Diaries of an addict #4 - MTBs belong to the mountains not the roads - part 4

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Top of the mount Mil - 3035m above sea level

Hello everyone

Where was i ? ... Aha! Next to the peak. Less than 10 meters away, so tired...


After resting for a few minutes, i took my bike and and climbed the little rock that was the peak of the mountain. It was the hardest part, i had my bike in one hand and grabbing the rock with the other one, but fortunately it wasn't tall, just more than a meter.

And... i was there! I reached the top, i was the highest creature (except for few birds ,ahhhhh....) in that region. Everything was below me. Every man was far from reaching me, far below, far behind, and most probably, my bike was the firs bike to be on top of that mountain and most probably not the last.



After resting a little bit and drinking water and few dates, i started taking photos. The first photo in this post is my favorite, is what i wanted when i told my self "I should take a photo of the bike on top of that mountain". The goal was as simple as that. Then i reached that awkward moment when you have reached your goal, felt the joy and now you don't know what to do next, in fact, you're so tired that you don't want to do anything after that.

This was the part that many thoughts came to my mind, some deep, some ridiculous, pretty much anything. Thinking of staying on the peak for ever, cycling all the way down the mountain carelessly, just jumping of the cliff and end it while i'm top, some sad thoughts, like remembering and thinking about those who came here and are no longer with us, like the guy who died on an accident and they have put a stone as a memorial to him. Though i'd never seen the guy, but it's sad.


Watching the world for up there, was interesting and confusing. All the big problems that i had when i was down there, felt so small, and i forgot many of them. All the things that human had made, was so small. For a moment i wasn't worried about anything, i felt so higher than every problem, every obstacle, but it didn't last long, i knew i have to leave all this joy and pleasure behind and go down there again and face those tiny, ridiculous problems which is LIFE.


Thinking about going back, made realize how tired i am. I took the water based on the last time i tried to come here with my friend which was just before the spring. The weather was much cooler and better. This was the time that i realized for summer time, this amount of water is not enough. i had about 700ml water and something between 10-15 km ahead.


After about half an hour on the peak, i convinced my self that i should go back. Though it was downhill, but the bike made it so hard to climb down the mountain. At this part, i was soooooooooo tired that i didn't have enough energy to take out my camera out of my bag to take photos. When reached the bottom of the mountain, i saw the place i was looking for before going up, which made me happy. It was a good place to rest a little bit under the shadow of the trees.



This was the last resting spot before reaching water. The rocky river bed that was hard and kind of impossible to bike on toward the mountain (because of the uphill incline) was easier to cycle on. I tried to take the most out of it and rode my bike where ever possible. I was so tried that i didn't care about thorns or small rocks, i just wanted to reach home. I was so close to the main road when i felt like there is something wrong with the bike. i didn't care about it till i reached the main road. Then i realized i can't bike any more.


That was something i was expecting bu i wasn't prepared for.



If you look at the last photo closely, you can spot one of the thorns that punctured my bike. Fortunately this happened close to the main road, so i called my father who was about 4 km away, and after to help me. My father came and i put the bike on the back of the car and everything was over. I was down there facing and struggling with small problems again...

The End

Thanks for reading this, i'll be happy to hear your opinion, critique in the comments.

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Great post and beautiful pictures. Hope it was worth the effort to get on the top of the mountain. Mostly it is hard work, but I like the feeling I get when finally reach a peak and look at amazing views. Then I think it was worth the effort... every time :-)


Thanks! Surly it was worth it, but maybe this one last time (with the bike) because i couldn't use it most of the time.

Yeah, the feeling is great, made me think about staying there for a while...

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Incredible adventure, thanks for sharing! I do love that first photo especially.


Thanks! Yeah first photo is my favorite too, that's why i put it first. :)