How to join SteemIt Cycling Community aka Thank You Bicycle :)

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We receive few messages with same question: How do I join? So we decided to give you few hints on that :)

Actually - it's quite simple: say that you are member - and you are :)
SteemIt is decentralized society and Cycling Community is completely decentralized.
Anyone can be member, anyone can participate, anyone can contribute. You are free to be member or to stop being member of Cycling Community at any time, it is completely your decision.

As a self-proclaimed member you can use provided banners or make your own. It would be nice that banner lead to @ThankYouBicycle account or to an search connected with cycling or bicycle in general, for example but it is not obligatory. At the end of this text you can find two sizes of banner you can use freely.

As a member you can help Cycling Community. Possibilities are numerous and this is just example, you are free to chose something out of list, however you find acceptable for you:

  • Being passive member is completely acceptable, no one will judge you: Riders can be lone wolfs and we respect that!
  • Writing about cycling, your experiences, rides, bicycles, wishes: Write, post photos, stories, videos.
  • Posting through main account: If you want to post something through main account - @ThankYouBicycle you can do it. Send your work to [email protected] and it will be posted.
  • Connecting with other cyclists on SteemIt: Share experience and rides if you are near. Communicate, be friends. One day at long ride you will have somebody to meet and talk with. On that ride without spare, you will have somebody to call. Remember - only thing more fun then cycling is cycling in good company!
  • Commenting posts of other cyclists: It is not matter if they are members or not. We support cycling, not members ;)
  • Upvoting according to your preferences, taste and abilities: We do not want you to vote all articles, or at least one per day, or whatever other groups require from their members. NO! Your vote is your and we do not want to tell you where to spend it. But if you find something worth of your vote, please - do upvote fellow cyclist
  • Resteem post you find valuable: Again, it is your blog, we do not want to make that decision instead of you, but if you like it, resteem is really appreciated.
  • Share on other social media: Right now, we are sharing all posts to Twitter and from recently to Pinterest. We are thinking about Facebook and other platforms in near future. You can do the same. If you like some post, share it on your social platform.

And off course - if you have an idea - share it with Community. We will post it and do our best to support you as much as we can. Also, if some other member have an idea and you find it a good one - support it as much as you can.

We DO NOT support:
Plagiarism of any kind.
You can post news, posts, photos, videos created by somebody else, but give author a proper credit.

Zero tolerance for any religious, political, race, sex or any other intolerance against other members and non-members. Especially intolerance to type of bike or type of ride somebody prefers ;)

Being rude and inpolite
Obviously ;)

That's all - if you like what we are doing, feel free to join SteemIt Cycling Community and help making this world one big cycling track!!

At very end - one more thing: A little poll :)

While scanning database last night, we found NSFW post related to cycling...sort of related: young lady does not look like cyclist at all, but she is on bicycle and, apparently, she likes bicycles very much... except bicycle she does not have anything else - she is completely naked ;)

So our poll is:
Should we resteem NSFW post, especially those with erotic material that are related to cycling in general?
We leave this to all of you to decide, and we will have simple decision process - if anyone is against it, we will not do it. If you have some point of no return, for example: erotica - yes, pornography - no, feel free to leave your opinion in the comment.

Thank you very much, trully yours @ThankYouBicycle


Adobe Spark.jpg

All photos including our profile and cover image are taken from under CC0 Creative Commons license. If we made mistake and used any photo without proper credit or without permission, please notify us.
Banner is designed by one of our members and it is given to community under CC0 Creative Common license to be freely downloaded, used and modified by anyone.


I didn't know there was a cycling community here until I saw a recent post by @craigtransforms where I saw your comment and the link to your page.
I'd love to get on-board with the cycling community here.

I do a training log almost every day but I haven't logged my rides so far. I'll start logging them from tomorrow.

I'm a cyclist from way back, it's in my blood.

Great project!

Bikes are so awesome especially because they are so sustainable. I hope a lot more people start to ride bikes and I think the electric bike revolution will help that!

I see you have no responses to the poll yet but I say YES resteem for SURE if its an original and quality post! Nudity is as natural as it gets and just like we need a LOT MORE PEOPLE RIDING BIKES we also need a LOT MORE PEOPLE BEING OK WITH NUDITY!

Thank you very much for your kind word. We know that opinions related to electric bikes are somehow opposite among cyclists, but we find them quite amusing and useful. More than few cyclists who are regularly using e-bikes have medical issues which could prevent them from enjoying cycling. As we are concerned, as long as there is no additional polluting, every little help is allowed ;)

Yes obviously man powered is healthier and MORE sustainable but its far better to ride an E bike than anything else. It will catch on and there will be FAR more e bikers than regular bikers in 10 years.

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I am a member! :)

Hi - new member here... Cycling is such a big part of my life and I want to blog about it proportionately. I am interested in training and long challengng rides, Strava and TrainerRoad. But also in safety, campaigning and re-establishing the bike as a mainstream transport choice for short urban journeys in cities outside The Netherlands and Denmark.

Awesome to see a cycling community here!! And now proudly a part of it.
I am a commuter cyclist and make cycling videos!!
Thanks for the upvote and resteem!!
Cheers and safe ride!!

We are glad to hear that, it is always joy to meet another cyclist :)

I didn't know of such community here on steemit until you actually came across my page - me posting about bicycle on a vehicle photography challenge. This is great!

Good project. Good luck!

I am a member :)

Good idea, we can sharing information about cycling among us bike lovers

Is there a discord channel dedicated to cycling? I'm trying to join discord (finally) and it appears I need an invitation code to join servers. I don't know how it works...

This ia great, I would like to join! I’m cycling to and from work most of the week.

Oh and regarding the poll ... pics must have (atleast) a cycle and the humans there should have their privates covered!!
In my opinion a little bit to the imagination is always good!!

We agree, however, that account seams to stop promoting cycling (and nudity too to be honest)
If we ever found another example of such cycling creativity, we will gladly resteem it :)

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