Technology & Science Weekly MSP Curation #039

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Here are five of my favorite technology posts from the past week. Please take the time to visit the content listed. While they are not required to be minnows, my goal is to focus on such members when possible.

Rewards For Minnows!

As many of you know I am running Jerry's witness server. He is paying me STEEM each week to do so and that means I can give more back to the great tech and science writers on Steem! Each week I will pick the best post I found that was written by a minnow an send them 25 STEEM for their hard work. The payment will be sent the following Monday morning after the curation post is publish.

I am also changing how I pay anyone who sends me a contribution that makes the cut for this post. I'm going to start this off at 5 STEEM per entry that shows up in my weekly curation to the person who found the post. Keep in mind that sending your own post will void the finders fee but you still may make it into the post for the chance at the 25 STEEM.

If you have questions please message me on Discord (jrswab#3134).

Let's share some nerd-love to our fellow tech & science Steemians!

  1. Partitioning a Blockchain to Store Multiple Transaction Types by @bala41288

  2. Automating a CCM - Introduction by @jesusjacr - Discovered by @autinf.
    This is our first non-english post! I used a translator to read the article and found it to be a very informative blog post!

  3. A Comparative Analysis of Methods Mimetics, Finite Difference and Finite Elements for Stationary Problems by @abdulmath - Discovered by @jauregui98

  4. Have You Ever Wondered Why Wind Turbines Have 3 Blades by @rharphelle

  5. IoT - Internet of Things by @syedumair

Thanks For Reading These Epic Posts!

J. R.

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(This project is a work in progress.)

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Very cool! I'll give it a peep ;)


Thank you, JR, for responding and for any support you can give this effort.

STEEM has moved up on the charts, but we need a lot more votes to go over the top. ;)

I am now voting for You as a witness 😉 which Jerry witness are you running? Hope You don't get in troubles!!!!!

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Thank you for the witness vote @sergiomendes! I am only running the witness that is under his name.


You are welcome. 😉

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You can ready my last witness update post for more information.


Will do that 😉

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