The Daily Curie (4 July - 9 July 2017)

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Curie is a community project with a mission to discover and reward new content creators, and give them the exposure that they need. Everyday, over a hundred curators from around the world select hidden gems from new authors. Curie aims to provide rewards to these deserving authors whether they are writers, artists, chefs, photographers, videographers, and more.

All curators are cordially invited to join our community of over a hundred curators by submitting hidden gems at For more info, please check this post out - here. There's a finder's fee of 10 Steem available for every approved post. Currently, due to our limited operational capacity, we have a strict submission limits for new curators. Curators with consistent, quality curation will have their submission limits expanded and removed. More details in #curie on

You can also support Curie and the authors curated by adding your voting power to @curie's trail. Finally, please follow the authors selected below, and do leave your feedback and comments on their posts.

Today's Brief Analysis

Today's list polls all posts curated between 4 July 2017 (15:59 UTC) and 9 July 2017 (15:59 UTC). Curie voted on a total of 86 posts. 20366.014 SBD has been generated for authors thus far, at an average of 236.814 SBD per post.

@vachemorteORIGINAL MUSIC /// Steemit exclusive /// Little Ukulele goes to war276.218 SBD
@audio-nrgFirst Steps to recording your music Pt 2 - Mics and mic set up165.384 SBD
@sallyswitchbladeOpen mic week 40: Say Something by A Great Big World psycho-folk style167.733 SBD
@alexander.alexisMinimize your Risk of Osteoporosis with these Healthy Smoothie Recipes! (The OCD Foodie Series, #1)190.445 SBD
@groundcontrolDrawing: Women's Face in Profile - Pastel Chalk on Treated Paper282.947 SBD
@artystuffOriginal Sketchbook Art. "Anticipating Psilocybin Season"242.528 SBD
@sebastianicSelf portrait in the mirror inspired by lack of electricity289.657 SBD
@steemergyVivo v5 unboxing and review253.990 SBD
@travissandersArt Discovery Contest entry, USA: Bob Schneider215.771 SBD
@nexusfyreA World Long Sundered -- Chapter 2307.811 SBD
@mystifactAre we alone in the Universe?272.378 SBD
@diegotorrescoloTraveling as a couple for under $50 usd a day is POSSIBLE and 100% worth it. (Video)277.266 SBD
@gianDragonBallZ Super Gods – I will always add the Z191.034 SBD
@ragepeanutThe Dream Team Bundle : A bundle full of good games223.979 SBD
@frolickinraptorsCeltic Fantasy (with a Historical element) Fiction Novel- We Come Back: Vol. 1: Chapter 3.2343.490 SBD
@troydearbourneBlade Runner - then and now238.552 SBD
@johnbutlerOpen mic week 40 - Sideways Geoffrey original song K.C. Blues232.767 SBD
@jamarisOpen Mic week 40 - "Human"(original song)207.753 SBD
@zorro7Quake Champions (Beta) Gaming on GTX 1060193.317 SBD
@maxbokhan#47 Paper wrapping288.489 SBD
@sirlordbossVirtual Reality - Everything You Need To Know209.457 SBD
@deterrencepolicyFull Manual Photography: An Illustrated Tutorial for Beginners201.126 SBD
@fatboyjamesThrowback Thursdays Video Games: Week #8 - Lego Star Wars: The Video Game (2005)60.403 SBD
@dpencilpusherDJ Woske illustration process89.722 SBD
@gre3ngre3n plays Ranked Hearthstone- deck lists & 3 videos93.845 SBD
@dandelionAn original song recorded in Belgrade - Open Mic Week 40120.913 SBD
@curiousityDeep Astronomy #1 ; How small we really are in this Universe?234.363 SBD
@nameislvR.L.Stine and his world of “Goosebumps” - Review114.453 SBD
@kingkirktvAirbrushed Painting Barry White & Sam Cooke..147.341 SBD
@kavemantechWhy Programming Language Doesn't Matter - Lessons From My First Year as a Software Developer206.241 SBD
@lisamalletartOPEN MIC WEEK 40 ; Original Song ; Vamos Chica Vamos126.764 SBD
@wiseworldOpen Mic Week 40 - Hallelujah147.565 SBD
@motormouthWhy Steemit Car Lovers Should Invest In A Classic Porsche150.539 SBD
@violatorBlockchain Based Gaming129.191 SBD
