Witness Update - October 10th 2018

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All information (including my monthly earnings) can be found on jrswab.cloud

About Jerry's Witness:

There is a lot of misconception around this so here I am to clear the air.

  • I maintain his server, I did not buy it from him.
    • This is no different than what some do for other witnesses
    • This is purely a business arrangement and does not mean I agree with his past
  • He is paying me to run the witness in STEEM each week
    • The split is 60/40 in my favor
    • The first week of each month is less to pay for his "partnership."
  • I do not run nor benefit from his bid bots

About the money:

My share of his witness earnings go to the following:

  • Paying for my personal witness host
  • Paying out STEEM to the users that helped me keep this running
  • The rest is used to give to minnows creating great content
    • The first payout was to a minnow I found while creating my curation post
    • I am also in talks with other Steemians about donating to their projects that help minnows.
  • I'd also like to use this to start up an RPC node in a remote location
    • I still need to work out the details on this.
  • Pay off the server that @nebulus runs on.
    • Other than this no funds will go to this project
    • Nor to pay myself for the work I put in.

If you have questions about this business arrangement between Jerry and me, you can comment below or message me on Discord. Don't just take another person's word, there is no way to know if they have only played the "telephone" game about the arrangement.

My Witness:

  • We are on 0.20.5 as everyone else and running very smooth!
  • The server earns about one steem power per day.
    • Exact amount is found on jrswab.cloud
    • This amount only pays for about half the cost of the server.

Click here to vote with SteemConnect

Or go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses
and type jrswab in the box at the bottom.
Want to know more about my witness? Feel free to message jrswab#3134 on Discord, jrswab on steem.chat, or head over to jrswab.cloud for maximum transparency.

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Thank you for clearing the misconceptions! I had heard various scenarios, too, and wondered which was the truth!


Thank you for taking the time to read! I talked to @jackmiller this morning in a voice chat because he wanted to know my side of things and encouraged me to write up a short post that outlined the agreement.

I knew you were a member of the Illuminati!


AHHHH the secret is out


how can i help?


Send me a message on Discord and we can chat about the details <3