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Any topic is fair game. Comment with the link to the Steem article/video below. The most popular comments will win a big upvote for their favorite Steem content creator, and I will fish around and upvote some of my favorites as well.
Also, @themarkymark has volunteered to give out upvotes as well!


This encouraging post introducing a grassroots/partnership mission to promote Steem in the real world by @blewitt aligns well with your latest video about spreading the message of Steem to the masses who have no clue what it is yet: Link Here.

Love it! Way to step up and take the bull by the horns!

Thanks my friend!!! Yeah there’s a few things going on that I’m hoping will result in the onboarding of a specific targeted group of passionate individuals. Wish me luck!!!

Thanks brother. Really appreciate the plug!!! Excited about a few things I have going on. This being one of em! No idea if it’ll actually work or not but I’m hopeful for it.

As always, thank you for being my cheerleader. Means a ton.

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The best article I viewed this week was @neavvy's publication. He described the process of development of AI that learns itself how to play Flappy Bird. He also started a discussion about the potential impact of machine learning on Steem Blockchain. I really enjoyed it. Here is the video presentation of his Flapyy Bird AI (more you will find in the article):

Very interesting. AI will play a big role in the future.

That's definitely true.

Wow, I am really thankful for the nomination @pieniazek!


this post is a interview with @baycan, one of the greatest persons on steemits turkish community. she is helping everyone to integrate them on steemit. @baycan,@edebiyat,@damla,@sudefteri are investing their time to make steemit great again. i dont know her in real life, but i'm sure, she is really a wonderfull person and one of the reasons, why i'm still staying on steemit and looking forward. i think she needs more attention. I and, i'm sure, the rest of the turkish steemit community, would agree, that she is one of that person you are looking for. If you are really looking for a person, who deserves more attention and an upvote, here you got it:


I think that I do not have to say much about that.
But I still have two questions, where are all Steemians? and
Is it true that we are only 35?


Thanks @dkid14. @theycallmedan if you appreciate the article please upvote anything from @pifc as that post is old, but got brought up in a conversation in comments a couple days ago. Would hate a big vote going to nothing...lol...plus it would be better for PIFC to get the support.

@hauptmann sending a message to his wife. its so important to appreciate the people supporting us, in bad and good times! check it out dan, its worth a curation

Thanks for mentioning my video Ivan. Wish you a great Sunday! Greetings from Barcelona

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I love this @toufiqurrahman32 dtube video. I liked each of his posts well. But there is no one to choose. I made this post choosr. @ toufiqurrahman32 He is a very good man. I noticed all his posts. Always work to keep the environment clean. I hope you also like his work.


Thank you sis for mention my name in this post

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Do you know sir, your video is the best one for this weak.

I like this commercial/ promotional advertisement from @heyhaveyamet . Basically they help newbies but I really love their work and appreciate what they are doing specially for newbie. They were introducing newbie from long time but Recently they are making some unique promotional videos , @xcountytravelers and @heyhaveyamet.


Also @blind-spot talked about them. You can find it here.

socky (70)in fun • 2 days ago

Ask the Car Guy @socky Mar 8, 2019
What is your car trouble? I want to give back to Steemit community and provide some help on something that I know…
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I arrived later than anyone but really, you have to listen to the music of @edprivat, I had to download this song. Greetings and blessings.

This is the best, pressed play and I kept doing my job without looking at the video just listening and at some point ... I said what in the world is this brother ... I felt like in the middle of a guided meditations. Thank you. :)

Mother is making the best cakes in the world. It's on the other language but taste doesn't have language barrier. :D

I loved this article by @teutonium about the Enjin project. I admit I never really cared about this coin but the article shows a great research was put into it.


I always time very like this man video .... this is my favourite....of this week...



My coding friend is back with another weekly update. Due to the encouragement of many steemers, we have someone highly motivated and taking action towards goals while exploring all that steem has to offer. This is what I really appreciate about being here and love to see. I do not know of any other platform that creates such remarkable change in people.

@theycallmedan, Kindly find the below link for your reference. And this piece is poetry piece, it's short but definitely sweet to read and this piece is shared by @tatjanastan.


Stay blessed brother.

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Dear sir,

Here i was found a very good topics on International Women day, the topics was randomly voted by @expliar and his friends and @bdcommunity, link in the bellow.

Hi @theycallmedan the best post of week I have shared it here. This is created by @newageinv and he is helping newbies to grow in steem platform. He is doing very good work.


Good morning DAN
First of all sorry for sharing my own article but in these articles I'm sharing my friend's work she doesn't have steem account I published her photography for sharing with steem community I hope you also like her photography.



I'm also sharing rewards with her.

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Did u heard about this tournament's prize money it's huge and huge @goldmatters done a great job they rewarded 500 Steem as prize money to winners of steemmonsters tournament.i was shocked by seeing it.
Thank you,
Yours @summisimeon

Thank you so much for the nomination. we are rather lucky, @theycallmedan is doing a lot for this project already :-)

Okay...so, I'm going to give my vote to a 'Whale' named @acidyo with his OCD/OCDB post just a few minutes, or hours ago...(I already forgot) He attempts to explain a bit further about what the @ocdb non-profit bot is all about, and what his mission and goals are for the project.

Here's the link:

WHY vote for a Whale??? I hear all you guys ask...Because he's been doing some positive stuff here on Steemit for the betterment (In my opinion) some of which I and others have benefited from.

That's mainly it; I'm not brown-nosing it...just trying to be real. Yet, there were quite a few more posts that I read deserving a mention here as well, but I don't want to hog up space...


Dear @theycallmedan,

In this weak i found a post by @steemaddiction, her way of thanks giving is really quite difference and make really surprised, in the my site the post was really very good, here i'm going to mention the link of this post:

I liked this one: https://steemit.com/anniversary/@lukestokes/a-love-letter-to-my-wife-of-15-years
It is interesting to read such personal posts from key Steem actors