@kimberlyjohnson"Once More I Can See" (COVER)109.801 SBD
@bryandivisionsOpen Mic Week 40 ; Me rapping my original song, "Channel"101.249 SBD
@shelbiOpen Mic Week 40 - Shelbi, Original Guitar, Am'mā mēri117.005 SBD
@dispatches[7 minute video] Why We Crave Adventure Even When it Means Pain and Hardship: a Story About Summiting a Mountain327.509 SBD
@elslobadorSHOCKING NEWS MATES!!! Do you love crypto? Of course you do. Now let's learn how to MINE YOUR OWN ETHER!!!!113.938 SBD
@coloringishipWatercolor Painting: Twilight Fairy129.218 SBD
@futasakuyaThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 5 mods I can't play without187.839 SBD
@rootingrobert[DAY 2] The Arrival - Building Islands - M4H129.142 SBD
@kozakThe "Scalability" of things410.982 SBD
@sweetpeaThe Day I Met My Son: An Adoption Story275.437 SBD
@thebigdelayMy original song Spanish Armada Blues for Open Mic Week 40 (with lyrics)228.273 SBD
@miss.daraGirl with an owl. My art .209.576 SBD
@cryptogirl1New ICO –- SURETLY –- Would you use Tinder for microloans?214.157 SBD
@sumatranate5 Things That Dads With Daughters Should Be Able to Do253.607 SBD
@heyitshaasLiving On The Oceans For 8 Months! The Real Story. PART 2239.073 SBD
@jbpMy DIY Mining Rig! #1318.175 SBD
@valeinthevoidOpen Mic Week 40 / Full Steven Universe Theme Song Cover on Ukulele225.660 SBD
@terranoiseProgressive Trance Project - Gold Line is Ready!251.244 SBD
@irimeUnderrated films and hidden gems: Spoiler-free recommendations for those cozy film nights!376.316 SBD
@jaynieCalculators to Crypto - Welcome to my World #3324.431 SBD
@badastrozaInteresting People #2: Robyn Miller on Myst478.534 SBD
@leoandbellOPEN MIC WEEK 40 - Tamar&Netanel - Oh lord (Original song)290.252 SBD
@tesscooks4uSpicy Szechuan Chicken Stirfry Recipe434.240 SBD
@senzenfrenzOpen Mic Week 40 : Senzenfrenz (me;) playing Piano Improvisation "Nun will der Lenz uns grüßen"349.909 SBD
@pegasusphysicsUber Story Time (Urban Legend Flash Fiction Contest)374.686 SBD
@curiousityCuriosity ; What is the possibility of being hit by an Asteroid?285.812 SBD
@michellerheyWhy Online Play Will Never Be Local Play (A trip down memory lane)313.239 SBD
@jrejCreating Comics - My Process410.299 SBD
@cryptonetLife Through The Eyes Of An Ant ... ! Challenging & Unbelievable260.050 SBD
@daddyworldDEBATE: Is Human Nature Good Or Bad?269.866 SBD
@paulcolumbus7thArtStyleArt Fauvism Landscape260.090 SBD
@evilmonkeyGPU Mining Guide. How to make a profit Beginners and Advanced users245.489 SBD
@spaghettiLow poly - Episode 7 - The Escape208.393 SBD
@temnozorYugoslavian Adventures: Part VI199.204 SBD
@mattuebelSpiderman Homecoming: Great Marvel Film or Greatest Marvel Film?343.399 SBD
@frostedaceMy DIY Experiment - Liquid Cooled Mining Rig (Work In Progress)256.117 SBD
@lightmakerSmoking DMT-My second time 'Crossing Over'178.222 SBD
@dwellingOverwatch BEAT Invitational - Season 2 Immortals vs CLG238.305 SBD
@mrrobert96Let's play Stranded Deep (Survival) - Day 1 - Desperate times call for desperate measures !275.377 SBD
@aboutyourbizGoin' on a Snail Hunt, Gonna Catch a Big One! I'm Not Afraid, What's that Up Ahead?203.994 SBD
@spencec601.04 - The Anatomy of the Letterform233.392 SBD
@honeycombwinnie"Night of the Living Turtles" acrylic painting236.451 SBD
@calumOpen Mic Week 40 - Wayfaring Stranger (Johnny Cash cover)186.701 SBD
@sthomesteadHomesteads Aren't Fueled by Rainbows and Unicorn Farts222.392 SBD
@musicsteemTom Brislin - “Stuff You Would Understand” original song live at Steinway Piano Gallery Nashville TN217.808 SBD
@duanesworldI'm Teaching Myself to Play the Drums and the Story Behind My Name Duane's World361.298 SBD
@solsOMG SO ADDICTION! : Everythings fine in moderation, but who's got any of that? Are drugs Bad?206.571 SBD
@unprovokedMind Map: Chapter 3 (Sci-Fi)269.179 SBD
@arekwolfShort Story about Game Addiction + Law and Beer and Murder [Urban Legend Flash Fiction Contest]383.945 SBD
@jaynieCajun Chicken Gumbo - What's Cooking Good Looking #4217.345 SBD

