Brought to you by Steem Monsters, Actifit, SteemPress, Steemhunt, Quasar, SteemSTEM and Utopian. The Secret Steemian Bundle - Our Biggest Reward YetsteemCreated with Sketch.

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Utopian Colony is the first crowdsourcing platform to connect open source projects and contributors from all digital professions. The culmination of a year operating a successful proof-of-concept, now live on Indiegogo.

Steem is Utopian’s home and it only makes sense for us to offer a unique perk, exclusively for our great community of Steemians. This secret perk is limited in number (100 available only) and will give you access to rewards provided by Utopian, Steem Monsters, SteemPress, Steemhunt, Quasar and SteemSTEM, making this perk the biggest combined reward ever available on this blockchain.

The Steemian Secret Bundle

Utopy is the Utopian mascot, representing all the Utopians pioneers who went on a space exploration to find what open source projects truly need. In this Steemian Badge, Utopy is faster than light. The bullets represent all the many other blockchains, which have no power to win over this true Steemian, who is so fast and powerful he can stop them by raising his hand.

The Steemian Badge will be shown on your Utopian Colony profile as soon as the platform is out, showing your early support for Utopian and the Steem blockchain.

Utopian is also offering:

  • Instant Username Reservation
  • Early access to Utopian Colony
  • Exclusive updates

Offers from Supporter Apps

We couldn't be happier to see the amazing support from the many Steem dapps. All the apps listed below have offered a special perk in combination with the Secret Steemian Perk

Free Gift Cards from Steem Monsters

Steem Monsters is a decentralized collectible card game built on the Steem blockchain. Collect, trade, and battle against thousands of other players in live, PVP combat!

Steem Monsters is a true supporter of Steem and Utopian. @Yabapmatt and @aggroed have offered a grand total of 100 $10 Gift Cards. You will get a $10 Steem Monsters Gift Card by getting the Secret Steemian Bundle on Indiegogo.

One month free and early access to SteemPress Pro-blog


Steempress is preparing the release of a new pro-version for its WordPress plugin where, for a fixed monthly subscription, the user will have access to unique features. These include custom benefactor settings for posts and comments made through their own website, as well as other benefits to be announced. Buyers of the Steemian Secret Perk will receive a voucher that can be exchanged for 1-month free access to SteemPress Pro-blog upon its release.

Don’t have a SteemPress blog but love Steem and want to support its growth? SteemPress will let you gift your early free subscription to your favourite blog out there that is not yet on Steem, who will get a free Steem account upon verification. Should the website renew their SteemPress Pro-blog subscription, you will earn an affiliate reward as a bonus!

Credit vouchers to use the Reviewhunt platform from Steemhunt

The HUNT Platform ( is designed as a home for product early-adopters who have exceptional knowledge and passion for cool new products. Steemhunt (, as a base community DApp, has been operating for one year on the HUNT Platform. Reviewhunt will be the second DApp on the HUNT Platform, and will enable tech makers to run review campaigns to unleash product launching hype by hunters. It’s currently under development, and its target launch is 2Q 2019.

Steemhunt is offering 100 vouchers to use the Reviewhunt platform as soon as it is released. By getting the Steemian Secret Perk on Indiegogo you will receive a voucher from Steemhunt that will instantly double up your credits for running your review campaigns.

Steemian Badges from incentivizes healthy lifestyle by rewarding your every day activity.

By supporting Utopian on Indiegogo the Steemian Badge will be shown on your activity page, to make everyone know how much you love the Steem blockchain.

Free exposure on SteemSTEM platform by the SteemSTEM community

SteemSTEM is happy to offer free promotion on Posts will be exposed in the banner section and get extra visibility. This offer is only valid for posts fitting within the SteemSTEM guidelines.

Patreons Only Radio Show from the Quasar Framework

Image from iOS.jpg

The Quasar Framework enables responsive Single Page Apps, Server-side Render Apps, Progressive Web Apps, Hybrid Mobile Apps (that look native!) & Electron Apps, all using the same codebase.

To support Utopian's crowdfunding campaign, the Quasar Framework has donated 100 tickets to its exclusive "Patreons Only" Radio Show on their Discord channel. If you take this perk, you will get free access to ONE of the upcoming Quasar Radio shows, where sponsors and partners are the first to hear about news, highlights and plans. These shows are not recorded or rebroadcast and are only for insiders. Fortunately, your support of Utopian make you an insider too. It can be used for any show before June 30th, 2019.

How to access this special reward

By supporting the Utopian Indiegogo campaign you will immediately access this secret perk, follow the instructions below.

  • Proceed to to purchase the bundle, enter your details and card. Don't worry your data is safe. Indiegogo is one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in the world.

  • Once you are done, please subscribe to our newsletter on to receive your offers. Once the campaign is over you will receive all the gift cards, tickets, coupons and opportunities above directly in your inbox. Make sure to use the same email you have used on Indiegogo for us to do the match.

  • While this is not mandatory, please also consider adding a comment here to show your involvement on the campaign.

