Curie Comment Contest - Announcement Post (August 5th, 2018)

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  • In the spirit of Curie's commitment to building community and fostering engagement on the Steem blockchain, we are pleased to present a weekly contest administered from the @curie blog.

  • For those new to Curie, please follow @curie, and join us on Discord:

  • Follow @curie's votes to support the authors. Please consider following our trail and voting for curated authors. If you are a SteemAuto user, @curie is an available curation trail to follow.

Curie Comment Contest

Earn Steem by commenting on posts upvoted by @curie!*

*Only posts which receive a "big" @curie vote through Curie curator/reviewer operations are eligible for this comment contest:

  • Visit to see a record of the most recent posts upvoted through Curie curator/reviewer operations and leave thoughtful comments on them for your chance to win!
  • @curie also leaves an automated comment on all posts upvoted through Curie curator/reviewer operations, so alternatively you can visit the @curie blog comments to find eligible upvoted posts to comment on.

How do I sign up?

There is no need to sign up. Simply commenting on posting upvoted through Curie curator/reviewer operations makes you eligible for the Curie Comment Contest.

The contest week will run from Sunday 15:01 UTC through Sunday 15:00 UTC

Curie will use an algorithm that evaluates comments on both quantitative and qualitative metrics. This means that in addition to the number of Curie-upvoted posts that you comment on, the quality of your comments will also factor into the score.


Win up to 10 Steem!

Curie Comment Contest winners will be announced in a weekly post every Monday (starting Monday, August 13th to announce the winners for this coming week). In addition to the prize payout structure outlined below, the weekly champion will receive an honorary role for the week in the Curie Discord server of "Comment Champion". Bragging rights!

1st place (Curie Comment Champion): 10 Steem
1st Runner Ups (2 payout positions): 5 Steem each
2nd Runner Ups (2 payout positions): 3 Steem each
Honorable Mentions (12 payout positions): 2 Steem each

Total weekly prize pool: 50 Steem/ 17 payout positions

Spam Comments will NOT be rewarded

The comment history of all winners will be manually reviewed for spam before any prizes are paid out. Short generic comments that could have been left without reading the post will not qualify for the Curie Comment Contest. Examples of spam comments include (but are not limited to): "Nice post"; "I like your post"; "Nice picture"; "Good song"; "Great story", etc.


A few words of advice on leaving good, thoughtful comments

- tell the post author what in specific you liked about the post, why you liked it and/or how it made you feel. If your comment is so generic that it could have been left without reading the post, it will not qualify for the Curie Comment Contest.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

So what are you waiting for? Start reading those Curie-upvoted posts and leaving thoughtful comments already!

Baseline Comments Stats

Here are some statistics on commenting on Curie upvoted posting for the 4 week period starting Sunday, July 1st through Sunday, July 29th. After the Curie Comment Contest has been running for 4 weeks we will revisit these statistics to see what kind of difference in engagement with the curated authors the contest has made!

curie divider 900px.png

If you would like to delegate to Curie you can do so by clicking on the following links:

50 SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Note: All author rewards from this post will be used to fund Curie. Join us on Discord, vote for @curie as a witness and follow us @curie!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Great idea. @abh12345 is already running a similar challenge. He's doing it in his own "steam" which is highly commendable. Having benefited by one curie two weeks ago, for which I am grateful, I'll be following this initiative @curie


@curie actually sponsor the Engagement League, I just top the prize pool up a little :)

I'd like to think this initiative was born out of the EL, and will surely spark traditional engagement on @curie voted posts - nice!


HAHAHA! Ooops. Did I miss that glaring fact. I'm sure it will spark engagement. Thanks for clarifying @agh12345


Yeah I can confirm that the seed of the idea came by way of @abh12345's Engagement League, and before that, the Stewards of Gondor / @fulltimegeek, and was formed further through my experiences running a similar comment contest for @c-squared. BTW just to toot my own horn I also sponsored Asher's league out of my own "steam" for a good while myself personally :) I love Asher!


