Hypothetically Speaking on Curation

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Just having a coffee thought here so bear with me. Let's have a fantasy where I'm super popular and like 90% of steem avidly follows me, so like 100 active daily users 😜 I kid I kid. But, seriously a vast majority of people follow hypothetical me and some little known redfish makes a post i feel fits my successful steem brand and therefore I want to resteem it. Let's say I've got 10k followers and the poster has only 100.

Since curation is about to become the big new thing it stands to reason as the resteemer with all the rich friends I should be compensated for sharing this post to my audience. Each of my followers that aren't followers of the redfish that upvote my resteem should somehow provide some kickback to me, easiest way is from the author as I'm the promoter right? Why should lil old poor redfish guy get 50% of the votes that wouldn't happen without my resteem?

I realise this is a real prick concept but if we are all in on curation why not open up this massive can of worms that i would imagine our intelligent blockchain could facilitate.. I haven't thought too much about it and I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but if some influential whale got me an extra 9,900 eyes and upvotes I'd gladly kick down some of my creator percentages for the exponential boost.

Currently there's no real incentive to resteem, though I imagine with the new linear curve and 50/50 split that might change some. But it would really change if the authors paid out to what would effectively be organic promotion..

I haven't considered all the ramifications and repercussions but I do see a lack of resteeming and overall content discovery that could use some renovations. Of course it makes steem even more complicated but in principle if I own a venue where you can sell way more tickets I want my cut..

Tell me I'm a damn fool or something, I really wanna shake this place up even more while we're at it..

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I use Resteem as a way to show what I like or approve.

It's a form of silent communication. But yes, I have relied on the Resteems of my Steemian friends to find other content because the meh nature of content discovery.

Something along these lines could be very good if it was automatically that one who resteems a post gets a certain % of upvotes from the resteem.

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That's another yay vote! 🤘 now since you follow me I don't owe Asher a piece of your vote.. I'm legit going to pay the man

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hope you factored in the risk the resteemer takes. i take some off my feed if too many resteems :)

The plot thickens, and hey no risk no reward! Resteem is now thug life!

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Yes some people resteem way to much😡

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True, this is why an option to add to the resteem is so Important. Otherwise it's too easy to become redundant

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Larger accounts definitely add value when they resteem, but I have a different twist on the idea. This is a rough draft of my current thought process, so any input is appreciated.

What if there was a new resteem option that was basically curation with commentary. When a person selected this option, the original post that is being resteemed would be preserved in a new post (no changes allowed), but the "curator" would have the option to add commentary that would be placed at the top of the post.

Now the "curator" (the person with the large account who just started a new post) would be paid directly because they have developed the network and have the influence, but an automatic beneficiary payment would be sent to the original author (example: 35% of author rewards)

I see this as a feature similar to what Dlike.io does, but instead of including URLs from all websites, this would be exclusively available for Steem posts. Also, the original content creator would be compensated as well.


  • More exposure for content creators as their posts are resteemed.
  • Influential accounts receive direct financial benefit for their promotional services. The curated account gets an additional financial benefit for creating quality content.


  • An influential user could attack a smaller account, but this can happen anyway. However, if someone does so using this method to attack, the attacker ends up paying the person he or she is attacking, which should curb misuse.

Thoughts? Questions? Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it has been floating in my head.

My initial thoughts are I like where your heads at. I've often wished I could elaborate on a resteem and keep the conversation going if you will. Your idea allows for this as well as creates some synergy or symbiosis between the original poster and the resteemer. Thus creating an opportunity for a new audience to say I agree or potentially disagree with either party..

We are lacking many of the core fundamental principles of social media and should heavily consider implementation of any features that can create a more hospitable environment for engagement and healthy discussions.

I'm glad to know others have been thinking there's gotta be another way to do things.. Thanks for the input and due to the resteem by a deservedly more esteemed steemian than myself it's getting eyes.. That's the point!!

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Ah, yes, I've talked about this quite a few times. Curation should be an opt in mechanic and resteems should be a big part of that.

Essentially curation percentages should get to be decided by the content creator. If I really wanted my content to reach a wide audience then I could set the resteem curation to 100% and all the upvotes that came in via resteem referral links would go to the resteemer. This form of curation makes the most logical sense out of all of them.

These kinds of rules don't even have to be built into the steem consensus layer to start. In all likelihood, other coins built on top of Steem will try it first, and anything that shows high success rates will obviously be incorporated by Steem itself after it's been tested by a smaller project.

I really love the idea of having options.

I see the logic of the slider opt in percentages but my first thought unfortunately is potential abusers. Seems it would be possible to use alts or secret discord deals in an attempt to take advantage of a higher percentage if resteems could yield more than the new split on first gen content.

But, I love the concept and hope a community will pursue this. I'd also like to see the ability to add to the resteem otherwise it can easily become redundant and uninspired. The mechanism should offer more than just a cash grab or a wider audience..