Support Utopian and Steem

The Utopian community has grown mainly from the Steem community, allowing Utopian to explore ways to crowdsource open source in ways that would not be possible without this uniquely versatile community. By supporting Utopian on Indiegogo not only you are accessing special rewards but supporting the growth of our amazing Steem ecosystem.



Those are some great and interesting rewards! Especially the Quasar radio show sounds like it would be something very interesting to listen to. I really need to figure out how I can donate without having a credit card...

It seems that you can use Neteller.
More info in this post written by @daan

Indeed, I've made my pledge with Neteller without any issues. Just one note, use the ZIP/postal code that you've added to your Neteller profile.

It's a great pleasure to help support your campaign. Utopian has been vital to enabling the growth of so many projects on Steem started out by people who may have been initially motivated by the opportunity to get utopian curation, which then turned into more serious projects. With a rich ecosystem of projects and businesses benefiting everyone involved, and thus the incentive to help each other succeed, I can only see this type of collaboration taking us further. Good luck with the rest of the campaign!!

For people curious about the @steempress perk in particular, feel free to DM me and/or join our Discord.

Great idea!
I do believe I'm the first person to grab the super secret Utopian perk . Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in.

Very proud to be a sponsor!
To the moon we go 😎


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I'm really happy to be part of the project campaign through various social media and I'm also excited for the rewards I claim through the community voting of utopian for my blog and many others social activities. Utopian to the cloud. How I wish I could do more that what I have done to support the indiegogo project. More grease to their elbows. Utopian must real the world while steemit is evolving each day.

We are steemians

It is always a great pleasure to be associated with such a great team. We are making all effort to make it through and now when all the dapps get in the playground...the ball is in our court for sure....Steem on

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wow, truly this is an amazing platform on this community. this will push the price high in steem due to worthy efforts on the economy of steem community itself.

hope it will continue and it will be sustainable for the future of steem.

steem will be great again.

That's implying it's not great right now lol

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My Steem Power = 26106.12
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@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

Rewards are amazing!
I hope other DApps will follow in giving rewards to make Steem more exciting.
You guys are awesome!

wow! steemian on fire!


I have bought the visionary bundle. Thanx

Oooo, hard to resist these perks!

As a company that is built around the open source ethos, we really hope the Indiegogo campaign is a success.

Brother, this post is very important for you, because you know a lot from this post and learning more about this post. This post is very important to us. thanks for posting.

I already bought the visionary bundle. A little but to early it seems. Can I buy two bundles?

Yeah, buying two bundles shouldn't be a problem. I've done it before on other crowdfunding campaigns.

I gave you FB share twice and I'll keep spamming my friends on weekly basis :D

Good luck with Indiegogo!

Я очень рад быть частью кампании проекта через различные социальные медиа, и я также рад за награды, которые я требую через голосование сообщества утопии для моего блога и многих других социальных мероприятий. Утопия в облаке. Как бы я хотел сделать больше того, что я сделал для поддержки проекта indiegogo. Больше жира на локтях. Утопист должен в реальном мире при steemit развивается каждый день.

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It would be great if they accepted #Bitcoin or the #CoinPayments website.

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amosbastian (71) it is a good post, lobe it,, You are a genius. Actually your post is very nice
Those are some great and interesting rewards! Especially the Quasar radio show sounds like it would be something very interesting to listen to. I really need to figure out how I can donate without having a credit card...I understand 90 percent of you in this post. If you post more beautifully, we will understand better and we can improve. Thank you for posting this type, we want you to be able to improve one love it..

5 minutes video that can change your life. Must watch.

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@utopian-io it is a great honor to have you on steemit blockchain. Am proud to be associated with you. I need more understanding of your activities.

Firstly, i express my gratitude to @utopian-io for coming up with such a serendipitous project which has impacted the lives of steemit users positively and it has also added to the development of the steem blockchain.

The Colony indiego campaign seems to be a very good initiative which will solve more problems and ad more value to the steem blockchain. Much thanks to @steemhunt,@steemstem,@steempress for taking part in this great project which will add more to the development of the steem blockchain.

This has prompt me to publish a small article about the Utopian colony campaign which can be found in the below link and i hope the readers will find it helpful.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla.Have a nice weekend.

What if we already donated? I wish I would have waited now. Had I known this was coming I would have. I still would have donated, but this would have been a nice perk.

Hello @bozz. This was a bundle that took some time to be prepared as you have noticed there are so many Steem dapps participating. You can get as many perks as you want and of course thanks already for your contributions. That is really appreciated!

Okay no problem. Thanks for the info. It is pretty impressive and I can't imagine the amount of work that went into bringing it together. I hope this entices some more people to donate!

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Amazing! good stuff

On behalf of SteemSTEM, we are proud and happy to support you as much as we can!

This is for pro user. I really don't know what is "Quasar Framework".
Hope your campaign will be successful. Carry on (y)

doing good with active staff

Great stuff! I am backer #41. Keep it going guys.

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