Top Curie curators - Lifetime stats (July 2nd, 2018)

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We thought this might be a good time to share the lifetime stats from the best Curie curators. It has been almost two years since the project started and below are some of the curators who work(ed) tirelessly to discover exceptional content on Steemit.


Previously active curators


AR - Approval rating, percentage of approved submissions
CS - Curation score = (Approval rating)^2 * number of approved submissions

Direct curators can vote independently of the general platform but these are the necessary criteria to earn that spot

  1. Curator's activity and the direct follow percentage will be assessed at the end of each month.
  2. Cumulative CS >250, AR >95 over 6 months earns a direct follow from @curie.
  3. Curation score determines the percentage of direct follow. As of now, minimum of 250 CS gives the baseline 5% follow, 500 CS equals 10%. This may vary over time.
  4. Curators with direct follow can continue to submit posts and improve their CS which means the percentage of the following vote will be upgraded
  5. Curators with direct follow are permanent top curators with unlimited submissions, but they have to maintain minimum AR required, otherwise the submission limit drops to 15. They will have to regain the top curator spot to stay there long term.
  6. The requirements for direct follow will vary over time and increase with every 2 curators who match it. For example, if 2 curators earn the direct follow with 250 CS requirement, it might increase to 300. Which makes it a competition of who gets there first.
  7. Reviewers, if required, will be selected by existing reviewers with priority for those with highest CS
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Hey look at Akpan go!


[In Mohammed Ali's voice]

I am the greatest! 🤣😎

Can anyone explain me what is all about . I am new at steemit , don't know many things . Who is curator , what they do ?


Hi @serfer307 you can read the Curie whitepaper at, that is the best explanation of what Curie is and does :) Cheers

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Hopefully the curator can be selected from the best, hopefully running smoothly. Thank you @curie

muy bien gracias pro compartir @curie

Well done guys!

Thank you @curie for all you do for this platform! I love the focus on unnoticed and very high quality posts. You all do a great job in rooting them out :) Happy Monday!

From the beginning of my hansenator account you have always supported me and a lot of great creators. I appreciate the support curie team! Best wishes!

Wow! That's a lot of curation goin' on!

Congratulations to all