but dont you think this whole episode points fingers at the prime minister.
As he and his government were under constant scrutiny of this journalist.
The PM did file a defamation suit against her after her execution, shows the respect he had for her.


It would still represent an unprecidented escallation and this is why I remain a little skeptical.

Over ten years this person has had plenty of time to ruffle more feathers than those of a prime minister alone.

The investigations are opaque, unfortunately.

Actually, the information about politics or its good and bad points is complete hard work. It is Challenge to a journalist! Journalism is a very hard work. Which is not by everyone. If that journalism is about politics, then it is more difficult to do. The good and the bad aspects of politics are revealed through journalism. Which we all know.

I think we are politically so much corrupt that whenever someone try to expose the corruption whether he is related to journalism or he is an advocate...we must control this thing. @v4vapid

World is full of atrocities, the greatest lie i've ever heard is " with power remains modesty".

unfortunately they are,
but they sometimes work sincerely,
journalists are indeed very challenging jobs,
must be brave and responsible

i likes your all blogs & i follow you

thanks for your valuable and informative post.
We can take out a lot of information by your post.
By dint of we can increase our skill that is beneficial for all steemians.
I will always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.
Thanks .

Wow. so beautiful your art i like your post. i wait for your next post carry on your life . all the best @bijoy123

wow great post,thanks for shareing

Why would someone do a thing like that? There's thing people do in this world that I don't agree with. But to kill someone for it? Really? I don't care what kind of journalist this was good or bad, nothing justifies murder like this. Thanks for another great article @v4vapid ! You're the best out there!

journalists are very heavy in work,
many obstacles to be faced,
but this is the risk of their work,
they are willing to do anything for the information to the people.
really noble job journalist

Corruption is like a global tumor ... But the problem is that it has existed for centuries and no one has managed to deal with it ...

Very nice and amazing

Twenty-first century journalism is dying, all that matters to journalists now is money, a tribute to this fighter for raising the banner of defiance in the face of the dominant classes. The word "press" has become synonymous with hypocrisy and fraud. Where are these journalists who were serving the truth with their lives?
The answer is in your topic that they are being killed, but the truth they discovered and published does not die.
You inspired me i will write a topic about The reality of the current media and how it serves the interests of the corrupt

Truthful journalists can make the situation great or can make the whole thing screwed...

I feel sorry for him. That just the world to us, when we are trying to find the truth or something we should do it secretly because some phone are very dangerous and can kill anybody who want to go against them. With my point of view I think the prime minister killed daphne caruana

I see true journalism as the voice of the people, and it pains how some politicians and bad people see their hard work. She lives on! Thanks for doing this @v4paid.

It is such a shame, how Truth can be ... Thanks for sharing @v4vapid

We need more people like her in the world. What a loss for humanity. :(

Even after they were

harassed, intimidated, threatened, sued............

They kept to the truth and layed down their lives for the people and nations they loved. We need more people that are willing to fight the good fight and lay down their life for freedom and truth!