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Hello dear steemians, the airhawk-project family wishes you a splendid day if your day is just starting and an awesome evening if your day is coming to an end. Airhawk-project as you know is a community filled with fun steemians and many fun activities.

Yesterday, we had a shout out your post show on our voice channel hosted by @samest and during the show, really awesome posts were presented by the members of the community and curated by the community account.

@ifeoluwa88 presented a post on the writing contest devised by @samest in which contestants were asked to write a post on Easydex, the bitshare decentralized exchange platform as well as the airhawk-project platform. She gave the contest her best. You can check out her post here

@afolwalex an editor in his post discussed how he had moved from being an editor to a graphic designer as well as sharing samples of his work for us to enjoy. He also talks about his inspirations and how steemit has made him evolve as a content creator especially coming across lovely pictures by other content creators on steemit. You can check his post out here

@simplicitytech in the post dropped during the shout out talked about body image and how we can create a positive body image and make ourselves be perceived by others in a positive light. You can check out the post here

Other posts that were shared during the shout out included;

@Zizymena’s lovely poem which she titles Nostalgia

@vickyrich’s also lovely poetry piece titled Too Far From Love

@scarletmedia’s post on finding our place within the church which she titled Find Your Place in The Church

@preciousimo’s ulog post in which he introduced himself as well as a show he had attended. He titles it Introducing Me And Discord Talk Show with Terry

@belive’s post shared by @finite which talks about zcash’s price increase. It is titled Why Did Cash Soar-Is There Potential Still

@osarueseosato’s post is a movie review of the movie Ready Player One. You can take a look here

@t-flames post which he titles Life Pregnancy Phase

@deewon56 post talks about the nervous system and he titles it The Nervous System

@godsngh1 post talks about the principles of the mastermind. He titles it Principles Of The Mastermind

@diamondrich discusses wealth and lust in the post she titles wealth and Lust

@midesignature’s post on a graphic design contest sponsored @mediaworks. It is titled Graphics Design Contest-Kind Ads

@bluehearted discusses on the master delegator service. He titles the post Master Delegator

@imbigdee shares a poem which he titles My Woman, My Everything

@minnowtear shared a lovely post on releasing the potentials within us. It is titled Release Your Potentials tial

@emekasegun discusses the power of a steemit post on his #ulog. He titles it The Power of A Steemit Post

We also had giveaways shared to those who were present at the shout out show courtesy of @samest. It was a fun night.


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Although the post was a bit bigger, I got fun to read and learned a lot about the post. I realized that thank you very much for this


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I wish I could join the house to be among the contestant of the shout out post, but my case was co.plicated that day .

Wow this is lovely I joined the discord channel today and I received a worm welcome really enjoyed you guys hope to see more of this you make my day

These are all beautiful posts. Indeed airhawk members are endowed with creativity in writing. Kudos to @airhawk, kudos to the writers!