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In spirit of Curie's transparency, we wish to use this weekly section as an ongoing development blog on our project to communicate our progress on top of the many casual exchanges happening in channel #curie.

  • For those new to Curie, please follow @curie, and join us in #curie on
  • We invite curators to submit posts from new authors in A finder's fee of 8 Steem is available for each upvoted post.
  • Follow @curie's votes to support the authors. Please consider following our trail and voting for curated authors. If you are a Streemian user, @curie is an available trail to follow.
  • Curie continues its focus on supporting new authors. Semi-established authors are supported by Steem Guild.
  • Remember to follow and interact with authors that you love going through The Daily Curie.

Important News

Please check out our recent important announcement:

Also, take note that we are currently increasing the bar for quality curation. Below is the list of posts that would NOT be voted on by @curie:-

  • Poetry posts unless they are particularly unique
  • Recipe posts unless they have pictures documenting the process; and some originality to the recipe
  • In case of frequently posted series (e.g. a daily series), vote one in three editions (Unless it's a good fiction series or something like that)
  • Art/craft type posts unless it's exceptional or there's a progression documented
  • Fact based posts without proper citations and references
  • Non-original content unless it's a substantial curation with their opinion
  • Authors milking the same topic
  • Dumping reposts from older blogs / youtube channel etc.

After 2 weeks of operations @ Streemian, below are some of the most frequent reasons for post rejection - please take note to avoid these in order to improve your curator's score and approval rating:-

  • Photography posts
  • Activity-of-the-day type posts largely driven by photography
  • Mediocre recipe posts
  • Reposts from older blogs / youtube etc.
  • Posts violating 48 hr rule
  • Non-original shares
  • Fact based posts without sources cited

Weekly Statistics

Over the last week, Project Curie curated a total of 503 posts at an average of 72 posts per day. A total of 364 unique authors were rewarded. The numbers dipped compared to previous week due to our frontend testing, having shifted to

SBD 6,739 was generated at an average of SBD 13.40 per post.


The Top 20 Authors by payouts last week were -

#curie @

Now that we've unified our curation, please note that the Top 12 Curator list will dynamically change every other week depending on performance. Anybody will be able to rise up the ranks with consistent, quality curation. Inconsistent, low quality curation will result in dropping out of Top 12 (or regular curation, if under-performance continues).

This week we have adjusted to a Top 11 Curator list, in view that the curator at position #11 has over 50% higher score than #12 / #13, both of whom have low approval rates.

This week, we have upvoted 504 posts submitted by curators in, with 3,944 STEEM paid out / pending payouts to curators.

From next week, we'll used a revised formula to calculate Curators Score. It'll put even more of an emphasis on approval rates, and thus quality over quantity. The new formula will be Posts approved * (Approval rate)^2. We'll offer a preview to what the scores last week would have been using this new formula. We'll need a minimum CS of 5 to be eligible for Top 12 and 1 to be eligible for 5 submissions/day. Curators with an exceptionally high Score over the month will receive a monthly bonus.

Curation Leaderboard

CuratorCS-oldApproval RatingCS-new

Please check out The Daily Curie!

Note: All author rewards from this post will be used to fund Curie.
Join us in #curie on, vote for @curie as witness and follow us @curie!


I am duly surprised that a focus on quality posts kept me in the top 15. I fully expected to get smoked out of the list.

With the revised formula, you would even be in the Top 12 :)

I am so very glad to read the changes/improvements you have decided upon. Good for you, good for us all! IT will help the whole platform gain traction in the world of information with higher and higher quality presence on it.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

thx. glad to be in the list, as always :)
voted curie as witness too.

thank you for update information.
i'm very happy
@curie your number one is the best.
good job.
i am upvote and resteem your post

Good start for me. I'm so glad to be here. Thanks curie!

Awesome ive voted lol I may be on there one day rofl 😊

This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the second half of Feb 13. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $22.67 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Feb 13 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Great job you guys are doing. Much appreciated.


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