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Great post and informative @curie, next time i want to join curator when my SP enaugh

thanks @curie I made the list again! I am really pleased that people got to listen my music.

@curie unit, thank you for a great idea. Very useful for unit to display content and be heard. Much pine sol to be gained from steemit. Janitor unit will submit content if accepted, much appreciated.

Thank you for the support @curie . I'm honored to be on your list!

Thank you for supporting me!

Thank you for listing me in the list, again, 2 weeks in a row, @curie. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you!

how to get to the top of the list ?

Gutta cavat lapidem non vi, sed saepe cadendo.

This is great. I will follow to keep posted. Thanks :) So helpful for the great workers on the site. I see your running for a witness as well. I was just learning about that last night. I think you will make a good one. This is a great project for the community.

Awesome :) I am interested to know how I am able to engage with you @Curie :) I would love to connect as a can provide a lot of value :) Awesome post!

Ahhh, so this is where I got all that love.

Thank you very much. It means a lot to have been selected.

@curie......plss check my articles... Need UA support badly

#curie that's great man your doing very well man for us Curie is the great with the great idea i joined man thanks it man waiting for your another post keep sharing good content like this post :)

Thanks for the upvote on my Radiohead piano cover. Tis much appreciated @curie

So many great projects promoting us newbies! Thanks for doing this

@curie, what do you think about creating lists by topics or categories to recognize the difference between genres?


Thanks a lot for including me, @curie - definitely a huge help as I try to get off the ground and build up my followers here. I'll be delivering more in the same vein soon!

How can I recomend an article?

looks good - i have joined through streemian and wonder should i change to join at address given above ? am registered on streemian but have tried to unlock steem account using the apps and it is still not showing as completed.

Wow .. @curie, how to get upvote from you? 😂 #ihope

Thank you for your support @curie. Glad to have you discovering quality content :)

We now floated our kitchen. Will be cooking accompanied by an ocean view from now on :D

You must be writing some good content my friend :)

Apparently :D it feels quite nice to get one's content appreciated.

After yesterday's apocalypse we finally managed to get some electricity. Stories for day 6 and 7 are incoming!

ayyyyyyyy heck yeah buddy keep up the great work.

And thats so wild cant wait for the stories :)

Awesome. Really appreciate your words. The stories for day 6 and 7 are on my blog! :)

Heck yeah buddy on it :)

Great post and thank u for what u are doing to help others :0) im glad I came here.
Have a great sunday. Thx for sharing.

Hello, @curie, I like your mission in steemit community) I am a musuician and I am interested in creating of original content here, including original songs. If you have interest you may check my profile and listen to my music here or on soundcloud @truefantom :)

See you soon)

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