Daily Pet Photography Event - Day - 249.

This is Jade the beautiful green eye cat and you can see why he was named Jade from those eyes they are just dazzling. He lives in my friends air conditioning shop in Bangkok, Thailand i love visiting Jade every time i come to Bangkok he is just a special beautiful cat love his tiger marking.

iPhone 6 - 169.PNG

Category : #dailypetphotography

Camera : iPhone 6

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Fantastic photo! So clear, we can count every hair. I love close-ups like these. How can that cat be anything but sentient? You capture the expressive and "human" quality so well.


Thank you @carolkean he is special cat i love doing them close ups but it doesn't always work out as you know it's hard to try and keep animals stable !!


Indeed. Our "Bob the Bad" hates cameras. Flees at the sight of one, even though it's just a cell phone camera. He knows when it's aimed at him!


Haha...how funny and cute "Bob the Bad" i like that. You would love to know what is going through there mind when your aiming that camera at them to make them flee like that ??