A tour from southwestern Poland to Romanian coast: Weekly Update #7

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After seven weeks of our crowdfunding campaign going we managed to raise the total of 35.63 SBD, which is 7.13% of 500 SBD.

This week was pretty slow for my personal blog, as I'm currently involved with the Insaddle Project, which I've founded along with my pal @danielw. In the matter of fact, today is the official launch of the services, so stay tuned for the update that is coming up soon :) In the meantime you can have a look at the project announcement. Thanks!

This time a huge shout out goes to @robmolecule, @jakipatryk, @browery / @lesiopm, @jozef230, @twowheeledmonkey, @jasiu, @worldcapture, @ultrabiker, @spacesheep, @scottcbusiness, @sarmaticus and other amazing people out there! Thanks for the continuous support along the way!

Also I personally like to thank @alexdory and @gabrielatravels for reaching out and offering help :) That means a great deal to us guys! Let's keep them wheels spinning!

I don't know if I've already said that but... you guys are all AWESOME :D

Project stats

The backers amount is back on Fundition.io so this week I'm able to provide the number of those who decided to show us some support :)

35.63 SBD (7.13%) of 500 SBD raised
31 project updates
899 backers

Our vision

We are working hard on the knowledge base for travelers from all around the world (especially bikers). We will be delivering content that is both informative and entertaining. That includes (but is not limited to) handy tips on: how to service your bike and what tools to use, what to take with you on your trip, how to find free/cheap accommodation and washing facilities, what to eat during the trip to keep up the pace, where to cross the country borders etc.

We are committed to making this our full time jobs and since we are passionate about it, we believe we can build a strong community behind our vision.

To find out more about our upcoming trip, you can go to our page on Fundition.io and/or check the trail draft on Steemit.


Your insaddle project sounds amazing. Where can I read more about it? Good luck and when you come to Romania hit me up! I will most likely be staying in Brasov at the time you will come here! :)

EDIT: never mind, just saw you linked it in the chat. Anyways it sounds amazing and wouldn't mind learning more about it from your point of view!

Thanks @holm! This means a lot, coming from a hardcore cyclist like you :D

Are you on Discord by any chance? We could have a chat over there :)

PS. We'd be delighted to hear out some of your thoughts below our latest project update :) Thanks!

I will check it out! My discord name is holm#6624 (I think it's like this, if I'm wrong let me know)
see you there!

Thanks :) Friend request sent!

This is a wonderful opportunity for you and everyone else to see the beauties of this country while doing what we all should do more: exercise.
It is probably the first or second vote that @steemromania casts for non romanians :D
We are waiting for you!

Thanks @steemromania :) Romania is truly beautiful and we can't wait to finally hit the road! We'll be sharing daily reports from the tour through our community account @insaddle so stay tuned :)

It is probably the first or second vote that @steemromania casts for non romanians :D

Haha we're happy to hear that we're pioneers with this :D

All the best to you guys!

It's a pleasure for me to offer help whenever I can. Stay safe! 😊

Much appreciated @gabrielatravels! Thanks we will :)

Nice post and good luck

Thanks @dedarknes :)

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