So a big thank you to you too @carlgnash! Wow. Such inspiring people on this platform. I only joined the League a few weeks ago but slowly getting to know the different personalities. Thank you for filling me in

What a brilliant initiative to build more engagement for these deserving authors! I'm really looking forward to taking part this week, and will also spread the word, as this is something that newbies to the platform can take part in, find brilliant new connections and possibly grow their account if they are successful. Brilliant. Let the games begin!
E x


Yes you are hitting on one of the cool aspects of this, not only will it be a boon to the curated authors to have more actual genuine human comments on their post, but absolutely this will be a great way for new users to network and "get on the radar" of other more established users who are also participating in the contest. Have fun commenting!


I will, thank you Carl- you too! E x

Nice idea. Those numbers don't seem very difficult to beat, especially with so many enthusiastic souls here.

What is the best way to search for the posts that you want meaningful comments on? I only recently started following curie.


Sure as listed in the post you can visit which displays the posts upvoted by Curie curator/reviewer operations (as well as listing the curator who submitted the post). The arrows at the bottom of the page allow you to go back through the upvote history.

The @curie account also leaves an automated comment on all posts upvoted through curator/reviewer operations (these are the only comments this account makes) so you can just visit

I anticipate once this contest is up and rolling the weekly comment numbers will exceed the prior 4-week numbers :)

This is unspeakably marvelous but isn't that gonna be alot of work going through curie's comment section to source for the posts. Well, I'm gonna give a trial.
This is gonna be lots of fun you know.
Even if I don't win, comment on curied post can create a good steemit relationship between the poster and I😂😂😂

OK. Contest here we go! Fasten your seatbelt! The drive has just begun!


That is what I want to hear :) That is really the point - even if you don't win, you got to read and comment on some awesome posts, hopefully get to meet some new Steem-ians, and generate some more engagement for yourself in the process :) Good luck!


Yeah. Thanks. Let us begin! 😘😍

That's an excellent initiative @curie!

As part of the fortunate ones that has been curie-upvoted in the past, I can say that it is a little weird to see 500 upvotes in your post and less than 10 real comments.

Hopefully this contest will help the community bonding (although we should do this without prices to expect) with a win-win process (the commenters get to read quality posts and the authors to feel double appreciated).

And now something that I like to do anyway might give me a price :)


Yes I have always been a little sad myself in the past when I re-visit a post that got a Curie and see just a couple of (mostly automated) comments on it. Agreed that it would be great to see more engagement without resorting to contests / promise of payment, but this contest will definitely help!

This is interesting. I adore contests so i know this one would also be fun.


Awesome I hope you participate! The good thing about this contest is the posts you get to read and comment on are all good posts :)


Yeah...true. I have had fun reading curied posts in the past. Let the fun continue!

So nice curie.

This contest will cause me to be a great reader of different posts on steemit.
This time I will top a contest, because when I look at the previous statistics from 1st to 29th July, I see the maximum number of posts about 200 easy to beat, since curie's 500 may not be counted.

Let the contest begin.


Yeah the current comment counts are not hard to beat, but there will be a lot more commenters now with this contest :) I want to point out though that # of comments is not the only metric - we are looking at a few ways to measure the quality of comments as well, and also manually reviewing comment histories of winning placements. So make sure you are leaving good, relevant thoughtful comments to have best chances of winning. Good luck!

I can only hope to see in the coming weeks that auto reply message no longer being in the top for the most part. It is nice to see a couple of humans on the list as well.

This week I’m going to challenge myself to leaving at least 20 comments on such blogs. I hope others take up the challenge and perform much better than I do!


Noice! Have fun commenting!

So cool! Thank you @curie for making this possible .. Although I will be gone for a few days this week, I'll do my best to participate ..


Did you see that you were the 5th highest (non form/auto comment) commenter on Curie upvoted posts in the 4 week period in July? :)


Lol, I didn't thanks haha. I love these contests, and I have notice so many more people are engaging since I joined c-squared and entered the contest.. Many new followers that are actually also interested in reading my posts, and vice versa <3


Yeah the @c-squared contest has been a total success. I see so much engagement coming out of that curation effort now. Makes perfect sense to do similar with Curie. Really it is good for everyone - good for the authors who get more eyes reading their posts and commenting, good for commenters to find new (quality) authors on the platform and possibly earn by commenting, and good for Curie to get more eyes on our curation effort. Win win win :)


Yes, I totally agree! Only following a trail will not make you actually read the posts, or look at the sometimes stunning pictures or artworks. I have found many new members that I now follow thanks to these engagement contests. I enjoy them a lot!

