Neoxian's Dark and Subtle Cyberpunk Art Contest!

in cyberpunk •  8 months ago

Hey all! I'm back again with another contest, but this time, instead of writing, it's an art contest!

For this art contest, we are returning to the Cyberpunk genre. See my previous post on an explaination of what cyberpunk is:

Ok for this contest, what I want you to do is create a work of art in cyberpunk style. It could be a pencil sketch, water color, acrylic, mixed media and/or digital work.

The art should be primarily your own work

If you use a reference, please state clearly and give credit for the reference. If you are incorporating another artwork/photo etc from someone else, please state that and credit that source.

In addition to displaying your work, you should give a brief description on how it was made, perhaps showing a step-by-step progression.

The artwork will be judged on three criteria:

  • How awesome and amazing or cool it is.
  • How well you describe the process of creating the art.
  • How original the artwork is.

No plagiarism please.

I'll be checking the images for originality, and I often have experienced curators visit my blog. Any foul play will certainly be detected sooner or later.

Ok, create a post with your art and description and link to that post below. You have until 7 days, when this post pays out. The prize is 10 SBD, 100% vote, and a resteem for the winner. I'll probably give some runners up 50% votes.

Ok good luck and happy drawing!

(pic from

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What an awesome theme :D.

My entry

My entry for the contest:

Good luck everyone ! \o/

no doubt ,,its gonna be a contest that will so helpful for all steem user through art contest.////really its so usefull way to help users and link with art community by challenge ....thanks for your content

@adelair I need you to win this! Go del ha ha


OMG I want in! <3

The contest is so cool i wish i know how to draw

Good luck to all those who are going to participate, I can not because I do not have the gift. So, success!

Wow brilliant contest... Golden opportunity to see steemit artists, cartoonists and creators and followers of Neoxian.

I'm completely dull in respect of drawing!
Btw, good luck guys!

wow so cool i draw a little but i don't think i can do this lol


Wow so cool i draw
A little but i don't think
I can do this lol

                 - ehisoria

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I am so going to jump on this, no clue how to draw but will try a Dystopian scenery.

@artgirl where are you 😁

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I'm missing in action. 😂 What, I spent 12hrs or more to submit that long entry to a writing contest. I need a break. 😂😂😂

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Sounds exciting !

the red touch is beautiful

Dream great, pity not to draw! Good luck to everyone!

Great contest , it will be awesome:)

oh MAN! wish i would have seen this sooner!!! why am i now just seeing this 10 day old post on my feed? i could make a hypercube neoxian dragon with a vaporwave background though hehehe

Awww, This contest is amazing! I wish I could draw.😆
Good luck!

I would have loved to have entered this! ❤️ Shame I didn’t catch it as is often the case with all the fun contests.

Good luck to all!

Highly rEsteemed!