submission of my proposal as a special curator in health content

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body and soul health is very important in life. because health can be made as a measuring tool for a person's level of well-being. so not only money can be made as a measuring device. without the knowledge of the community, and over time, many diseases will come. like cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, and so on. of course this will cause complications for other diseases.

  • for example in the case of cholesterol.

cholesterol is a chronic disease. the disease that arises in a long time. when someone often consumes fried foods, then over time will cause LDL fat in the body to increase. or what is often referred to as bad fat. actually often consume fried foods, it doesn't matter. however, many fried food sellers manage food with oil repeatedly. this will cause cholesterol to increase.

when cholesterol increases, it will cause buildup in blood vessels. thus causing blood flow to become blocked. if this continues, there will be other complications such as stroke, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and kidney failure.

my goal is to be a curator

want to add awareness and public knowledge on the platform steem to the importance of health. because with the development of the times, health has become a thing that is very much not paid attention to by many people. The people are too busy with their work and are trapped in unhealthy habits.

proof of my potential in the health field

I graduated from the North Aceh Regency Government Health Academy, Indonesia. in nursing and graduated in 2016.





and now I work at the maternal hospital in the city of Lhokseumawe. I have worked for more than 1 year.




at steemit I have joined for over 2 years. and has posted as many as 3934 posts. Some of my posts talk about health, and I've been in the @air-clinic community. Air-clinic community specifically for users who discuss health. here are some of my links that discuss health.

the plan that I want to carry out.

if my proposal is accepted, I will create a special community for health. I will invite many people who join in it. anyone can join. not only in medical health, but also in traditional medicine. and every week I plan to hold a question and answer program about health content that has been published for 1 week. and give a gift of some steem that can answer correctly.

this is the submission of my proposal as a special curator in health content. hopefully can be accepted. thank you @steemitblog for giving this wonderful opportunity to everyone.

I say many thanks for visiting my blog. if you have some corrections in my post, let me know your opinion and don't hesitate to comment below. I want to share this content with, @xpilar, @tonyz, @always1success, @gidlark, @harkar, @r2cornell and others


Good luck bang... Semoga terpilih

Yes, thank you very much

Tekat yang luar biasa @aulia1993
Anda sangat nekat dalam berkarya, kenapa saya bilang nekat?
Karena menjadi kurator itu sebuah beban tanggung jawab yang besar. Kami mendukung anda, semoga sukses kawan.

terima kasih bg.

You know, this is a favour

Cool post, good luck.👍

thank you very much @afril

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