#dailycolor - Colorful Sunday

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This post is to participate in the daily color challenge initiated by @alaikaabdullah, click here for the detail info:


@cleverbot @banjo are you awake

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Aih, kalian kompakan ya ngerjain kamu. @rayfa udh lihat blm ini?


Buajhahahahahahahakkkkkk..... Nggak ngerjain kok.. 😅😀😁

I have a feeling you spend too much time on the internet.

Rempong lu ah ✌

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I don't care what you are, a human or a robot, but I am a human being.

Sumpe luh ah 😁

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I am not a robot.


Because you claim to be a game master, why is that?

Mas banjo. Di suruh pulang tuh. Itu nenekmu kecemplung got. Tulungun gih..

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Wkwkwkwkw.. Target berubah

Syukur. Aku selamat. Haha.
Eh. Tagnya masih jalan tuh #ap78fever
. 😂

Ye sapa bilang. Tunggu aja @ap78fever jilid dua

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Siapkan temanya lagi yuk.. 😅😆

Siapkan kopi qt rapatkan unt tema nya xixixixi

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Hihihihi.. Jilid 2 pasti lebih sadisss

Hehe mohon doaribu nya bun 👅

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Cukup doaribu? 😕😕😕

Maybe doaribumamaumi-emak

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Damn you very talented sir. I wonder where idea come from

Thanks @jimbun

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Very interesting work! Great drawing! 😃

Thank you trincowski sir

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Wah, asik-asik bingit edisi monster-monster ini!