Circumventing the sps and avoiding a fork to pull this off is certainly attractive to me and with some free market enterprise I feel it can add value to steem in multiple ways.. After all sharing is caring!

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My man! Capped at half of 80 cents, anything over .40 goes right to you Mr. Promoter! 25% of the balance that is!

A cap? I don't see that In the original terms? 😂

Have to let our legal teams come up with some offers 🤓

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Interesting... I never heard someone talking about a new resteem feature? Do you?

Not as far as I know. But, I’m well aware there are smarter steemians than myself that have been here longer so I can assume there’s some massive holes in my logic. I hadn’t given it too much thought in the past. It’s just something that I’ve always thought must throw too many wrenches into a pretty confusing and messed up economic system to consider.

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I spend a lot of time on this chain and I never saw someone talking about that. Maybe you're the first one that ever thought of it or spoke about it. This definitely goes in the right direction!

Cool, I’m just glad to see you also find this to make sense, at least on the surface.. I don’t think being over complicated has ever stopped reformation on steem as of yet lol. It’s not like some accountant has to do the work, just write the code and hit run. That’s my non coder vision haha

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interesting thought, because exposure is a difficult bitch, it's hard to measure and harder to regulate

That's what she said 😂

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As a content producer with basically no followers, I need curators to help expose me to a broader audience, and in turn make more $. The number one way I hope to gain a curation following is by always producing good content and posts. I hope this in turn causes at least some random curators to take a liking to someone not posting about crypto or how to build a whale.

I am toying with ways of rewarding my followers/curators/readers/commenters as much as I can. At the moment I've spread myself thin, only able to commit 30% upvotes to several people who have engaged with my content. I am now thinking it would be better and more rewarding for both me to come up with a better system.

I am thinking of requiring non-bot Steemians to follow, comment on and upvote each of my short stories to remain on some sort of VIP list or something. For people who do this, I am thinking of committing 100% of my upvote power to all genuine comments made by these users on my posts. I am also thinking that I have enough credit to also 100% upvote each original post they create on Steemit, and also try as much as possible to interact with original content my readers produce.

This is the best I could do at the moment. I have no audience so resteeming and curating my followers' posts won't help at all. I can only imagine to grow enough SP that I can at they very least reward my loyal readers with $0.01 every time I upvote anything they do.
It's really hard to know who helps you the most and who in turn to reward, as my upvotes are filled with bot accounts, and it makes it hard to see who is really a loyal reader on my end.


I wouldn’t worry about rewarding your readers, though I do appreciate your intent to establish some symbiotic interchanges. Just keep creating content and I think your realization to make more frequent but shorter posts is the best approach.

It’s just a tough gig for content and the path to whale, crypto stuff is what the majority of steem is into.

You’ve actually done remarkably well and separated yourself from the typical account. The limited amount of passionate well intended steemians will eventually see your stuff. It’s a grueling process. I think maybe creative house writes or steemit bloggers might be worth checking out. Those are names off the top of my head and might not be exactly right.

We will see if some whales actual begin manually curating next week after the hf21

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... someone not posting about crypto or how to build a whale.

Ha, new follower for that comment alone 😂👍🏽

Yes man I felt the same way after seeing epic post #1

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Give thanks the both of you. You've got a follower as well @abh12345. I do like what Steemit is trying to be, and I do feel without good content, there will be no crossover into the mainstream market where someday. I'm still too new of a user to know what the implications of the hf21 will be, I've got a steep learning curve. I do agree my intro, part 1 and part 2 of my first story have done surprisingly well compared to other similar Steemit beginners. I did do a bit of research before posting on Steemit and didn't exactly rush making my intro post. All in all I can't complain about what it has been so far. Steemit can't feed my family anytime soon, but in combination with an eventual Khmer language learning YouTube channel and website, as well as an Ital recipes, healthy living and cooking website, I think we can survive here in Suriname. We only need about $300 a month to keep our head above water, so it's not an impossible short term goal. We had a Khmer & English school in Cambodia, as well as an Ital restaurant, and those two things come more naturally to me than blogging.

As a writer, I have also tried to find other people doing similar things on Steemit, namely writing posts not pertaining to whales, minnows, etc. It has been like finding a needle in a haystack, so I can't see a mainstream crossover with Steemit blogs anytime soon.

This place is a bit of a jungle.

Definitely requires a machete and patience! Hang in there man, you're smart and will find a way here and elsewhere..

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@edicted has some ideas about this.

Excellent, I'm reassured in knowing a great steem mind has given this consideration.. Thx

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If I Resteem this it will cost you 50% of your liquids 😛

Resteeming will hopefully come into play more with 50/50 as the reward for finding interesting content doubles. I'm going to try to reblog a bit more in the coming weeks.

Yes man I will totally make a smart contract to give you a % for a resteem !

