The Daily Sneak 17 April 2018 - with guest curator @paradigmprospect

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Welcome to The Daily Sneak!!!

Come for the crypto, stay for the community!

The Daily Sneak is back, but on a new page with a more distinctive name! You can earn up to 5 SBD per accepted submission for guest curating The Daily Sneak. Submission requirements are published at the bottom of each edition of The Daily Sneak.

A warm thank you to @paradigmprospect for being the first returning guest curator to embrace our new space!

This life offers limitless opportunities to learn and consider viewpoints that deviate strongly from what we are taught as "essential information" by our culture. @paradigmprospect invites you to discover some contemporary writers that showcase their discoveries, perspectives and trains of thought; good for all of us to consider, so that we may look at things differently and may even discover something new about the world we are living in. And ultimately - discover something new about ourselves.

This is NOT a Pizza - Cooking With Kids - Basic Techniques and Creative Meals a Child Can Learn

I don't know about you, but I often find myself wondering what I want to eat and what to do with the "leftovers" I still have stored up. I know something could be made out of those few veggies and things... but what? ;)

Thankfully, @tacostate is inspiring us regularly with his tasty ideas. We can go about transforming simple ingredients into delicious and fun dishes that are a thrill to make, especially with kids around who want to learn their first recipes. Let's not throw away what could otherwise make for a glorious and yet simple dish.


Don't worry too much about what people have to say, especially when creating content

We live in times where freedom of expression is under attack, especially for those who have something to say. Certain terms, ideas and models of thinking have come under fire in recent decades due to the rise of 'political correctness' and its ramifications on public discourse that can be be felt everywhere.

But what does politicial correctness mean for us as Steemit authors? Should we pay more attention not to offend anyone with what we write? Or are we doing our own work and mission a great disservice in changing our wording and expression just to accommodate the norms that people we have never met have "established" for us?

An important piece of writing to remind us to stay our own course - thanks @raikuhen


Philosophy of Use: The Psychonaut's Quest

What is a psychonaut? Do they really try to escape reality by going on these journeys of the mind?

One of my favorite psychedelic authors has done it again! @artisticscreech takes us on a lovely exposé as to what psychedelics can do for the traveller who makes use of them and gives us several angles to consider this voyage if we have never decided to go on the journey ourselves.

So many things to be discovered, so many confusions and assumptions to be seen through that we hardly ever notice within the field of our everyday consciousness. While psychedelics have been described as a "pathway of escape" by some, there are really good reasons why they can be considered quite the opposite of that - a magnifying glass for our underlying problems and behavior patterns in everyday life that we have accepted as part of us without actual discernment.


The ONE Factor Everyone Ignores About Why the U.S Stock Market Hasn’t Crashed!

With all the fundamental issues in the classical "economy" isn't it remarkable that it hasn't collapsed yet? David of @themoneygps continuously puts out high quality considerations on anything to do with traditional stock markets, developments in the space of world currencies as well as detailed looks into the debt structure behind the biggest economies on Earth.

If you find yourself interested in what the 'old' economy is doing and want to be kept up to date with recent developments in traditional markets I can highly recommend his video-based work, spanning a wide array of topics with a critical eye on supposed established ways of doing things.


Norse Mythology - Yggdrasil, The Cosmic Tree

If we take a look around today we can find mythology in every aspect of society - in the stories of contemporary writers, in the art that our culture identifies with, even in the tales that proclaim to tell us how we got here and what our place in the cosmos is.

But as it has been said - a tree without roots is easily blown away when a storm comes.

In the spirit of re-connecting with the myths that precede us I want to draw attention to this enlightening post, introducing us to Yggdrasil - the world tree - and the myths surrounding the old cosmology of long ago. Even if this might seem of little relevance today at first - the more we discover about the open questions of our modern worldview, the more we can benefit from diving into the perspective that came before us - if only to learn about our place in the cosmos from a more nature- and spirit-based viewpoint of old times. Missing puzzle pieces may be hiding here.

Let's not ask Hollywood about such things - let's read @arrados' introduction instead ;)



These are some awesome mind-expanding selections that were discovered for us by @paradigmprospect. The posts he finds are always great for learning something new! For submitting these selections and commentary, @paradigmprospect gets paid 5 SBD today.

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If you have previously submitted curation that was never published, please review the requirements and try again. We are always pleased to welcome new guest curators, and to welcome back former guest curators.

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Excellent selection. Those selected were on various topics and full of information and knowledge. Thanks for showing these quality articles.

Thank you for including my post into your article, it's an honor! :)

You're welcome!

Cool Thanks for including my post. I am truly honored.

You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

I greatly appluad your efforts to make dailysneak even more accessible and streamlined with this new presence.
No more confusions about sent bids to snekay-ninja huh?
Much love to all participants, readers and featured authors <3

That's the idea. Most people thought he was the one behind the sneaky-ninja bot.
He will be periodically checking @sneakyninja to refund missent transactions, but it will help @thedailysneak by causing less confusion. :)

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