Reachout Curation Tuesday June 19

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Author: @deadmoonwrites

Have you forgotten a poem


Have you forgotten
The graves of your past regrets
Those that enslaved
Your thoughts
The ones that never let you rest


Author: @elixbaba

Reality of life: Change your mindset

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Most times, we're just beating ourselves up for nothing! Where is it written that if you don't achieve what people your age are achieving, you're a failure? Who made the so-called rules? I feel this life is what you make of it, if you want it to be a happy one, it's up to you, not by some standards set by people, what I'm trying to say this morning is that -your happiness shouldn't be tied to how some people think your life should be, NO!


Author: @jo5h

Religion-random rants


In secondary school i was taught that religion is man's way of trying to reconnect with God. That every religion is an attempt to reach God.

Sometimes i feel religion just gives people an excuse to be condescending, judgemental and self righteous. Perfection is a virtue man can only hope to attain so why put others down for their imperfections.


Author: @silver001

The public holiday


It's a Monday morning, the cock wakes up early and crows, unknowing to it that it's a public holiday. It crows and crows and crows, but people are not getting out of theirs beds.
Everyone one is excited they'll have a day off, especially myself. I had my bag packed since last night cause I couldn't waste a holiday without taking a short trip to visit my superman


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