I also can only assume people will be more inclined to resteem after the big fork.. Back to business I will give 20% of my liquid on this post excluding my whopping current total.. Let's experiment, I'm highly trustworthy and for skramatters word is bond yo!

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Resteem smart contract, you have had some strong coffee today! 😁


My coffee addiction got the best of me today indeed.. I'm going to take that as a maybe 😂

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Go go magic payouts

pay the man! this arrived by abh12345 resteem :)

Confirmed 20% of michealb vote goes to Asher that's roughly 8 cents and counting.. Minus for shipping n handling

signed with an upvote

Noted, binding contract enacted

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Yeah, you're a damn fool... :smirk:

That's all I needed to know, thanks 🤗

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No problemo, with pleasure my brother... Luckily you understand, because out of all humanity the "normal" folks are so psycho, calling all others fools, which shows the fact, that we definitely need lots of more of humans like us... so welcome to my family! hehe

To resteem or not to resteem that is the question.
Well many don't and @crypto.piotr once wrote about it. Who reads a resteemed post at all? Most people here do not.
They follow the one's they follow, have a look at some their accounts who gave a comment (like I do with you now because it is easier with a slow connection to click on a name and wait 6 minutes as to leave the notifications and search) or they follow a certain tag.

To be honest, I am not fond of resteeming and the only reason I do it (in most cases) is to make my life easier (read: slow connection). If I want to read something again, respond or join a certain contest I resteem. It is easier for me to answer or leave the link of my post behind.

The whales won't starve as long as the plankton are able to feed them. The question is if they can and are willing to do so.

I already read there is no profit for a whale to delegate to some plankton it is a bad investment.

Voting will change too. Do not vote in the first 5 minutes or you and the writer get nothing.

I read today (I believe I resteemed that) investors have no time to write... If the little old redfish gives up on writing there is no curation issue at all.

Thanks for sharing your fantasy 👍💕

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I don't understand the aversion to a post simply because it's resteemed whatsoever. I read resteems all the time, especially if the resteemer is an account I respect as I can assume they must have seen value in the post and would simply like more people to be aware of it..

The issue as I see it is we definitely need to be able to add our spins to a resteem, otherwise it's a bit one dimensional. But just inherently dismissing a post someone wants to share on a social media platform is highly illogical in my mind as is the current lack of incentive to share others work..

If we have more than a few hundred accounts producing high quality content and new users onboarding daily I'd venture to say not changing the resteem culture would be yet another missed opportunity to have a semi decent social media outlet.

If I'm correct piotr isn't a fan of resteeming simply because he prefers to memo people to give exposure which personally I don't mind but many do.

The entire premise that familiarity and cozy social circles are fostered here is questionable and a direct result of the litany of failings steem has catered to that has made content discovery and decent posts to find next to impossible here. I scroll on by more stuff here than any other social media because gaming, speculation,bugs on leaves, actifit, etc are not generally what I care to see. The exception of course is if I know someone enough to care about their daily life stuff, like you, I'll upvote and engage a post of yours about dogs because I know and like you more than most people here. If you resteem a post about someone's dog's I'm more likely to also vote, engage, and make a new friend. If it's just some random person talking about their pets it's unlikely they'll get one of my coveted 10 semi worthwhile daily upvotes and I'll definitely not resteem their post. If I see a random resteem of the same post with a well written intro telling me this is not the average pet post I'll also click it.

That's how we can grow and I don't think we need to code this into steem, it's behavioural and a community can encourage this with a token and option for authors to donate their rewards to resteemers.. I'm going to give some of this post to Asher as his value gave my post value because well, people like him and they probably don't like me so it was worth a look.. Lo n behold it's an idea that got over 50 comments too, and not just the usual, good post man platitudes..

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I wish we had resteem with comments to say why it's interesting, but that seems unlikely to change. I use resteem as a form of curation to benefit the author as I don't care much about my curation rewards. Those should increase anyway from next week. I maintain that our priority should be to make Steem a better experience by making the good content more visible. That way we stand a chance of retaining and gaining people who make it attractive and maybe that will help the price. Just aiming for personal profit is shortsighted.

Just my thoughts.

Yes I've also always wished I could add something to OR provide some background to a resteem.. If I think too much about the ways things are here my tone and attitude becomes a tad abrasive lol..

Good on you for spreading the steem love and not only looking out for numero uno!

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We should do what we can. You can promote creators in a #FollowFriday post tomorrow as well as resteeming stuff. My votes are targeted at those who I think deserve them. People also appreciate getting comments. If we work on the social side the money may follow.

Good to know, thanks for the resteem I'll be calculating your rewards for resteeming after I hear from Asher's legal counsel 🤗

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I think a Resteem with a comment is on its way with communities.

That would be great, otherwise it can be a bit redundant.. I wonder if any of the current communities are willing and able to get the ball rolling?

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