Curie Weekly Update (12th August 2018 to 19th August 2018)

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  • In the spirit of Curie's transparency, we wish to use this weekly section as an ongoing development blog on this community project. It will serve to communicate our progress on top of the many casual exchanges happening in Curie’s server on discord.

  • For those new to Curie, please follow @curie, and join us on Discord:

  • Follow @curie's votes to support the authors. Please consider following our trail and voting for curated authors. If you are a SteemAuto user, @curie is an available trail to follow.

Comment Contest

Earn up to 10 Steem weekly by commenting on Curie upvoted posting (see #approved_posts channel or for list of Curie upvoted posts). You can read this post to learn more .

Sub-community support list & updates

We are maintaining this list in every edition of Weekly Curie for transparency.
Gaming: @rasamuel and @geekgirl
Education: @hanshotfirst
Homesteading: @papa-pepper and @mericanhomestead
Science: @justtryme90 and @LeMouth
Italian curators: @thenightflier and @bhuz
Brazilian curators: @maxjoy
Malaysian curators: @bitrocker2020 and @awesomianist
Myanmar: @kachinhenry and @patricksanlin
Nigerian curators: @misterakpan, @thatdamiguy, @dorth and @dante31
Indonesia: @aiqabrago and @levycore
Thailand / Laos: @tookta and @ricko66
Music: @edje and@mammasitta
Spanish: @vadimlasca and @elfranz
Direct curators: @alcibiades, @teofilex11,@carlgnash,@markangeltrueman,@milosm2302 and @liberosist

(This curation is independent of Curie's general curation works)

Weekly Statistics

Over the last week, Curie curated a total of 120 posts at an average of 17 posts per day.
This number does not include Sub-community curation.


The latest posts upvoted by curie are published on You can consider checking the guild page once in a while to read them and also show some love to the authors.

An author showcase is also available. It brings to light some of the best posts to have received curie votes during the week. You can find the latest edition here.

During the week we had a post by @curious3301 resteemed, be sure to check it out.


The Top Curators list will dynamically change weekly depending on performance. Anybody will be able to rise up the ranks with consistent, quality curation. Inconsistent, low-quality curation will result in dropping out of Top curators list(or regular curation, if under-performance continues). Exceptional long-term top curators transition to direct curation.

This week, we have upvoted 120 posts submitted by curators in, with 960 STEEM to be paid out to curators.

CuratorCurator ScoreApproval RatingPost Submitted

If you would like to delegate to Curie you can do so by clicking on the following links:
50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Note: All author rewards from this post will be used to fund Curie. Join us on Discord, vote for @curie as a witness and follow us @curie!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hello friends of @curie I am new in this platform and I want to develop my knowledge in health matters, since I have, a small potential to put in practice skills for the contribution of information that can be useless to some users. I would like to know if I qualify for this wonderful community project, my kind regards.

I'm first time using this plateform and don't know much about it. But I'll love to be a part of it. @curie

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Congrats on being on top this week @randomwanderings ! And how cool to see your name pop up here @veryspider :)

Thanks to @anomadsoul making me "A whale for a day" by following my vote while he is traveling, my vote will be followed directly by his vote with the same percentage. So thanks to this you will receive a much higher upvote than I could give with my own Steem Power.

Thank you for such detailed report, I am already one year in Steemit and it is nice to see that Curie curation trail is still there and getting bigger and busier. I must say thank you for those who grounded the project and still working hard on daily combing the Steemit to get the best posts for curation. Thank you, ALL who are involved in Currie curation for being there and for transparency in your curation process :)

congratulations to all those voted for this great project!

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