USA cycle touring across the country - Impressions - One bike, One girl and One hell of a big country

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It has been a few months since I have been back, and I am really and truely starting to feel back home ... the body clock is back to Brisbane Timezone, the weekend was spent at activisms on Saturday (Sea Shepherds and Human Meat) and Frothfest at the coast on Sunday with a cruisy (and now a usual) pedal from Brissy to Gold Coast, shower at the beach and drone flights over the majestic ocean, and friends all the vegan and 'vegan in transition' 😛😅😉 amazing souls.... good standard Aussie weekend with good mates, good food, good fitness hit, good read, good music and the beach.... ☀️🌊

that's when it is about that time to allow yourself to reassess and summaries the most recent adventure....


153 hours spent pedalling in a space of 3 weeks, 3000kms covered by bike, 16000m of climbing.... ok, ok, the month of September was actually pretty epic with the width of the country (USA) about 4000-4500kms... cycling 2/3 or 3/4 (depends where you are looking) across the country is still not a bad effort especially considering the silly 30kg set up this brilliant mind decided to embrace during most recent solo, unsupported tour... haha... 3000kms is not that bad at all, especially considering a year ago that seemed like a bit of a hazy dream over a reality... but hey , reality is all imaginary and simply in the moment and whatever each one of us chooses to make of it....


Los Angeles 🚗Las Vegas 🚗 National Parks of Utah 🚗 Denver 🚴🏻‍♀️Kansas 🚴🏻‍♀️Springfield 🚴🏻‍♀️Chicago 🚴🏻‍♀️ Pittsburgh 🚴🏻‍♀️Washington DC

Hmmm.... the trip did not go 100% according to plan, but does it ever? You can plan all you want sometimes, but last minute there could be something that just gives you a bit of a shake and now you can't go way X, you have to come up with a way Z instead. Multiple times it happened this trip...But then can you still be satisfied with the result? Can you consider the challenge completion successful? ...
I don't know 🤷🏻‍♀️ Depends on your definition of success I think...
Did it all go according to plan? "No" ❎
Did you do what you intended to do? "Depends the way you look at it... less Kms then intended ❎, but completed safely ✅. ( haha, and yea, I am the kind of person, which gets bothered by it🙈🤔, the missing kms that is 😅🙈)
Completed coast to coast solo journey across the continent only relying on own ability and resources available.... ✅ ...yes, but are we ever truly alone? ...there is beauty in that fact, that we always have someone somewhere, that perfect person tends to be at the right place and the right time! 🙏🏼 Thank you, universe for giving me everything I need at the exact time when I needed it! ✨


There is One question which is valuable to ask is:
Did you grow through the experience? Did your understanding of the world, of another culture, of another life changed? Did you get a new appreciation of your place in the world and even did you, perhaps, find a new way you can make this planet a better place? Did you discover new passions which others can benefit from, did you learn new lessons others can hear about and have no need to repeat your mistakes ? Did you become slightly better in more ways then one?! ..... I guess this isn't a 'one question', but the answer is an infinite YES to them all ✅


Thank you for the experience America , from illegal drugs over the counter in day light in a petrol station outside Chicago , to Amish people riding 🐴 horses and buggies, from prayer circles in tiny towns hidden away deep in Kansas state to older men in Los Angeles, who are trying to convince you to come and party at their boat 🛥 , as they claim such to be a must experience for a young girl in Hollywood.... From Guns , to God, to no abortion signs, infinite fields of corn 🌽 and mystical forests 🌳 , friendly police officers 👮 and elderly man 👴 singing to me outside of Walmart, simply because he wanted to share his passion with me..... the adventure is forever unpredictable and unknown, until you actually get up and do it...

Slightly modified route...but still an epic trip for sure! Slightly modified girl, with once again ignited desire and passion to discover all, to challenge self, to show how easy it is to be plant based and simply to explore the world and find your own place in it.


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yey! Thank you :)

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I love it! I dream of doing a tour like that. I've only done weekend tours so far but I never want to turn back around towards home...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing your adventure and incredible photographs. I joined steemit recently and am a cycling enthusiast. So far my longest rides have been centuries. I'd love to do a tour! The @thankyoubicycle group is great for finding inspiring cyclists. I'll be following your blog. Say hello if you want to connect. #fullsteemahead