Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


I feel like the unnerving part of robots is when you have something very human but can just see a hint of the mechanical beneath. It seems to speak to our existential angst over the physical nature of our bodies.

Point is you creeped me out, bravo, heh.

I ran into that same thing today at the post office, @fromage. The woman who waited on me, I swear, was just not quite human... something missing inside. Though she was trying her darnedest to appear human.

existential angst ! .... very thoughtful, yeah, i can kinda see what you mean, fromie !

and sorry for creeping you out :D ..... i mean :(.......



This is totally badass. Actually I don't think is that creepy, instead they all seem very peaceful to me. But it IS certainly a striking image! Like a sudden slap in the lumbar region ☆(#~ ° x °) ~

Whoa look at that video, you just dished out cute girls, one after another, like it's easy to do. The theme is a bit creepy, but the drawing is very nice nevertheless :D.

Good luck spideroo!


i was dying by the time i had to make the fourth one, scrawleroo, you donno it but i was literally wailing on the desk, making saddest awuuu sounds like "what did i get myself into and why did i have to draw so many and fml i will have to shade and detail all of these later and why do i torture myself so...." etc

it was pretty epic. dorky but epic, still, y'know.


i love your entry ! GOOD LUCK SCRAWLEROO !

This is a great entry. And dolls are very cyberpunk, no worries there.

Thanks, @neoxian !!! I am glad dolls fit in the genre cuz i love 'em XD

Amazing drawing! Kinda reminded me of bladerunner.

wowowow, really??? thanks !! i love that movie, man ! <3

a lot of people and details <3 <3
it should have taken time....
btw, great way to go from cyberpunk to cyborgs xD, i wouldn't have though about that xD
good luck on the contest, my friend :D

i was regretting putting so many girls in one piccar by the middle of it, danya XD lol

and the word cyborg comes from "cyb-ernetic org-anism" so you see, that's the root of the word !! they share the root word of "cyber" from "cybernetic"..... which you know, comes from a greek word, κυβερνητικός (which means: "skilled in steering or governing")

words are funny like that :D

and thank you~

Very interesting drawing!

thank you :>

No, stay awake! Because I need weirder and creepier!

b...but i slept already :D now is back awake yay \o/

Hi veryspider,

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Aw, they look like they're being trafficked somewhere by people smugglers and SVU just busted in and found them.

choo seems to watch lots of crime tv? but yeah, i can see the svu in this, totes


Wait, download consciousnesses?! What if they start mixing and you have 50% one consciousness and then 30% of another and then... etc...

I'm going to start calling you Redips. You know why? Because that spells Spider backwards. XD

you're not the first one XD red ips



This reminds me of the recent popular game Detroit become human where the android replaces broken parts of his body from other dead androids.

oooh, i heard about that game, but i haven't played any games for a while now.... is it good? :D

I haven't played the game yet, but based on the clips that I've watched in youtube, it is interesting and looks good. There are 3 playable android characters with different backgrounds and the flow of the story will depend on your decisions you've made. Also the characters have a possibility to die if you made a wrong decision.

It is creepy but cool at the same time. I feel scared that if I look long enough, their eyes would suddenly open and I would be running for my life.

Batteries not included?! Booooo. lol Even if they are hollow the shell would cost an arm and a leg to buy. They should at least give free batteries hehehe

aaaaaaaaah noooo i had a dream once that my drawing started to move on their own and were saying really bad awful things to me and i was like, imma tear the paper up, you gonna be so sorry !!!! etc. and then? i dont remember, but i remember waking up super angry and i jumped off the bed to tear papers apart???


.... you are absolutely right, they should at least come with free batteries, but no, apparently no such luck in the capitalist future :(

😲😲 That is not a dream, that is a nightmare!!!

hahaha that is funny how you woke up you went to tear the papers apart. If that was me, I would have burnt them lol

This looks amazing @veryspider <3
Love the design...oooohhh

Amazing work @veryspider!
Nice to meet you.

hello, hello o/ thank you very much and nice to meet you too :D

It's a little creepy, but in a good way. Actually makes one think.
Amazing drawings!

Thank you ! I am happy to hear that :D :D :D

What a beautiful and simultaneously eerie shells of people

Thank you kindly <3 Your comments are so lovely and well considered <3

Hi @veryspider,

I love this piece. The process is amazing. Definitely think the "horror" side brings it to another level. Even if not intended as such.

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owowow thank you ranwan <3 i donno what more to say about the piece, ... hmm, i guess after receiving all the feedback and comments, i guess i would like to say that the thing i love about sci-fi or cyberpunk themes are like... the concepts it challenges us to contemplate about. like, i have been reflecting how scifi uses symbols and elements to tell stories with. like, like, uh.... i have been starting to think about how much more 'disposable' we would be, if we have the ability to discard our bodies and / or body parts easily. Anyway, yeah! I think there are rooms for thoughts in certain themes that I had not explored before!!!

i also apologize again for the horror contents of hollowed out girls with their spinal columns visible.....

I was very impressed. I went through your post from the video to the text, that is, backwards. Dammed! She is killing 20 virgins!! I Kind of ritual to celebrate the dead of the adolescence, or maybe the sequel of the Sherezade's post from @scrawly? In any case, It has been a terrible week for this young 2D ladies piccars: Almost thousands of them died! Need to call Dr Freud...
DId you get the cyberpunk prize with your girl's sacrifice?

donno yet XD i guess the contest runner is going to have to sit down and look at all of the entries and then judge then make a decision and so on

might take a bit of time :>

Congrats!! You got the Jack PoT this time!!

Thank you :D :D :DDDDD