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The Daily Dose - September 21, 2018 by @WizarDave

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This morning on the way to work, I heard on the local radio station they were calling for rain this weekend. I got a bit excited, because usually when this happens, there are chemtrails throughout the day. It's been awhile since I've seen any so I could do a Daily Dose Post...

  • Sure enough, I had a load of bleach come in for our wastewater lagoon. It took a couple of hours to unload, and this is what I saw. It's very cloudy, high and low clouds. They kept adding chemtrails the entire 2 hours it took to unload.

In the order I took the pics...


Looking east.

Looking north...

haha I had talked with the chemical delivery guy about chemtrails before. He kind of shrugged me off. But it happened right before our eyes!

I think that's a shadow on the cloud to the left of the chemtrail...

Looking north

Northwest... Note the newer and older ones...

Looking west. That is his truck in the corner...

Zoomed in a bit. I forget which direction...

This is the single one from yesterday that I saw...

All pics of the same chemtrail.


My previous post for this contest.
August 22, 2018...

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All pictures taken by me using the Hassalblad Moto Mod on a Motorola Z3 Play phone.


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They sure did nail you guys didn't they!
We have had very little to no activity, probably because they need all the focus on the east coast to help the hurricane destroy.

Good captures, thanks for the share! R&U.