The Daily Whistle Stops, Issue #106. (4/16/18)

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The Daily Whistle Stops is a curation post brought to you by @thesteemengine! This post features the best posts from our members!

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The Curator's Choices

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Geology and Civilization
Part 7: Living on the Edge




Video on a Budget for Artists
Part 3 -- Bartering




Travels With Connie #43
Dreams Die Hard




Unlocking the Power of Chrome
Issue 32



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Norse Mythology
Yggdrasil, The Cosmic Tree




Friday's Fiber Ramble
April 13




Love It / Shove It Challenge
A Panama Mama



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The Curator's Colleagues

Here are even more fine curation posts ...
various collections of hand-selected articles
from other curators in our membership.

The STEEM Engine Express Podcasts

The Daily Qurator

Steemit Ramble

Ladies of Steemit

Fiber Ramble

The Magnificent Seven

The Inbox Runneth Over



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Thanks Steem Engine for considering my post. It is indeed an honor.

Thank you for including my love it/shove it post! :) Now to go have a big cup of coffee... :P Yuck! No thanks! :) Have a great day guys!!!

Cw asked me the other night if you and I were the same people -- because we both love Dr Pepper ... and neither of us can stand coffee. (I agree with you. I think it smells like dog poop. Srsly.)

Lol - that is too funny! And we are both awesome INFJ! :) Yea for coffee haters and Dr Pepper lovers! :)

Yes I remember you do not like coffee at all... :)

Hooray! Thanks for getting my vlog in there! :D

Thanks so much for including the Fiber Ramble!