This is such a great idea to get people engaging to each other. We all should know that steemit is not only writing and voting, but an important factor on steemit is engaging. So this is a wonderful idea. And because curie only gives the 'big curie vote' to exceptional posts, it is no punishment either to keep an eye on the upvote feed.


Yeah I couldn't agree more on all your points Hetty!

I like this idea. I think I might go check out some of those posts when I get a chance.


That is what I like to hear! I hope you do :)


Thanks. I just need to let my vote power recharge a bit. I got to loose with the upvote botton for a few days and now I'm pretty low but I just generally don't like to comment on posts without voting on them.

I guess it's gonna be a fun and interesting contest! I'll do my best to participate :)

Another great idea which to me has the markings of @abh12345's Curation League and @carlgnash's c-squared commenting contest initiative all over it :) Awesome to see that "commenting challenges" are popping up all over; what a way to make what's really important on steemit even more important! Thanks @curie :)


Yup you have guessed the pedigree correctly :) At this point you can make a decent small chunk of Steem weekly if you really dedicate yourself to commenting and engagement between the various contests! Which I think is great. Good commenting has long been the most under-rewarded form of adding value to the platform.


haha I thought so @carlgnash! Actually, I've been rewarded nicely from you and Asher these past few weeks and have been saying the same. Thanks again Carl 😅

Cool... I like this page very ... I hope you go more up :)
And Hi from Estonia :)


Hey @foxkoit good to see you here :)


Hi :) I try come more... I just must give lot upvotes out.
And how is your day there ? :)

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if I cancel delegate should I wait for 7days or I will get my sp on the same day. it will be helpful if you add a link to the details about delegation.


only delegate if you want to support Curie and have SP to spare - any delegated amount will be unavailable to you while delegated and for 7 days after undelegation, that is standard on Steem blockchain


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I guess @carlgnash, you're the one answering here. So, start commenting on the posts that curie has upvoted and that's it. Got it. You guys really are going to town on the engagement front with the sponsorships and this contest and the other one. Thanks for all of it, in addition to the upvotes. Very rewarding and definitely a part of the best work and projects happening on STEEM (in my very humble opinion, of course). I guess in the modern vernacular that would be IMVHOOC. :)


Yeah, the one clarifying point is that the @curie account also casts a lot of small votes through trailing sub-communities, and through direct curation. The contest is specifically intended for the main ("big" Curie) curator/reviewer operations. Those are the upvotes that appear at and also the only upvotes that the @curie account leaves an automated comment on the post.

And thanks! We at Curie are excited to see how this goes and I really think it will make a difference in terms of the impact of our curation effort on authors beyond just a big upvote. While I have ya here, let me take a second to thank you for being such an awesome guy and friendly presence in the comments of so many posts! You put some serious work in to engagement and it is great to see! Cheers - Carl


That's very kind of you to say @carlgnash. Made my day right there. :) I think you might be confusing me with janton in terms of "so many posts" but I I have been enjoying where the week takes me with Asher's league in mind. I think I benefit just as much as anyone else might for my efforts.

Okay, so big curie vote. Well, you said if we followed the comments of curie that would work, too. If it does, I'll just start doing that. I have to admit, there's a lot of great content you guys find, and a lot of it is out of commenting league. :) We'll see, though. Might just have to go back to school or something.

que maravilloso, fantástico.

Before I get all commenty, what exactly needs to be done to be noticed by @curie. I've used the "curie" tag and posted in the post promotion section on discord, though not always.

I know I have some great content, that's for sure-perhaps, not so much of late.

I know you don't do religion and politics I think, but what else?

Hopefully, I don't hear "post great content and we will find you" 😑

That aside, great job.

This is a great idea! @curie

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.